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  • If by ‘slams’ you mean: hit it with the front bumper and knocked some bricks loose but not enough to cause significant damage to the car.

    • slam: to strike with violent and noisy impact

      Bricks knocked loose = violent.
      Car hitting wall = noisy

      • violent: intense in force, effect, etc.; severe; extreme:

        I will agree with you though that the car hit the wall. Certainly not slammed the wall.

        • It knocked bricks off a wall – it in effect broke a part of a concrete wall.

          That is intense in force.

          We are obviously not in agreement.

          • I would expect if a car slammed into a wall one might see at least slight damage to the car.

            It’s sensationalist, plain and simple.

          • you should have a duel to settle this!

          • I agree! I am righter and better at the internet!

          • A car went into a wall with such force the wall was damaged. That meets the definition of slam.

            That is not sensationalism.

            That is accuracy, plain and simple.

          • You can’t be better if you don’t call it the interwebs.

            I am winningist!

          • This reminds of that jerk who thought “Brutal” was why out of proportion for the title of that post about getting stuck on the bus for 30 minutes! What a jer- oh, wait…


    • Just because there wasn’t much damage to the car doesn’t mean the wall didn’t get damaged.

    • That front bumper is destroyed. If the wall were a foot higher, the hood on the car would have buckled. And that’s a mortared wall with concrete blocks. I’d say it slammed.

      • I see no evidence of any damage to the front bumper. Not even the slightest bit out of alignment with the wheel well and the headlight/front fender.

        The grille looks perfect too…all of these things are meant to deform in the event of a front end collision of any significance.

        • I think this is a silly debate. But I’ve got to respond: you can’t see the front bumper where the car hit. That grill didn’t touch the wall. The car needs a new bumper. I saw it.

          And the woman got hurt. Isn’t that dispositive of a slam?

          Why would you post five comments on the use of the verb “slam” in the above photo anyway, even if you didn’t think that it “slammed?” Slow work day?

          • Extremely slow.

            The same reason why would you post two comments justifying the inappropriate use of the word ‘slam’.

            Back to the silly debate: You were there and are saying that the car hit the wall with such a slight impact that the grille wasn’t even touched?

            If you tripped and skinned your knee on the sidewalk, would you say you slammed into the sidewalk? Her injuries are irrelevant.

          • +1000000000

            photodork is exactly the reason why there should be comment limits on this blog!

          • How do you get an avatar on PoP, anyway? I want a photo of the actual Mr. Poon.

          • what kind of name is poon anyways?

          • Comanche Indian.

        • Last year, an idiot pulled a u-turn from a parking space right in front of me. I was driving a 2000 Toyota Corolla going all of about 20 mph and t-boned her. My car looked fine except for the hood being bent a little and some scratches and broken headlight. Her car was totaled. I later learned that mine was also totaled because the supports behind the bumper were crushed and replacing them would have cost more than the car. These supports are what protect us from frontal impact crashes, yet you can’t see them. I suspect those supports probably suffered serious damage in the case of this car, whether you can see it or not. Sorry for the long post.

          CAPTCHA: BDRL (big deal, really)

          • Last summer I backed into a pole at approximately
            2 mph and tore my bumper cover, smashed my tail light, and put a 12″ dent in the rear fender of my car at DCA.

        • The old bumper was left on the sidewalk on the corner of Irving and Sherman this morning. I wondered why it was there when I was walking to the Metro on the way to work. Now I know.

  • That’s also not Sherman Ave.- it looks like 11th Street.

  • How did a car get perpendicular to the road at such a speed it could drive part-way through a wall?

  • WHY CAN’T PEOPLE IN THIS CITY DRIVE IN THE HEAT… I have heard of more crazy driving stories this past week then I have heard of all year. C’MON GUYS!!!!

  • That looks like a extremely steep hill. How are people standing on it?

  • What is the over/under on this car having Maryland tags?

  • I saw that accident this morning while walking the dog! The impact happened on Sherman and the car was smacked so hard in the rear by an SUV that it was catapulted onto Irving. The lady in the car was pretty badly hurt. The SUV driver was fine.

    • Also, before hitting the wall, the car hit into a “no parking sign” along the side and flattened it. That probably helped slow it down actually but the car was hit hard from the back!

  • Ok, pissing contest over! Doesn’t anyone want to talk about cars v bikes or something cooler? Favorite fro-yo?

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