Fire at 3654 New Hampshire Ave, NW Sun. Morning

“Dear PoP,

New Hampshire was blocked off between Park Rd and Rock Creek Church/Georgia. There were tons of fire trucks and some ladders leading up to the windows of one of the apartment buildings. Any more details?”

DCFireems tweeted:

“3654 NH Av NW – EMS evaluated 16 occupants, 3 transported, 2 adults Priority 2, non-life threat, poss smk inhalation, 1 child no inj”


“NH Av NW – Cause -items on stove; Area of origin- Kitchen; Damage- $50K; 2 inj: 1 fam displaced”

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  • I drove past just as the first two firetrucks arrived. Thick black smoke was billowing from the back of the building.

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