Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill/Eastern Market

This apartment is located at 516 D St SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“1/1 English Basement home with private entrance and updates throughout.

Incredible location — 516 D Street SE, this address is 1 block to Historic Capitol Hill and Penn Ave, a short walk to Capitol South metro and 3 blocks to Eastern Market. Wonderful access to the National Mall, Library of Congress and 395.

The English Basement is part of a very charming an updated classic Capitol Hill Row Home.

Private entrance through beautiful front courtyard. Spacious and elongated Living area with fully equipped kitchen and washer/dryer. Two windows do provide decent natural light in Living Room.

Full and updated bath just off spacious bedroom with ample closet space.

Built in shelving helps maximize space.”

$1500 sound right for this 1 bed english basement?

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  • That map image doesn’t match the location PoP

  • Looks small, dark, and depressing, or maybe it just needs better pictures. I’m assuming utilities are not included. I’d love to believe my neighborhood commands rents of $1500/month for a creepy basement apartment, but I’m pretty sure this one’s overpriced.

  • You’ve got to be kidding me. 1500 for a basement. Not even a “nice” basement.

  • Why don’t people clean up their shit when they take photos of a property for rent or sale?

    • LOL! I always think the same thing.

    • because landlords can’t control the manner in which their tenants arrange their belongings

      • In this case I think it’s safe to assume it was previously being used as a playroom/storage closet by the owners… unless the previous tenant was REALLY strange.

  • Ha! I was thinking a great deal. When we moved to DC in early 2004 we rented a basement apartment at 15th and Chapin for $1100.

    I don’t know I’d refer to this one as having a “fully equipped kitchen” though.

    • Wow, I didn’t leave here at that time but that sounds really high for that neighborhood 7 years ago. I hope it was a lot nicer than this place at least!

      • Tough to tell since the pix are pretty crappy, but I’m gonna guess yes, our place was nicer.

      • Actually, this was a pretty standard price for this area back in 04.

        • Compared to what else we found (searching from a distance) it was. We felt like we struck a great deal! Lived in that apartment for nearly five years. *sniff sniff*

          • Searching in town wouldn’t have gotten you better – that was a good deal.

            When I lived at 14th & W I had a 2 br basement for $1200 with parking. But I moved in in 1998. And yea, I lived there for 5 years too.

            I wonder what the people who live there now pay. Haruumph.

          • Well we were nearly neighbors in space and time!

            I’d be curious to know too. We sometimes go past the old place and talk about that. By the time we left in late 08, we were paying $1450 ($100 for parking). I’m sure it’s more now.

  • I agree that if it were nice the price would seem about right. however, the flooring in the bedroom sucks and it’s SO depressing to see that entire living space with that plastic kiddie flooring like it’s a daycare center in a developing country. gross.

  • doesn’t appear to have a CofO or a BBL as per PIVS.

    • Not surprising- the ceilings look like they’re 7 feet or lower!

    • So what are you gonna do, narc on them? So it doesn’t have a CofO. So the fuck what. All that means is they haven’t paid their bribe yet.

      • I think it just adds to the sketch factor. But it wouldn’t be a concern if the apt didn’t already look like a dump.

      • It means that if they didn’t follow that rule, they might not have followed others (like is there a smoke detector in the unit? Are the stove and washer/dryer vented properly?). And there’s not been an inspection to tell you. That’s “the fuck what.”

        • Big logical leap from fulfilling a bureaucratic piece of paperwork to not having basic, commonsense safety features. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

          • +1000. by ess’s logic anyone who’s ever gone a mile over the speed limit is by definition a reckless driver who can’t be trusted to be on the road. total bs.

            i’ll get my CofO as soon as i’m satisfied the system is fair.

          • If all C of O-having apartments are up to code, that means with a C of O, there’s 100% chance of you having all the safety features you want. If there isn’t a C of O, that means there’s less than a 100% chance.

            Which is preferable? 100% chance of having what you want or less than 100% chance? Keep in mind all the slum lords do *not* have C of Os, so with non-C of O apartments, you incur the risk of having major safety violations.

            Which is preferable? A 0% chance of major safety violations, or a greater than a 0% chance of major safety violations?

    • say what? is this english?

  • They should include a photo of the kitchen. From what is provided, it appears that there is a fridge and a microwave on top of some poorly placed shelves. Where are the counter tops? Are there cabinets?

  • I definitely wouldn’t call this a “spectacular english basement” as the craigslist listing says.

    Then again, I saw a similar English basement right on Lincoln Park last year for $1400, and I personally like this location better, so I’m guessing it’s not too far above market value.

    One question, though- where is the kitchen?

  • Is it just me, or does the ceiling look kind of low? I don’t really understand how anyone pays this much to live in a basement, so I won’t comment on whether it’s a good deal or not.

  • Pretty ideal if you want to feel like you’re living in a cave. Otherwise? yikes, no way.

  • Perfect for the trust fund hobbit – even better if the miniture table and chairs come with!

  • That’s only a good place if you want to kill yourself after move-in.

  • I’d like to see the palaces all these commenters live in

    • I always think that when I see the “crappy flip builder grade Home Depot finishes job” comments. Mostly because I live in that Home Depot flip house. :p

  • I don’t care how low the ceilings are, it’s dog-friendly and close to the Metro and only $1500 in rent. I wish I only paid $1500 a month! I’m not even going to say what I pay. Ridiculous.

  • I lived in Logan Circle at 11th and P for $1495 a month last year. It was a 1 bedroom on the second floor. Small apartment but ceilings were really high. $1500 is way to much for a basement in any neighborhood.

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