DC DMV Announces Increased Fees

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From an email:

As of today a Road Test and Knowledge Test are no longer free and will now cost $10 each and a duplicate license will now cost $20. Do you think it’s fair to require people to pay for a road test and knowledge test?

On a side note, I thought it was a bit random that when you click on the DMV link for more info about the fee increases, in addition to English you find documents in (Zhong wen) Chinese (but no other foreign language).

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  • Question for the photo – anyone know when the Trabby fest will happen this summer? Missed it last year.

  • Considering that 80% of drivers on US roads would fail, yes fail, a knowledge test (according to the IIHS), anything to help make people accountable to learn the rules of the road is a good thing. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

    • While I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the statistic you cite, I agree wholeheartedly with your statement.

    • Tests are required everywhere. The question isn’t “should there be a test?” but “should you have to pay for it?”

      • i think it’s fine to have to pay for it. i’m a driver and don’t feel that the half of the city that doesn’t drive should subsidize everything.

    • agree that driving is a privilege and not a right and a small fee like that is perfectly reaonable. i believe a number of states do the same.

  • CA gives you an option to get out of ticket points if you retake the online driving test and pass.

    I think this would do a world of good refresh people’s knowledge of driving rules.

    I also think it’s ludicrous that you don’t have to retake the written exam when you transfer to a DC driver’s license. There are substantive differences across the country and the world in driving requirements.

  • I’m of the slippery slope school that thinks any increased fees will only ever escalate and will never go away. So I’m against it.

  • Yes, I think there should be a fee for taking the test and getting a duplicate license. It takes staff time and physical resources.

    What REALLY steams me, though, is that they charge $7 for one-time access to your online driving record. If you need an original hardcopy (which I would be happy to pay for), it’s more. In my mind, my driving record is MINE, like my credit record. I should be able to see it and monitor it. Especially given how often they screw it up.

    • How often do they screw it up that you need to monitor it? I don’t even actually know what is in an online driving record – are you talking about violations, suspensions, etc?

      • The only way to find out how many “good points” you have (to offset the points on a ticket, or to negotiate better insurance rates) is to pay for your online record. The last time I had to do this, I found that they had shorted me the points accrued for two years of no-violation driving.
        After that, a few of my friends also ponied up to check their records, and two out of three of them found mistakes as well.

    • Completely agree. I would pay a great deal more if the DMV could manage themselves a bit better. I’ve spent a little too much of my life at the Pennsylvania SE location, and it is utterly amazing, even by DC standards.

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