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If you have any fun or interesting animal/pet photos please shoot me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say what neighborhood you’re from or upload to the PoPville flickr pool with your pets name and neighborhood. I can’t guarantee I’ll get them all posted but I’ll do my best.

“This is my pooch d’Angelo Barksdale, after a morning of swimming at Great Falls in Virginia. We’re from Adams Morgan.”

“Columbia heights”

“I wanted to share a picture of my boyfriend’s dog, Indy that I thought you might appreciate. I think of her as part pug, part sloth. Indy splits her time between the Adams Morgan and Howard Shaw neighborhoods, that is, when she’s not riding around on the bike.”

Adopt kittens after the jump.

“Yesterday morning, someone dropped off two female kittens on my neighbor’s doorstep. They are housebroken, very sweet, and energetic and are looking for a forever home. If you’re interested in adopting them, contact PoP and he’ll put you touch with me. Thanks! -Lauren”

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  • Where did you get that awesome dog backpack?

  • You named your dog after a homicidal crack dealer? You remind me of the young fools I used to defend when I was a public defender in juvenile court; they insisted on showing up in front of the judge in Scarface t-shirts, or “Captain Kind Buds” t-shirts (play on Captain Crunch).

    • d’Angelo Barksdale is the greatest dog name of all time and it’s not even close. Only a PoP commentator could bring out the hate for that.

      • Stringer Bell or Omar Little would be good too. Even Bubbles, tons of great dog names from that show.

        • Poot

          Slim Charles





          Brother Mouzone



          Lotsa good names.

          “Where’s Wallace?!?”

          • Brother Mouzone would be awesome.

          • I agree, especially if the dog dug bow ties. And I cannot believe I forgot Randy Wagstaff. Good dog name.

            I have been daydreamin while trying to work hard thinking about having 2 dogs, one Wallace and one Stringer Bell. And constantly saying “Where’s Wallace, String? Where’s Wallace?”

            Treme is good, but the Wire was incredible.

      • It is SUCH a good name..

    • Whatever you do, don’t let him go into any prison libraries alone!!

    • also i dont think D’Angelo killed anybody… did he? my memory is fuzzy. I thought he took the fall but didn’t do the deed.

      • He shot the woman in the housing complex, the one that McNulty and Bunk checked out.

        • No, that was the one where he said he did to get Bodie and crew to STFU and earn himself some respect. The person he killed was in the towers while he was working, and the one he went to trail for in the first episode.

        • great scene….

          mother f***er
          ahhhh f*** f***in f***
          f*** f*** f***
          wha f***
          f***ety f*** f***
          well f*** me

  • Sloth love Chunk!

  • I knew D’Angelo had moved on to a better place!

    And Anonymous, you self-righteous dummy, the Barksdale operation primarily moved heroin. Duh.

  • I hate it when people call the neighborhood Shaw Howard (or Howard Shaw).

    On the other hand, d’Angelo Barksdale is amazing, and those kittens are awesome. I hope someone adopts them.

    • why do you hate it?

      • Because that’s not the name of the neighborhood, it’s the name of the metro station. It’s like if I lived in SW and I said I lived in the Waterfront SEU neighborhood, or more realistically, when people refer to North Cleveland Park and Forest Hills as Van Ness, or the area of Capital Hill around Barracks Row as Eastern Market.

        • before “barracks row” became a thing, everyone around there called it eastern market.

          and people do say they live in van ness.

        • would you accept “blocks to the capitol!” as a neighborhood name?

        • So you hate people that call it U St, as the neighborhood is Shaw?

          • I’m ok with that. U St has grown into a distinct neighborhood with a different character than Shaw. Logan Circle also used to be a part of Shaw, the area around Union Station used to be called Swampoodle, etc. Neighborhoods change, names change, for a number of reasons. But calling a neighborhood by the name of its metro station is just lazy. I’d get upset if someone said they they lived in African-American Civil War Memorial.

          • Technically, Logan Circle is still a part of Shaw, and “Penn Quarter” is part of Chinatown…. but yeah, I hear you. NoMA is … acch, stupid stupid name.

            By the by, long ago I saw a map of the Meridian Hill park area before the park was there, and everything below the hill between 17th and 14th down to U St was called “Hells Bottom”. Loved that. The city neighborhood I grew up in used to be “Swede Holler”, because the area was down the hill below the mansion row, and the help back in the day were swedes that would holler down the hill to their families. Now that neighborhood is the West End.

        • em

          I live in SW and I often tell people that I live in Waterfront. True, I don’t say Waterfront SEU (partly because SEU doesn’t exist right now, and no one calls that Metro station Waterfront SEU anymore anyway). Tangentially, they should change the name of the Metro station to Waterfront SW.

      • andy

        i’m guessing it’s like calling it Tenleytown-AU. The neighborhood doesn’t actually have a Howard reference in its name (like say AU Park). So the statement reflects a complaint about a person whose knowledge of the area is somewhat muddied by the name of the Metro station and implies that people who use that name are underinformed or confused about Shaw.

  • andy

    the name includes “Bark” as well as popular cultural reference. It is clearly a good dog name.

  • d’Angelo is a very photogenic pooch! I likes! I also love the nod to The Wire. One of the greatest shows. The content did not bother me – it was the quality of the storytelling and the depth of the characters.

    Anyway – cute dog.

  • Sorry! I meant to say the content DID bother me — immensely. However, I appreciate the quality of the program and d’Angelo Barksdale is a great name.

  • I think I’m kind of in love with both d’Angelo Barksdale’s owner (for having such an awesome and fun looking dog as well as having the great taste to name him after a character on the Wire) and with commenter Dan, who seems to possess the perfect mix of smarts and snark. Swoon.

    My dog’s name is Zoey, for no real reason. I feel like such a lame-o dog namer. She is, however, totally awesome. So there’s that.

  • Well I’ll be waiting with bated breath in anticipation of next Friday’s comments. No pressure.

    • why don’t ya’ll meet up for a happy hour.

      • I offer to chaperone. You can meet at any one of the PoP approved bars.

        Think about how dorky your kids with think you are when you tell them how you met.

      • Alas, I’m taken. Sorry Megan. We’ll always have the internet.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Bummer, I was starting to have fantasies of a Pop contest to name your kids.

        • Actually Dan, I think I ran into you and yours in MXMHpark yesterday, when I was walking my silver poodle through the park – d’Angelo was walking his 2 humans, who appeared to have just finished a run.

  • Where in Great Falls was the picture of D’Angelo taken?

  • m: D and I were on the Virginia side–technically you’re not allowed to swim in the stream but he jumped in while chasing some ducks. You can get to this spot by parking in the bigger, second parking lot.

    I’m glad y’all appreciate D’s name! I actually didn’t even think I was naming him after a “homicidal crack dealer”. d’Angelo Barksdale the dog, and d’Angelo Barksdale the character, have a lot in common: both have hearts of gold and want to get out of the game (D is a rescue dog who was living on the streets).

    Omar is also a great name…as is Stringer Bell. Prop Joe. The Greek.

  • I love the Columbia Heights kitty on the TV, looks like my Milo 🙂

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