Win 2 Tickets to See Lynyrd Skynyrd at Wolf Trap July 27

Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap’s Club 66

The good people at Wolf Trap are giving away 2 tickets to PoP readers for the Lynyrd Skynyrd show from Club 66 at Wolf Trap:

Club 66 at Wolf Trap brings together emerging leaders, primarily aged 21-39, to further their involvement in and knowledge of the performing arts while supporting the overall mission of Wolf Trap Foundation.

More info from the Club 66 Facebook page here.

The Lynyrd Skynyrd show is July 27 at 8pm. You can purchase tickets here.

If you win you get a pair of front section house seats to the show, along with entry to a pre-show dinner reception/deck party featuring whiskey tastings.

To enter just let me know why you want to go in the comments.

Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap’s Club 66

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  • I’d love to go see Lynard Skynard because I’m a girl who would like to believe she is from the south and “Sweet Home Alabama” is my FAVORITE song. Dance party every time it comes on 🙂

  • Because I have lived in DC for 3 years (popville for 2) and I have never been to Wolf Trap and I Love Lynard Skynard whom I have never seen and I work to much! + I read this POP about 20 times a day and follow on twitter:)

  • Why do I want to go? Because of only the BEST CD ever — the Con Air soundtrack. Need I say more?

  • I want the tickets because my brother is coming home from being aboard the Enterprise carrier and I want for him and his wife to have them as they haven’t seen each other in such a long time. A concert will not only be fun but be a positive reminder to them that even though they have a growing family and his travel is great they need to take time for each other.

  • Because a pseudo-dramatic, burnout ex boyfriend broke up with me by leaving a CD of Free Bird on my doorstep. At the time I was young and heartbroken but now this song makes me happy that he left to be “free” because he is 40 years old and bags groceries part-time for a living. 🙂

  • Because tomorrow’s my 30th birthday, which makes me both the target demographic for Club 66 and also old enough to have first heard their music without the aid of Kid Rock. Oh, and I love ooooo that smell of whiskey.

  • I want these tickets!! My husband and I went to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert on our first date when we were 16 years old… and I guess things went well, because our 1 year wedding anniversary is July 24! So this would be a great anniversary present/outing 🙂 And we’re both from the South… AND I read PoP every day!

  • I want to get black out drunk and shout free bird incessantly.

  • Because I sing my infant kid to sleep with significant parts of the Skynyrd catalog, as those are the lyrics I seem to remember best these days. (For parents wondering: Free Bird and The Ballad of Curtis Loew work great for sleep; Sweet Home Alabama and Gimme Three Steps are good at playtime.) Also, because said infant has me feeling like a night out with whiskey would be a good idea.

    [Also, on principle, I don’t think anybody who spells the band’s name incorrectly should be eligible to win this prize. There are no A’s in Skynyrd. (And just about no original members, but that’s for another post.)]

  • I would LOVE to win tickets as Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of my all time favorite bands and Wolftrap is a great great venue! The summer concerts there have been some of the best I have ever been too.
    Also, POP is my favorite DC blog and I just cant get enough. Thanks for the great posts!

  • I want these tickets so I can smell THAT SMELL, and sing SWAMP MUSIC while wearing my awesome GOD & GUNS tshirt that has awesome wings on the back. I got it the last time they were in DC. Greatest rock band ever!!!!!!

  • This is my husband’s favorite band – I’d love to win them for him!

  • I would like to win these because I like Lynyrd Skynyrd so much, I know how it’s spelled AND how it’s pronounced (‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd). And because I love the song “Gimme Back My Bullets,” which is about getting back on top of the charts, and NOT gun control or anything provocative like that.

  • it woudl be a great excuse to wear my new Shady Brady!

  • because i have never been to wolftrap and if i leave here tomorrow, i will still remember you.

  • If you people like Skynyrd so much, why don’t you have tickets already?

  • I just love that smell. Can’t you smell that smell?

  • I would love to win these as a 24th birthday present for my best friend! She’s taking me to see Hall & Oates at Wolf Trap next Monday for MY birthday, and since she’s a huge southern rock fan this would be an awesome reciprocal birthday gift (her bday’s in August.)

  • Hasn’t Van Zant been dead for like 40 years?

  • I’d like to win these so that I can give them to my very cool boss. He always has Lynyrd Skynyrd playing loud at the start of our staff meetings. Maybe he will get it put of his system by seeing them in concert.

  • Gimme Three Steps and please give me these tickets! I love Skynyrd, being outdoors at wolftrap, and PoP for this great contest!

  • I want to go to get to drink free whiskey with Skynyrd!!

  • I would LOVE to see Skynyrd because they’re my Dad’s favorite band. I have some great childhood memories, belting out “Call Me The Breeze” with the windows rolled down and the bass boat attached to the trailer hitch. Nothing like some Daddy/daughter bonding on the lake!

  • I would like to go to see the show because I would love to have the experience of seeing live, legendary, Southern Rock. It would be the highlight of all of the fun, new things I have been experiencing since I moved down here last summer from NH.

  • I would like to go because my husband would be made super happy by a whiskey dinner and a Skynyrd concert. Hell yeah!

  • Because I’m trying to convince my friend that music from the 70’s was way more rock and roll than the 80’s. If I have to go to Motley/Poison for him, Skynyrd would be a great rebuttal.

  • I’d love to see Lynryd Skynyrd because every time I go to a karaoke bar, I sing ‘Gimme 3 Steps’ without using the monitor and always bring the house down. “I was cuttin a rug at a place called the Jug with a girl named Linda Lou.” I’ve also got a babysitter in place.

  • I was supposed to see them a few years ago on for my birthday as a present from my boyfriend at the time. He broke up with me the week before the concert and took someone else. What a tease. I’ve been dying to see them live ever since those tickets were dangled in front of my face and then unexpectedly ripped away.

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