Dear PoPville – Why is this man dancing in the middle of the intersection?

“Dear PoPville,

I passed this guy this morning around 8:20 at the intersection of 11 & H St NW. It looked like he was either dancing or hopping around in circles in the middle of the intersection. The back of his shirt said “Race Staff”. Does he have a death wish? Was he trying to publicize something? What was he doing?”

Is this the “exercise guy”? Anyone else see him around town?

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  • Yeah, that’s him. I saw him last year near the same intersection running backwards.

  • He always dances through intersections, usually see him within a few blocks of Metro Center. I don’t know what other people call him but I call him “Hey get the hell out of the road.”

  • Protesting the police crackdown on jaywalkers!

    • he doesn’t jaywalk. i see him daily and he’s always following the rules…

      • Can’t tell if you’re joking or not, but I was.
        Anyway, it looks like he’s in the middle of the intersection, far from a crosswalk. Isn’t that jaywalking?

  • Backwards running man is a LEGEND in DC. I have seen him around going back at least 7 years. I always saw him over around N Cap/Union Station area. there was interview with him in the paper (can’t remember if it was WaPo or CP) but I think he said that he just one day decided try running backwards to mix things up. He thought it was fun (along with the dancing) so he just kept doing it.

    • Cosign. This guy has been around for years. I normally see him on 7th and H and around 11th and H. He is always in the middle of traffic hopping around on one foot in circles and then switching to the opposite foot and opposite direction while hollering and seemingly giving traffic directions. He pretty much always has on some tights, a sleevless shirt, hat, sunglasses and earphones. I haven’t seen him lately though. I will say that dude is pretty fit though esp for his age.

    • he’s a DC staple… awesome

  • These type of posts make me realize how many noobs are in this city.

  • Give him a jaywalking ticket, MPD!

  • Cocaine is a hellofa drug.

  • PoP, man, you’ve got a bad memory. You did a piece on this guy, from Danny Harris. He’s the former bus driver who runs down H St to the White House every day. Sounds like a marine hooting and hollering and spinning around.

  • saf

    Can’t stand him. I’m sure he’s a fine guy, but he needs to get out of the street.

  • whenever I see him he just looks more like a show off fool to me…look at me, look at me, aren’t I just quirky and cute.

    fat man get off the stupid road! oh I hate the fact that we are giving him more press.

    • Dude is far from fat. I’m sure his body fat is VERY low.

    • I think you might be talking about fat dancing man as opposed to exercise man. I appreciate exercise man. Fat dancing man is awful, always yelling, grunting and gesticulating. That guy is definitely an attention whore or crazy. Exercise man rules though. The city is his gym.

  • 2nd and H NW! He gets around.

  • jimmy cc, does noob = knob + boob

    • a noob is a newbie, novice, newcomer…

      • I’ve been in D.C. for 9 years and I’d never seen this guy or heard of him.

        Guess you have to be in the right place at the right time. (Or the wrong place, depending on how you look at it.)

        • He’s like clockwork. He runs down H St at North Capital every morning. I can hear him from inside the office. Amazing calf muscles with all that twirling. Definite hazard to traffic, but Liberty for All. Humans over cars anyday.

  • I thought he’d be thinner…

    • i thought he would be deader given his disregard for traffic.

      • he never jaywalks. he’s always skipping, turning during the WALK signs. you people are SO judgemental.

        • I’ve seen him in the street without a walk signal several times in person. Just because he wasn’t doing it when you saw him doesn’t mean it never happened.

  • Anyone else ever seen the woman in bright, neon colored spandex jogging on the Mall while simultaneously hulahooping?

    • Yes. A few days ago around 8:45? She looked really happy. And bright! On a similar note- hula hooping snobs/hippies really annoy me.

  • Has anyone seen the DPW street-sweeper guy who does shadowboxing instead of sweeping.

  • funny enough I was wondering if this guy was around any more. I used to work by the white house from 2001-2005 and he used to run by all the time singing dancing, etc… it used to make people stop and watch, because no one was sure if he was crazy or not. I think it partially is….

