Dear PoPville – DC kids can also make the metro ride fun

“Dear PoPville,

Just taped this little moment of fun on my metro ride from L’Enfant Plaza to U Street last night [Friday]. It was awesome to see kids have unbridled impromptu fun. Also awesome to see people’s “shook” faces.

The second they exited the train, it was the most boring and awkward silence for the next two stops.”

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  • fun? this would have annoyed the shit out of me

  • Agree with the first commenter, this would have been irritating to me. Call me an old fuddy duddy, but after a long day at work I just want my Metro ride to be peaceful and uneventful. Get off my lawn!

    • metro “peaceful and uneventful”?? Ha Ha. I’m guessing you don’t ride the Red Line

    • Stop chucking my wood!

      Agree with others: it would be my mood that would determine this.. but 9 times outta 10, I like the quiet after a long day at work.

  • Fun? Huh?

  • What’s a “shook” face?

  • Looks fun to me. Someone scared of a little dancing?

    • The kids were rambunctious. If an elderly person or handicapped individual was nearby, I could see they might be concerned about being hit with a flying elbow.

      That being said, I would have enjoyed it.

    • Nobody said they were ‘scared’.

      As for me, my reaction would most definitely depend on my mood and what kind of day I’d had. Sometimes I’d be the grumpy old man just trying to read my book; other times you might find me stomping my feet!

  • That’s a pretty good advertisement for the red line

  • Obnoxious

  • Depending on what mood I was already in, this would be either amusing or annoying.

  • I was appalled at the behavior of these kids – the metro isn’t a playroom.

    Banging on the metro car is behavior that borders on out of control and if I had been there I would have called the police.

    • Hear! Hear! Even if this was not a law, which it is, I’m afraid I would have a lot of difficulty endorsing an enterprise which is as fraught with genuine peril as I believe this one to be. Besides the liquor and the drugs which always seem to accompany such an event the thing that distresses me even more, Ren, is the spiritual corruption that can be involved.

  • Depending on what mood I was already in, I would have either bludgeoned or flailed all you grouchy people if you so much as looked askance (and isn’t that a queer little word!) at these kids! Honestly???? Anyone is actually fussing about this??? As long as it is not stabbing/pummeling or a freaking puppet show (like Paris metro) it is good.

    • i actually found the puppet shows on the paris metro to be kind of awesome. lots of creativity there.

      either one beats homeless stinky/maybe-maybe-not-blind guys asking you for money (NY, and lots of other places)

      • Never saw any puppet shows, but the accordian or trumpet players were always great. These kids dancing? Not so much.

    • No, it’s inappropriate behavior in this kind of environment. Fine to dance and carry on somewhere folks can walk away if they don’t enjoy. No appropriate metro behavior.

    • Wow. Honestly, Victoria, this post makes you look rather like a jerk.

  • The biggest crime here is the faux-camcorder post-processing done to this video.

  • Is no one else amazed by their ability to stay upright while duggy-ing on a moving train? Just me?

    Carry on with the whining, then.

  • Well, compared to thuggery I guess its a step up, but I again voice my support for the decades old idea of a ‘kids only’ car so the DC area schoolkids can get to and from school without annoying the hell out of others. Putting kids in confined spaces with adults before and after school does no one any good.

  • I put this is in same category as college kids singing Christmas carols on Metro cars (altho in that case the carolers were organized, and purposefully and repeatedly inflicting loud noise in a confined space) – it’s painfully loud and annoying, sure, but pretty harmless (i.e. you can switch cars at the next stop if it annoys you).

    • I’ll take these kids any day over that one group of AU students who got on and started singing “Don’t Stop Believing”–I almost murdered all of them.

  • I’m just happy to see them burning off all that pent up energy this way, instead of assaulting people in packs or beating the crap out of each other.

    • Jon: Do you and others in DC really think that all black people are criminals? Really? How do you know that assaulting people or killing each other is the alternative for this group of kids or anyone of them individually? I see lots of comments like your on this site. They are either flat out ignorant or have an ignorant undertone. Your way of thinking is really embarrassing.

      • anon,
        no, most people do not think that way and he’s just being an ass.

        • No, I don’t they all are criminals or violent. But I have seen rowdy kids on the Metro before and they have absolutely no respect for others around them. It goes back to the golden rule. I have seen these “youth” blast mini portable radios on the Metro and throw cans of coke at passing by trains. I’m sure it all stems from them wanting to act cool and act like no one can touch them. These kids are just down right RUDE. Why is that a racial issue? Just like there is a stereotype of black people talking to loun in movie thaters.Maybe there is some

          • ….Maybe there is some truth to stereotypes. These kids are just f*****g RUDE!!!

