Dear PoP – who fixes unmarked manhole covers?

“Dear PoP,

Attached picture is at 18th and Monroe St, NW in Mount Pleasant. Who replaces unmarked manhole covers? This is in the middle of the street and could go at any second … and then swallow up a car, motorcycle, bike … jogger.”

My guess is that this is a Pepco issue. I have alerted CM Graham’s office but should anyone encounter a situation like this in the future – def. call 311.

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  • Why would the electric company fix part of the sewer system?

  • They spray painted it blue this morning. Problem solved!

  • Ha! Ran over this one yesterday. It’s definitely about to give.

  • Does contacting Graham’s office do anything? I have contacted them regarding a couple of issues that I could not get the regular 311 or public works offices to deal with and had the same results. My guess is that fixing sidewalks and addressing other constituent concerns is just not something the DC government does

    • I’ve contacted him three times via email, and all three times he’s responded quickly and gotten my problem solved. The email address I’ve used is jim[at]grahamwone[dot]com

      I’ve never tried to contact his office. Maybe that’s where the breakdown was?

  • Call 311. They will identify the proper party and notify them. I would have chosen safety yellow and black but blue is nice.

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