Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 1321 Kenyon St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Efficiency $963.00
Reduced Security Deposit
Heat & Hot Water Included/W/Rent
Laundry & Manager On-Site
Close to Shops & Restaurants”

I know I normally don’t post rentals that don’t have photos of the inside but I’m curious if any readers live in the building as the location is pretty great. $963 sound right?

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  • It sounds right for a really tiny crappy place. I can’t imagine the inside looking even remotely nice. A nice 1BR studio would be closer to 1200 in this area.

  • this is either a windowless closet or there’s income requirements. too good to be true.

  • Please note there is no mention of air-conditioning. You could not pay me to live here.

    I don’t like Columbia Heights anyway – living there two months was quite enough. I feel like prices in that are will go down as it dawns on people that they have no idea why they are paying so much for that.

    When I was condo shopping a while back I looked at a similarly sized and aged building nearby. Even inside the lobby I knew it was a no-go. This building may be a hidden gem but I doubt it.

  • I live in a studio two blocks from the north Dupont metro exit for just $50 more a month- including utilities. So, I believe this is another rare, cheap find.

  • I rent an entire house less than a block away from Sticky Rice for about the same. I can walk to work from here, but even the walk from this area to Union Station isn’t that far. I could see someone who wants to be within a block or two from metro wanting this place, but there are tons of other places that are much bigger (and with AC) for right around the same price if you’d want to look around a bit more.

    • Right. When did you enter into your lease? I was looking to rent a small house in the Sticky Rice area back in 2009, and the prices were nowhere near $963. Get real.

  • Actually, the question is ‘$963 sound right?’…& I would have to say yes. You’re getting a really good location (close to Metro & bus lines, Giant, CVS, DC USA, plenty of cool shops, bars & restaurants, & good people watching spots) at a pretty low cost. I agree that there are probably some amenities that would be nice to have, but for this price, you can’t expect too much.

  • I live across the street. I had no idea there were 34 units in that building. They cannot be large.

  • I love walking down that block to the shops and restaurants. However, there’s a huge difference between the funky, eclectic houses on one side and the run down apartment buildings on the other.

  • it’s funny that people want central air, a gourmet kitchen, an ipod dock, a rooftop pool, and all utilities included for $963 before they will call it a good deal.

    that would be a good deal though!

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