Dear PoPville – Finding commercial kitchen space to rent?

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“Dear PoPville,

I’m interested in starting a part time food business, however I’m having a lot of trouble finding a commercial kitchen space to rent within the district. Do you or any of your readers know of a commercial kitchen that would be willing to rent their space – preferably in the Capitol Hill / Atlas District area?”

I get this question every few months – any advice?

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  • Check out local churches. I know I have been to a couple food events put on by various orgs and they rent out kitchen space in churches.

    • churches can rent time for non-commercial purposes, but most of ’em have zoning where they can’t do it for anyone making a profit.

  • shared kitchen incubators in fairfax and gaithersburg, nothing in the District. The two I mentioned are easily found in a web search and are kinda expensive. In DC, you just have to depend on the mercy of existing businesses to rent you time when they’re closed or slow. Pound the pavement.

  • I am not sure about Capitol Hill but here is space on Georgia AVE.

  • I’m not sure that’s true about churches, I’ve known a caterer who used one for weekend gigs.

  • Last year, a baker trying to make a go of it told me she contacted over 120 churches in the metro area. None of them had space. Commercial kitchens are tough to come by. A DC incubator would be booked up overnight.

    Have you been to DC’s Grey Market?

  • Have you tried Colonel Brooks? I remember hearing about a cheesecake place that was operating out of the Island Jim’s kitchen before moving to Takoma Park a year or so ago.

  • The Sixth & Rye Foodtruck leverages the kitchen at the Sixth & I Synagogue. While I was in line for the food truck they were bringing food items from the church into the truck.

    While on the subject Sixth & Rye is completely lackluster. Worst food truck food I’ve experienced. Very plain with no flavor. Basically roast beef on plain white bread with mustard. Nothing else comes on the sandwich. The potato chips they made themselves were soggy rather than crisp. If Kosher isn’t a big deal to you then skip this truck because it brings no flavor to the table…

  • I don’t know about space on the hill but i’ve used the Elkin Street Kitchen at 11307 Elkin Street in north Silver Spring/Wheaton. Talk to my friend Anna St John 301.949.7603…

  • Try restaurants that are closed on certain days?
    Try restaurants that aren’t open for lunch?

  • Have you tried the Rock n Roll hotel?

  • Hi guys, I rent out a kitchen to a few cool food start-ups and food trucks. Check out the site and if this sounds like something that would work for you, feel free to reach out to me and we can schedule a visit.


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