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  • Can we unsuck DC metro please?

  • it has got to be faster to walk to Dupont that wait in that mess.

    • So many people in this city only know how to get places via Metro Rail. It’s as if the options of walking, cabs, buses, cycling, etc don’t exist. I guarantee some of those people are getting on at Foggy Bottom to go northwest on the Red Line from Metro Center. Just find another way to get to Farragut North.

      Sorry, this is a random rant/pet peeve of mine. Don’t even get me started on the people who get on the Metro at Judiciary Sq to transfer at Gallery Place.

      • actually, i’d rather had these people on the train.

      • Honestly man, this is not a problem of myopic views toward transportation. It’s not overcrowding that’s causing this, but a horribly run system that never accounted for aging equipment going belly up at the same time.

      • You forgot driving… Can’t blame people for not walking or riding a bike in 90+ degree heat.

      • Great rant. Way to vent.

        This has nothing to do with systemic issues, though. We’re in America. People will always be retarded. You happen to find their retardation epitomized in Metrocentric myopia. It’s probably a very rare form of retardation, only represented by a few cases per train.

        Real issues include:
        – perennial capital underfunding
        – poorly allocated police forces
        – poor design (not enough access/egress points, depth)
        – short-sighted operational fixes including fare hikes and occasional 8-car trains
        – lots of other crap, but not consumer ignorance of other options

  • No way I’m standing in that disaster. Would rather take a bus.

    • Agree 100%. There are tons of buses that go down PA ave/K st. that connect the stations. Way better than waiting in this ridiculous line!

  • How difficult is it to walk down a flight of stairs!?

    • escalators aren’t stairs. the rise is different. old people, fat people, handicapped people, kids people with vertigo. all going to take it pretty slow.

      most people are fine, but get behind one of the above group and everyone gets punished.

      • Well said 5:55 Anonymous

      • I can walk down stairs just fine, but I’m 2-3 times slower on a stopped escalator — I can’t look down at the lines on the steps or I feel like I’m going to pass out. I have to look straight ahead and do it by feel.

        And I’m fit, healthy, young, able-bodied, etc.

        • Ha! Me too! I thought I was crazy, but I can walk down escalators at an okay clip for a little bit, but then the lines make me dizzy and I feel like I’m going to trip over myself. Fine on one story escalators, but I feel like an old lady going down the crazy long ones, having to stop and hold on every little bit.

    • It’s just too many people to funnel into a single escalator. People move at a steady pace but there is only one descending escalator for the entire station (as of yesterday PM, the second is moving up for ascending passengers and the third is closed off). Not slow people, just way too many people.

    • if you have a knee problem that is aggravated by walking down stairs, VERY difficult.

    • @NE Groover “How difficult is it to walk down a flight of stairs!?”

      Flip Flops slow people wayyyyyy down.

  • Doesn’t the circulator to dupont pick up just one or two blocks from there? And several other bus lines?

    • why does everyone think people using FB are are going to dupont? Not the case. Most people who come to this station use the blue or orange lines. Once you get in, the majority of the crowd goes toward vienna or franconia.

      What sense does it make to walk all the way to dupont or farragut to get on a red line to transfer?

      • Well how hard is it to walk to Farragut West to catch the orange or blue line? 5-10 minute walk? Uh oh!

  • I know it’s hot and humid as **** today but Farragut West isn’t that far. I’m surprised more people aren’t walking there or honestly just staying at work later (I’ve done it). Not an option for everyone but good god, that looks miserable.

  • There are several different bus lines that run from various points around Foggy Bottom. There is the 38B which goes to Ballston station if people need to get into VA. There is the Circulator that now runs up to Dupont Circle from Penn Ave. You have the various 30 buses that go down past the Mall or up to Friendship Heights. There is the option to walk to Farragut West if they are heading in that direction in the first place.

    I can understand that certain typical types of people are going to walk slower, which ends up slowing everyone else down. When you have women coming from work in heels, that adds to the typical people who go slow down an broken escalator. What I don’t understand is why there ends up being a backlog at the faregates. There are at least 6 that work on a given day going in and at least 6 going out. With that number, and if people had their SmartTrip or the paper farecards ready, it should move smoothly.

    Someone should try and create a second entrance to stop this bottlenecking. Even if the escalators were working, it can still be a mess.

  • Here is the Article from DCMUD about GW – note that GW thinks everything is A-OK until 2030!!


  • They must be selling cupcakes down there.

  • This is why I drive.

  • That is rediculous! They had foggy bottom metro on fox 5 this morning talking about how poor it is and how Metro is not meeting their own goals

  • The ridiculous thing this evening (passed through at 530pm) was that the left escalator was off/stairs and the center was going up – which created a massive cluster as it forced folks to cross paths.

    And I’m sorry for those that think taking a bus would be faster – especially the 38B. Obviously you’ve never seen M street at rush hour. Also we have a rail system and should not accept how poor of condition its in.

    Lastly – why are they rebuilding escalators and not putting glass roofs over them? If the weather causes them to break – fix that with a roof.

    • I thought they had addressed the roof problem at all of the appropriate stations. Still can’t believe that when these stations were being built no one thought that having a something with moving parts exposed to rain, sleet, snow, etc. would not eventually become a problem.
      In any event, I think it’s more about poor maintenance than anything else. I’ve lived in Petworth for 5 years and I can’t recall a week when at least one of the escalators at the Georgia Ave/Petworth station was out of service for some period of time.

  • was the platform/station super-crowded or just the line to get down?

  • Evening news said the problem was three flip flops found in the escalators

  • This is really inexcusable. I’m no mechanic, but I’m certain this could be repaired more quickly. WMATA is dragging its feet.

    My father used to run a business that involved heavy machinery. And when the machines went down, he called up his offsite mechanics and paid them whatever overtime/emergency pay they needed, at any hour of the night, to get things up and running again.

    • The only incentive is to drag things out. Look at the construction on 18th Street (takes forever!) and elsewhere; they make more money taking longer.

  • bfinpetworth

    The sad thing is that these problems are going to eventually lead to a major disaster – many people trampled or something like that – and there will be an investigation (again) and then it will continue to degrade due to lack of will, lack of leadership, or lack of funds.

    I gave up on metro in January and fork out the $260 per month to drive and park downtown now. It stinks but between the unreliability, the overcrowding (unnecessary), and the roving teenage gangs looking for trouble in the evening, its just not worth it to me. I ended up taking taxis home after dark last fall because of the chaos I’ve seen on the green line in the evening.

  • wow with all this demand for its services Metro must be making tons of money!

  • So can somone explain to me why the escalators at Tysons Corner shopping mall are almost never broken and run almost the same amount of hours. Or what about the ones in airports like Dulles or BWI that surely carry as many people a day and run as often. Drop the union/metro repair and bring in private industry. Then lets see how often they break and how long it takes to fix.

    • Or how any former Soviet metro system runs better/faster/more frequently than our Metro.
      Moscow and Kyiv stations are as deep or deeper than DC yet the escalators are never out. If Ukraine does something better than your country (besides corruption and political infighting) something is serioulsy wrrong.

  • I can’t think of a single mass-transit system that is worse in design and implementation then metro.

  • “Sorry for the… convenience.”

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