          • J.: You clearly do not get it. When you say “these kids,” are you saying that it is the same group of kids all of the time? If that statement is accurate then you may have a point. Otherwise, I ask: “do you know all of the black kids in DC?” How can you say with so much certainty that they all behave in the same manner? The fact is that most black adolescents -obnoxious as adolescents could be- are good, law abiding kids.

          • really?! you saw these EXACT kids throwing cans at trains? that’s f*cking amazing.

          • and @ anonymous: when did I ever say I saw these EXACT same kids? You are fucking simple my friend…

      • Your way of thinking is actually more embarrassing. Jon didn’t say anything about “black people,” you assumed it. He could easily have meant kids in general.

        • No he did not. He meant black kids and has spent much time defending his position. otherwise, he simply would have clarified.

          • so what if he did? by calling it out you somehow heal the world? no. you’re not going to change his mind.
            by calling it out you aid in changing the direction of the conversation from fun dancing to bigotry and let some idiot lead the way focusing on his agenda. what would you rather talk about?

  • jesus christ, are you people serious? no wonder people say dc is lame and [socially] conservative. lighten the eff up and enjoy the show. I, for one, think it might be a nice vacation from getting a tough break the rest of the summer for some of these kids.

    • +1 on the ‘socially conservative’ thing. This is such an annoying part of the DC character. The most telling part of the post for me is this:

      “The second they exited the train, it was the most boring and awkward silence for the next two stops”

      Really? After that amazing (whether it means amazing-good or amazing-bad to you) display, nobody had ANYthing to say to one another? Did they all just go back to their reading and pretend that this very weird thing had not just happened to all of them? How boring and uptight. Uptight!

      Unscrew the butt plug a few notches, DC!

    • + 1. That video made me happy, then I read the posts on PoP and I got annoyed with all the uptight comments.

  • Loud annoying kids on the metro… what’s new? at least they weren’t trying to sell peanut brittle or custom fragrances… I can see how they enjoy dancing, but if the AC were out and I was goign home after a hard day, I’d want to sick the Park Police on them.

  • DC has the most quiet, well-behaved, annoyance-free, don’t-make-eye-contact-or-get-near-my-personal-bubble metro I’ve ever encountered. I often wonder how DC-ers would fare if they lived, uh, anywhere else in the world.

    These kids might have annoyed me if I was already in a bad mood, but regardless, sometimes having to actually acknowledge and deal with the other human beings around you is part of the experience of public transportation. Sometimes teenagers are loud and silly! Sometimes babies cry! Oh no!!!

    • this is our city. we don’t live elsewhere.

      • I think the city belongs just as much to those kids and those we enjoyed watching their dancing as it does it to you?

        I was just trying to point out that in relative terms, the DC metro is pretty civilized and quiet.

        • and i was pointing out that it doesn’t matter at all how dc residents might “fare if they lived, uh, anywhere else in the world.” we live, uh, here.

  • i fully support anyone doing the dougie on the metro…this video shows off some great DC spirit! meanwhile, many of your posts reflect lame DC uptightness. embrace the fun.

    • But I have a feeling the minute anyone tries to tell them to calm down it is going to turn into a full out brawl. that’s the prblem with these kids, they don’t listen to know one. This could have happened in a restaurant, on a sidewalk street, in a movie theater and whenever you expect them to act like civilzed people, they lose their mind. It’s not about being boring or up-tight, it’s about not acting like you have no home training. Which I assume a lot of these kids don’t.

      • How do you know? Have you ever met these particular kids?

        • No. But have seen similar behavior from people like them. Maybe I could be wrong. Who knows. But if history is any example, those kids have no regard to people around them. what ever happend to common courtsey? This is just like blasting your radio for all to hear out your car. But this is in your face, literally..

          • J., are you posting from Arizona?

          • Seriously- I would like to request an explanation of the phrase “people like them”. And please don’t say that you simply meant kids in general, or kids dancing in general, or loud people because none of those identifiers individually can be applied to support your argument. The statement smacks of stereotyping to me. No insult or disrespect intended, but I think it is important to acknowledge how statements (however well intentioned) are received by others.

            Personally, I think all teenagers and most undergrad college students are annoying. I also believe that rider discourtesy has little to do with race of the offender, or which line you’re riding on.

            The video made me laugh and I believe that the behavior of the group of kids would have been no more annoying than the groups of “those type of people” that get on the train in the evenings after happy hours drunk off their asses and shouting to each other loudly using plenty of profane language and often discussing provocative subjects (“My roommate and I have this huge bong…” or “OMG, guess what I did with that guy Sat night…”, etc). The groups of these types of riders are plentiful and pervasive on every line of the metro and display no courtesy for the riders around them, much less any home training. If we are going to condemn a behavior, let’s make sure that we condemn ALL those that display the behavior- no favoritism please.