  • Personally, I think this guy’s a hoot. He’s always in a good mood, always friendly, and I personally love that when he’s running around the intersection near Gallery Place, he yells at the cars trying to make illegal turns.

    I would love to know what he does for a living that allows him to just run around all day, though.

  • I see him all the time (Metro Center/Penn Quarter area). He’s always watching the traffic while doing his ‘routine,’ and I think he’s humorous and harmless. Live and let live.

  • Anyone seen the woman who gets off at petworth metro in the morning (usually around 9am) who is simultaneously working out her arms with one of those exercise bands? I have seen her at least three times doing this and then another time she appeared to be doing bicep curls with a water bottle.

    • everyday. like clockwork. morning and evening.

      • Totally random hijack post.

        Anyone seen the woman at Cleveland Park metro who drinks a gigantic soda (w/ straw) and walks up and down the platform but doesn’t actually get on a train?

        Or, what about the guy with the giant foot?

        They’re two of my favorite eccentric locals. Haven’t seen foot guy in a while. Hope he’s ok.

        • Re: woman at CP with the Big Gulp. I know just who you’re talking about. She is somewhat of a local legend in Cleveland Park. Have you seen her cross Porter? I’m not kidding, she never looks or waits for traffic to stop before she crosses! She is almost flattened by trucks/cars/buses almost weekly. I guess it’s hard to see beyond the Big Gulp cup?

          • Yes! It’s scary! One time I saw her put her hand out like ‘hey, stop’ but usually she just steps out into traffic like she’s out for a walk on the beach.

      • She works on Taylor St west of Yes Market. See her over there too. Toning arm lady.

  • Dude is a self centered tool.

  • Lighten up people…some of you act like this dude is a threat…far from it. He jogs around, like dumbass, in traffic. Let him be. I won’t feel sorry for him if he get hit by a car, but, jesus, let the guy do his crazy/maybe drug induced thing. He isn’t hurting anyone. Christ.

  • Has anyone seen the guy on K street who does pushups on the sidewalk with those circular handle things? He always runs by, does a few pushups while people stare and then runs away to do it a few blocks downs.

    • yeah. i think there might be a few pushup guys. maybe the same guy that brings a barbell to farragut square to workout?

      • bfinpetworth

        Or the guy who used to hang out on 14th St. Columbia Heights with his boombox and barbell and selling stuff. Jeffrey was his name, I think. I recently saw him at another location, can’t remember where, but I was happy to see he was alive and not locked up.

  • I always see him at 7th & H. Looks like he’s having fun and it makes me giggle, so keep on keeping on dude.

    Has anyone seen Dockers situp guy? He wears khakis and a button down shirt (even when it’s hot as hell outside)and likes to pick a spot and camp out while doing pushups and situps. I saw him once in Chinatown about two summers ago and I know other people that have spotted him doing it in Georgetown.

  • I heard ‘exercise man’ killed someone with his bus and dance/running until he dies is his penance.

  • Speaking of legendary DC characters, is Blelvis still around? I used to see him around U Street all the time, but I haven’t run into him in about five years.

    • Blevis was awesome!

      Probably been 5 yrs since I’ve seen him…I used to catch him in MtP on my way home from nights out.

      He sure did love to sing Blue Hawaii.

  • I call him the “Dancing Man”–he likes to dance through the intersections by the Gallery Place metro at 7th and H. I love that guy! He hasn’t been around there in a while, but it always makes my day to see him

  • I call him “Annoying the Hell Out of Everyone Man.” Some people just really enjoy attention and all eyes on them. This is one of those. Contrary to what others have posted he does NOT always follow cross-walk signs. I have seen him more than a few times in the middle of the intersection with traffic driving by him as he hops around. He’s a danger to himself and to the flow of traffic in a heavily congested part of town. Yet, nobody does anything about it. And it seems some, sadly, encourage such behaviour.

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