Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Trinidad/H St, NE

This rental is located at 1114 Florida Ave NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“I have a one bedroom apartment for rent as of July 1st, 2011. The apt is in a three until bulding. It’s in a safe and friendly neighbourhood, close to Gallaudet University, New York/Florida Metro Station, and the trendy H Street. The apartment has a washer and dryer in the unit. There is also tenant parking in the back. The two tenants in the bulding have cats and dogs so pets are welcome!

If you like the apt you sign a month-to-month, 6 months, or a yearly lease. There is NO application fee or pet fee.”

$1095 sound right for this 1 bedroom?

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  • What a dark little place (are there windows? Perhaps these pictures were taken at night). Still, the price is fantastic.

    • The image on GoogleMaps shows 1114 Florida Ave, NE (the location of the apartment) as a townhouse, in the middle of a row of townhouses, so not a whole lot of windows to begin with. 1114 also appears to have a basement unit. Perhaps this is the basement?

  • Sure, I’ll take $1095 a month to live in Trinidad. Oh…

  • People keep your dogs out of the real estate photos.

  • “safe and friendly neighbourhood” in Trinidad? sounds like an oxymoron to me. didn’t the police barricade the whole neighborhood a couple years ago and residents had to show ID to get in? reminds me of the greenzone in baghdad. i don’t think you can call that safe.

  • Apparently the person who wrote the ad cannot proofread either..

  • I live on the 1200 block. Area is fine, definitely not any more dangerous that Columbia Heights. This is a great deal.

  • Middle ground or not, there’s still nothing “safe” about Trinidad. Sorry.

    • do you live there? what stories can you tell us?

    • Then there’s nothing “safe” about Columbia Heights or Petworth, either.

      If you live in CH, Petworth, Shaw, Eckington, etc… you really don’t have any business talking trash about Trinidad. It’s really no different crimewise. At ALL.

      • don’t return piss with piss.

        • How is that ‘piss’?

          I think all neighborhoods I just mentioned are perfectly livable, with similarly manageable crime rates based on MPD statistics. Why do you assume that I was busting on them by comparing them to Trinidad?

      • I actually disagree with this. Areas of eckington, shaw, petworth, and CH share a lot of similarities with Trinidad, but clearly these are more desirable neighborhoods for a lot of people because the housing there goes for more. I dont know why that is, but the perception of crime is probably part of it.

        But, I would say peoples’ perception of crime is generally out of whack with reality.

        I also think Trinidad has a major plus in its favor since there are no major housing projects within its borders. Something that neither Shaw nor Columbia Heights can claim. A huge amount of the violent crime in both neighborhoods is a result of those projects. Trinidad, as crime goes, has made a significant come back in recent years.

        • The main reason for the difference in housing price is metro access. If there was a Trinidad metro station opened in 1999, we’d be having a very different conversation right now, and that apartment would not be listed at $1095.

          There are horrifying instances of violent crime in all the neighborhoods I mentioned. People are unreasonably frightened of Trinidad because of the unconstitutional (and largely overblown) police checkpoints in 2008.

          Nobody wants to think about it, but let’s get real. There was basically out and out gang warfare on Georgia Avenue last Saturday. Much worse than anything that has happened in Trinidad recently.

          • that’s why prices around the RIA station, brookland and fort totten are through the roof, right?

          • Well, compared to Trinidad, those areas are more expensive. As expensive as CH & Shaw? No, but CH & Shaw have proximity to existing desirable areas of town like Dupont, Adams Morgan, U Street, etc which boosts their prices first. So okay, metro + proximity. My point is, it’s not because of some real difference in crime.

          • Hmm, I didn’t know 300k people lived right along that stretch of Georgia Ave. Ya, that violence was completely a ‘neighborhood’ affair.

  • I dont think its fair to call it unsafe… but it isnt exactly unheard of for folks to say they wouldnt want to live there.

    My gripe about Trinidad is more abstract. It feels either too isolated in some areas or too much in the middle of chaos in other areas…

  • I moved to Trinidad at the height of the violence a few years ago (there was a triple murder a block away the night we moved in) but even then the concerns about the violence were overblown. Since that summer the biggest crime problems have been with occasional waves of burglaries, but that happens all over the city. I have a large backyard, my own parking, and great friendly neighbors (both new to the area and long time residents). I’m a four minute walk from multiple H Street bars and restaurants but never have any problems with noise associated with those places. My wife can get to her job downtown in 15 minutes on the bus, and it only takes me 30 minutes to get to work in Arlington via bus/metro (15 minutes if I drive). We love the neighborhood. I doubt the anonymous haters have actually spent any time over here.

    • +100

      Co Fn Sign!!

      While I don’t live in Trinidad I do understand the neighborhood because I live in a similar or maybe even more “hood” area than that off of 18th and Benning (18th and H) and it is a block from the notorious Langston Projects but I feel comepletly fine there. Yes, we hear the occasional gun shot but it has gotten better and I tell you what. A row of houses just went up for sale and let’s just say we have some new neighbors that quickly moved in there and other houses close by, I see them everyday walking their dogs and such. These folks don’t seem to worried because largely people don’t mess with them or others, it is just the stigma of the area. Trinidad and my area is where it is at if you are looking to invest and make some money. In 5-8 years the light rail will go all the way down to Benning Road metro and I guarantee you the neighborhood will look a lot different. I mean all of the bad things you think about Trinidad and the like is the same thing you could have said about your beloved “new” H St., U St., CH, AM (still can but it isn’t the young black thug there, just the drunk “insert whatever race here” idiot), Shaw, Petworth…10 years ago. You get my point.

      • I live right by Kam (H & 20th) and these folks who are think Trinidad/Rosedale/Carver Langston are really scary nowwill be the same folks kicking themselves when they decide the neighborhood is now up to their “standards” but quickly find that they missed the boat as far as afforable home prices. I hope they like buying in Northern Virginia…..

  • Watch what I say, when everything that is planned takes place this won’t be an issue and Trinidad will be the spot and you all will feel safe.

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