Duffy’s Gets Expanded Evening Hours

Congratulations to Duffy’s (a PoP advertiser) for finally getting full Hours now open until 2 am during the week and 3am on weekends.

Duffy’s is located at 2106 Vermont Ave NW behind the 9:30 club.

Andy Duffy writes:

“It has not been easy the last 5 plus years having to close so early. We could only have made it with the support of a great core of regular customers. An immense thank you to all our regulars and a special thanks to those many neighbors who wrote letters of support for Duffy’s

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  • Yay! Lousy service and mediocre food until the wee hours!

    • they have an awesome veggie burger.

    • The wings are the bomb. Just don’t think of them as Buffalo wings, which they’re not…they’re just really f’ing good.

      Glad they finally got rid of the ridiculous “voluntary” agreement.

      • Agreed – outstanding wings…but their idea of buffalo sauce is non-conventional (peppery!).

        As long as you love wings with a variety of different sauces, this is a great spot. Low key, non pretenious.

    • Last time I was in there, the bartender went out of her way to make sure my wife and I wanted another happy hour pitcher at 6:59. I’m calling that the definition of exceptional service. Love Duffy’s.

  • Hope they get to utlize that HUGE outdoor patio

  • Instead of worrying about their operating hours they need to worry about the persistent stench inside, underwhelming food, and lukewarm beer. I swear this place has tons of potential, but…

    • American Ice Company next door sounds about your speed. Please stop pissing all over my favorite bar.

      • Why because it’s clean? And, I think you’ve nailed the smell – piss – that may be all over your favorite bar.

  • Sorry,but I agree with the naysayers. Great location but I can’t drag myself into that bar of nothingness. Especially since my bad experience trying to enjoy a World Cup game there when I was about the only customer, then emailing a complaint and getting no response. I’m not even high maintenance!

  • Awesome place. Congrats! And I am so happy they are making it. I was very concerned that they wouldn’t. I wish I lived closer…I’d be a daily customer.

  • Please no more noise on the sidewalks of residential neighborhoods until 3AM. Zoning is all about placing businesses in business areas. Roars from the Ice Company until 3AM and all the public urination behind the bar is better on a commercial street instead of the immediate area around homes in which people spent their fortunes. If you want a sidewalk bar, move over to U street. **If you find this statement unpopular, move a sidewalk bar under YOUR windows and get back to me.

  • Most uptight irish bar I’ve ever been to.

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