I Hope This Isn’t Serious Construction at the Finnish Embassy? It is already perfect!

This is one of my favorite embassies. Back in Feb. ’10 we noted that it had just received LEED certification. Hopefully the construction is just cosmetic on the inside. You can see some cool photos on their web site. So I was surprised to see this sign:

Sidenote: Mr. Ambassador, don’t let your newspapers pileup outside – it signals to robbers you’re not home!

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  • It must be remodeling season at the Embassies – Germany and Brazil (almost done!) are freshening up their digs as is the country that owns the embassy on Mass & Decatur.

  • We’ll find out when they Finnish

  • ah

    I think the construction is mostly done. That sign has been there for a while and it appears what they did was add bollards (pop up*) in the front terrace/driveway area.

    *Perhaps appropriate for a Judging Pop=Ups feature

    Here’s a pic of what it was — it’s the area with the square tiles to the left of the wall on the right.


  • We are the architects for the job. We have added bronze security bollards in the front courtyard. A lot of the special stone from Brazil has been damaged in the courtyard as well which has been shipped from Brazil to Michigan where it is being cut and polished. Additionally all the in ground lights are being replaced because they are broken. Construction should end in a month or two. Side note this is the only LEED certified Embassy in the country. Ahhh and maybe the newspaper is pilling up because the ambassador is leaving.

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