Big Plans for Capital City Market

Capital City Market is located at 6th and Florida Ave, NE. This huge news came from the Washington Post yesterday:

Richard Brandenburg, 37, has been hired by Edens & Avant, the giant East Coast real estate development company, to serve as its first director of culinary strategy.

Much of the chef’s focus will be on rethinking Capital City Market in Washington. Brandenburg hopes to stock the wholesale-retail center with multiple restaurants, a culinary school, even a USDA hub — “a fun mix,” he says. One of the models for the complex, which will bring together restaurants and distributors, is the esteemed, community-minded Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco.

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  • bfinpetworth

    Mixed feelings – its fun to go over there and buy meats and produce in such a raw, unglorified atmosphere. But it would be really nice to have another marketplace alternative from Eastern Market. The Florida market is unpolished jewell.


  • if only they can keep the physical structure of the area, it could be something special. Lets not let this become a Near SE / SW exercise in sterilizing every hint of interesting that the place has.

    • Of course they are going to sterilize this. This is what real estate companies like this do.

      They think a more “clean” look will attract more people. Of course this just means that the people they look to attract are the suburbanite new D.C. arrivals who want urban without it being too gritty.

  • Can’t we leave one piece of the city grimy and cool for once???? Why does everything have to be sanitized. This location is PERFECT as is. Where are all the restaurants going to get their veggies from.

    This is the Death Warrant for – they have said that if they are kicked out they will not be coming back. I for one will surely miss them – one of the best things the city has to offer. I will I will be getting my sub there every other week so I can have fond memories of what an awesome place it used to be when it’s no longer there.

    Leave this place alone DMPED and OP!!!!!

    • There’s plenty of grimy in the city, just head east of the river. What you want is “theme park” grimy. But then again, you knew that.

  • Oh no. Everybody that made the place worthwhile will be priced out and replaced by boring crap nobody wants or needs.

    • strange though – it could be boring crap that nobody wants or needs that way more people use. Like the boring crap at gallery place or columbia heights or capitol riverfront or NOMA. I personally prefer gritty though, but if you do prefer gritty, like me, then you are a hipster which makes you an anethema to people who prefer gritty.

  • claire

    I think this has the potential to be a really great development – if they hold onto most of the places that are currently there and just add some more gems, making it more of a destination. If more people are coming and spending money there, it’s better for the current stores too!

  • I’ve been to Litteri’s once or twice, the few Saturdays I managed to get up there early enough. What else is worth going to in the area? Anywhere I can get cheap produce?

  • a Litteri is the only redeamable item in that market? The tube sock & Obama t-shirt markets that make up the rest of the market will not be missed. Hell, even the flea market left.

    There is korean restaurant as well, but is always closed. ALWAYS!

    • you’re misinformed. you can get EVERYTHING at this market…

      • I’ve been meaning to get over there for a long time. What else is there?

      • Yes, everything. Including every manner of illicit good. The place has a few good qualities, but it would be nice to not have to keep your head on a swivel walking through there. I drive to Asian markets in Wheaton because I got sick of the sexual harassment gauntlet at Capital City.

  • That picture reminds me of their old jingle, “AIN’T NO MEAT LIKE FLORIDA MEAT, AIN’T NO MEAT THAT’S BETTER TO EAT”

  • If they make it as nice as the Ferry Building but as affordable and useable as Pike Place in Seattle this will be an amazing adition to DC and a huge boon for the neighborhood.

    • Pike’s Place would be an awesome model.

      • Nikki –
        Pike Place Market is run by a quasi-gov/nonprofit that among saving it from the wrecking ball has ensured that the market maintains a great mix of small, local businesses. Don’t think the private developer will do that as well as the Market Development Authority – but here is to hoping.

        I say put in a great square/plaza in the middle that is open only to foot traffic on the weekend and allow all current vendors to either own their stall or sign long-term leases to preserve the current mix.

  • The main market mostly seems to have the same stuff as Safeway (plus various organ meats and tripe). Not that exciting – I’d be happy to see something more interesting go in there.

  • Glad that hipsters only make decisions about transportation policy in this city.

    The food from many of these vendors is neither special nor inexpensive.

    As for keeping some place “grimy”… are you kidding? We should try to maximize the tax base for every square foot of commercial space this city has.

    These new plans sound exciting and it will add life to an area of the city that desperately needs it. This will provide as a renewal catalyst to Near NE, Trinidad, and Eckington.

    • This is where my household gets great produce for very, very cheap – huge, fresh coconuts, massive bunches of basil, and ripe pineapples. None of these things are affordable to us at the Safeway or Harris Teeter.

      This is where we buy sheets of fresh rice noodle, still warm from being made that same morning, for 65 cents apiece, to make massive batches of drunken noodle for the weekend.

      Keep your grabby hands off of it.

      This is where we buy beautiful $5 woven wool and silk shawls, before they get marked up to $15 in the shops.

      And, of course, there is Litteri’s, which cannot be replaced.

      The families that own and work at these shops are very friendly, and we would miss them very, very much.

      • Costco. I have found that for produce they beat Florida Avenue every single time.

        As for your fresh rice noodles, sounds like an ideal tenant for the new development.

      • SouthwestDC

        Where do you go for the produce and rice noodles, and what are their hours like? I hate going out to the Asian supermarkets in VA for that stuff.

        • claire

          If anyone’s interested and willing to drive to MD (not much better than driving to VA but depending on where you are in DC, might be closer), H&A Supermarket on University Blvd in Langley Park is my mecca. Amazing fresh unusual produce for really cheap (comparable or cheaper than most of what I’ve seen at the Capital City Market).

  • bfinpetworth

    The Halal market is pretty awesome. Lamb chops, nice chickens cut to order, and great spice supply. I rather like the butcher shops in the main market building. Good selection of cuts, pretty decent quality, and some unusual selections as well.

    Now, the flea market going on there every weekend I can do without, but obviously a large number of people support this market on an ongoing basis. So to each her own!

    Overall, I think this could be a very nice addition to the city, but it will cause some harm to some local vendors AND result in a loss of a cultural icon in the city.

  • The flea market is a great place to recover your stolen tools if you are a contractor.

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