  • Are you serious? This is annoying as hell! What people over 18 in their right mind would enjoy this shit? a bunch of kids acting like this is a dance hall. Ugh. Keep that shit on the Green Line where it belongs….

    • “keep that shit on the Green Line where it belongs”. Keep your racist comments to yourself, asshole.

      • Once they stop acting like fools in public I will keep my coments to myself.Suffice to say, I still act like I have home training in public (even at that age), unlike those kids….

      • I bet you were one of those kids. When all else fails, pull the race card!!! Gotcha…

        • I just replied to J. above prior to reading his other post. I was trying to reason with him. I do not think that that is possible. J, really, I am terribly sorry for you man.

    • @J. keep your bumpkin-ass retarded comments in your ignorant thick head where they belong.

  • After living here for 6 years, I treasure “the most boring and awkward silence” more than anything else on Metro.

  • If these kids were white, a lot of you would be changing your tune and praising them for their spirit and how ‘cool’ it was.

    FWIW, this was dope!

    • If these keds were white, they wouldn’t say stupd things like “I’m just happy to see them burning off all that pent up energy this way, instead of assaulting people in packs or beating the crap out of each other” either.

      • +1

        Yeah, the bar is set so low, that merely acting disruptive and inappropriately is actually commendable? That’s pretty messed up.

    • not likely.

  • I’m not going to be judgmental here. I’m just going to say that I prefer a quiet Metrocar to a loud one.

  • I prefer a quiet metro ride as much as the next grumpy old fist-shaker…but I thought these kids looked like they were having a lot of fun, and I was probably pretty obnoxious myself when I was in middle/high school. I’ll take dancing and making a fun rucous over a brawl any day.

    ps- I wish we could get some DC high school students to act as PoP blog liaisons for their generation…but I guess they probably have better things to do than join grumpy old people in their online rantings 🙂 Would be interesting to get their point of view on a lot of topics discussed in the blog though!

  • the “We love you all!” sign off was the best part. like theatre majors/drum line/dance group gone wild. I generally approve of happy things that break up the general monotonous routine of commuting.

  • Whatever these kids were doing, I thoroughly disapprove of whatever phony old-timey-movie-filter the OP was using on their phone.

  • This is fine as the exception, but this kind of thing is starting to happen way too frequently. Seems like every time I step on the metro these days there are some kids raising hell.

    I need to invent some sort of portable garden hose sprayer, so I can deal with this sort of thing like I do in front of my house.

    • Yes, you should definitely turn the hose on blacks acting in a manner you don’t approve of… better yet maybe get some angry dogs… i swear i don’t know why i bother with these comments.

      • I’m sorry, did I say anything about “blacks”? What is wrong with you?

        Sometimes an old man who wants to hose down some rowdy kids is just an old man who wants to hose down some rowdy kids. Get a grip.

        • in this context you were talking about these kids on the train correct? these kids are black. So it would stand to reason that you were advocating for turning a hose on black kids. Forgive me if you were referring to some other unseen children on the train.

          • don’t be ass seeking problems.

          • Mittens, you are a flippin’ idiot.

          • “I swear I don’t know why I bother with these comments.” It’s apparently so you can get your daily dose of self-righteous outrage.

            Yeah, there are black kids in the video. But I guarantee you I would hose down any kids doing that sh*t in front of my house regardless of race, creed or color.

            But I doubt anything I say here will convince you of that, and you’ll continue to be one of the overly sensitive individuals in this town who sees everything through the lens of race. How utterly awful that must be.

          • SF,

            I swear i don’t know why i bother because these comments tend to skew extremely racist. Regardless of how i personally view the world, please don’t make this about me. You made a comment and i interpreted it the way i said above, I even apologized if i took it the wrong way. I’m not one for self-righteous outrage, if anything it was me expressing my dismay at the comments that I perceive to be racist. You explained that it wasn’t about race, so be it.

            While you’re free to make whatever assumptions you want about me and how i view things, it seems that you are the one that won’t be swayed by anything i say and i am fine with that.

          • Yup, still a flippin’ idiot.

            It was extremely clear from SF’s post that they were not referring only to these specific children – hence “every time I step on the metro” there are “some kids” raising hell. That is very clearly not specific to one race of children.

            The fact that you got to there from here, however, does suggest to me that you do, in fact, see everything through the lens of race – as you say yourself, you’ve made this particular leap due to your “perceptions” of “racism” – even when the comment had nothing to do with race and was more broad than the children in question. So it then becomes about your personal problems, not SF’s disapproval of bad behavior.

          • You can call me an idiot all you like because we see things differently. If you read thru these and other posts on POP and don’t see the racial skew of the comments, then i would respectfully challenge your intelligence not mine. I don’t agree that it was “extremely clear”, but that’s something i’m happy to agree to disagree on.
            If the fact that i made one assumption at one point in time makes you assume that i see “everything” through the lens of race, then i don’t know what to tell you.

