Flasher on Connecticut Ave, NW in Woodley/Cleveland Park

Photo by PoPville flickr user Sanjay Suchak. Duke Ellington Bridge a bit further south from bridge referenced below

From the Cleveland Park listserv:

This morning [Tuesday] around 7:00am, a Caucasian male flashed my wife on the bridge between the Zoo and Cleveland Park, pulling down his athletic/sports shorts to reveal a penis with a condom on it. The young man was dressed athletically (shorts, t-shirt or similar) and was holding a soccer ball. If memory serves correctly, the same man has been seen before in the approximate neighborhood. As the male involved could potentially be involved in a future flashing incident or worse, if anyone sees this person in the act again, we would encourage you to report the incident to the police (in which case, we would be happy to also provide supporting evidence).

Here are the details:

* Caucasian male who appears between 20-30 yrs of age.
* Dirty blonde/light brown hair in a pony-tail (perhaps shoulder-length if let down)
* Somewhere between 5’5″ and 5’10” in height.
* Normal build.
* In athletic attire, holding a soccer ball.

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  • Junkpunch the punk, until he has no junk.

    Pervs can be permanently removed from society. No loss.

  • …a penis with a condom on it.

    At least he’s practicing safe flashing.

    On a more serious note, that is very disturbing.

    • condom on = ready to sexually assault without leaving any physical evidence.

      • Yep. This is really disturbing. I hope this guy is caught soon.

      • I would like to know how many flashers go on to rape. I’m not sure the two correlate.

        • Cops told me once to always report flashers because they often DO go on to more egregious or violent acts once the thrill of flashing isn’t enough. Many do escalate to worse things, I was told.

          • @djdc…100% incorrect.

            and besides…what does “isn’t enough” mean?
            For flashers the act of exposure is what it’s all about…they don’t grow bored with it and hope to graduate to something else.

            Don’t speak nonsense and hearsay please.

        • @Meg…you are correct the two do not correlate.

  • Caucasian male in Woodley…gonna need more of a description than that.

    What kind of condom?

  • No penis size description?

    • Five young boys in the nude, a police line-up so that you can identify his tallywhacker. Please, please can we call it a “tallywhacker”? Penis is so ppp… penis is so personal.

  • Anthony Weiner really needs to find some new hobbies.

  • Wonder what the soccer ball is for.

  • That tallywhacker had a mole on it. And that mole is the key to it.

  • Please, please can we call it a tallywhacker? Penis is so ppp… penis is so personal.

  • Did the OP report this to the police? The following makes it sound as if not:

    “…we would encourage you to report the incident to the police (in which case, we would be happy to also provide supporting evidence).”

  • Well, at least you didn’t say “good build”

  • This have been my most favorite post to date. Thanks, PoP!

  • The best part about it is that he doing it at 7:00 am. What a nut job.

  • Using the term “Caucasian,” while accurate, seems as strange to me as using using the terms Negroid and Mongoloid… White, Black, and Asian work perfectly well.

  • Wrong bridge in the photo

  • Good thing it’s not winter, or he would’ve had to describe himself to passersby.

  • Where exactly is this bridge? Also, is his body “kind of good” normal or “sort of blah” normal.

  • ” pulling down his athletic/sports shorts to reveal a penis with a condom on it.”

    “a” penis? Hopefully it was his own, or this raises a whole new set of questions.

  • It seems the pervs are in bloom — I was flashed on the 4th by a guy on 11th just north of Columbia — he was on a bike and unfortunately he was a little more active than just exposing himself though (shudder).

    • A couple of years ago on the Fourth of July I was walking east on Columbia Road going toward Meridian Hill Park to see the fireworks… and a bus stop near 16th Street, there was a guy sitting in the bus shelter masturbating. (Like he wanted to create his own personal fireworks or something??)

      I can’t remember if I ended up calling the cops, or if I was too freaked out to think of it.

  • I am a male and I can only imagine how distressing this must be to the woman in question (or any woman to whom this happens). Having said that — and not meaning to make light of the situation — it would have been great if she had stopped, pointed at his penis, and then burst out laughing — saying something like “where’s the rest of it?”

  • Ugg, the other day at the police memorial, some guy pulled down his pants and started masterbating. I called the cops on the guy. Annoying part was when a cop car happened by 2 minutes later and I flagged it down, the cop said “we are not a cab”. They didn’t catch the guy but hopefully they have their eyes out for him (probably not, since every time I report something to the police they ignore it).

  • Exact location please !!! Truly sounds HOT !!!

    P.S. The political correctness and perfectly chosen words in the OP’s letter is hilarious and just makes you laugh at his seriousness.

    P.S.S Fact: Flashers do NOT escalate to more violent crimes. Exposing themselves is just their thang. Sure, there are always exceptions but rarely, if ever.

    • LOL, “Lisa.” I’m picturing you with long hair, possibly in a ponytail. Do you play soccer by any chance?

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