          • I’m seeing people that don’t like misbehaving children, and people that are ready and willing to jump on them because some of those children are black. In order for me to actually say concretely that someone was being racist, I would need to see something a little more substantiated than “they” or references to a group. The only thing I can even see as coming close to that is a reference to the green line metro.

            You keep driving my point home exactly, though.

          • “Seems like every time I step on the metro these days there are some kids raising hell.”

            And really, how the hell does this strike you as a racist statement unless you’re making assumptions?

          • first and foremost let’s be clear, all of those kids are black. I’m not sure what you’re missing but i’ll try to be a little more clear for you. If you read any post on POP about “kids misbehaving” you will see that 1) these stories are primarily (if not exclusively) about black children, and 2) there are several comments about savages, criminals, etc. Now we can sit here and say that if no one references color then the statement couldn’t possibly racist or we can acknowledge that there are plenty of ways to say things without blatantly coming out and saying it. You go out of your way to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but are quick to call me an idiot because i don’t agree with you. I have repeatedly admitted to my personal bias in this situation and explained the basis for that bias.

            You can sit and put on your blinders if you like, but the reality is there’s plenty in here to support what i’m saying. Have a great day though. You’re really not worth any more of my time.

          • “I have repeatedly admitted to my personal bias in this situation and explained the basis for that bias.”

            Yes – let’s “be clear.” It’s quite clear that you would prefer to immediately jump to the conclusion that the poster you were responding to was racist or was making a racist comment, instead of responding to what he/she actually wrote. You weren’t talking to someone who referred to misbehaving children as “savages” or “criminals.” BTW – the only person who even used the word “savages” on this page is YOU, so I would venture that you were extrapolating, and you still are.

            So, it’s “clear” once again that these are more your personal issues then the discussion at hand.

  • Yall are uptight as hell. You give DC a bad name. Move back to the burbs and leave us kids here to have fun.

    • If it wasn’t for us “uptight” people, DC would still be a third world shithole with outta control crime. Barry would still probably be mayor and DC would resemble Detroit outside the National Mall. I can only imagine what this city would become if we left you “kids” to your own devices. BTW, anyone over 18 shouldn’t call themselves kids….

  • holy crap, PoP, I think you need to close comments on posts like this. then again, not sure where this blog would be w/o the 200+ comments on the race-baiting posts…

  • Urban youth who sing and dance in public can be very violent. Haven’t any of you seen West Side Story?

  • J. sounds like a real @**hole.

  • lol gogo scares the transplants :-p the druuuums the druuums!!!! HAHAHAHAAH

  • Pro tip: If you live in the city and you take public transportation, sometimes things happen. Seriously! Maybe it’s a brawl on the Red Line after last call in Adams Morgan; maybe someone yells at you for taking their seat; maybe a few kids get inspired to dance on the train. Let them dance. They weren’t hurting anyone, and I saw a few smiles in that video. It made someone’s day.

  • Yeahhh I can’t handle this thread anymore.

  • Really? Some of these comments are nuts.

    We’ve gotten to this because some children, who happen to be black, are acting obnoxiously (loud banging beyond the singing and dancing) in a public space and some people voiced their disapproval. I’m going to choose to think that these people would disapprove just as much if the children were white or any other race, because they were BEHAVING OBNOXIOUSLY.

    These comments had nothing to with race until people pulled out the “OBVIOUSLY YOU HATE BLACK PEOPLE” card at people who disagreed with their take on the situation.

    I understand that there is a particular breed of people in this city that feels better about themselves when they can call someone else racist (aww, you’re so enlightened!) but I would gather that this really only had to do children in groups misbehaving.

    • +1,000,000,000,000,000…….

    • I personally find most groups of kids in metro to be pretty annoying, as the larger the group gets, the more any semblance of volume control goes out the window.

      That said, this would have been pretty hilarious to watch (from the other end of the car).

  • White people doing this kinda thing = flash mob (aka totally cool, random, impromptu, hilarious)
    Black kids doing this = Nuisance, call the cops?

    I’m calling the fuzz next time i see a bunch of skinny bespectacled hipsters doing something like this.

  • idiots on both sides of the equation.

  • A wise man once told me don’t argue with fools / because people from a distance can’t tell who is who.

  • I think this would have been awesome except maybe the banging on the walls – there’s nothing more annoying than broken plexi-glass on metro cars and stations.

    What happened to good ol’ stomping and clapping?? 😉

  • J. trolled the shit out of this thread

  • I try my best…

  • This video, those kids, these comments….I’m tired of the whole crappy dynamic of this city. That’s not how kids/teens should be having fun…and people should be smart enough not to hate them for being that way. But what choice does either side have in the matter? None… I’m sick of this city and all of the people in it.

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