Votes for Capital Bikeshare Expanded Stations Tallied – Georgia and Upshur St, NW Number One!

Photo by PoPville flickr user AWard Tour

Back on April 25th we talked about some proposed expanded locations. On a selfish note I asked people to vote for a station at Georgia and Upshur St, NW. Thanks to all who voted! The Upshur St location came in first place by a large margin. You can see the full list below:


I’ll be sure to update when the official list of expanded stations is announced sometime after June 17th.

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  • Look forward to the station opening! Would also love to see one closer to Grant Circle or on Rock Creek Church. Wonder of the old-timers at the Armed Forces home would want a bikeshare to cruise down to the metro.

    • I agree with that, but I also feel that for the most part CaBi should focus on increasing coverage in areas where there are already stations and a lot of riders before they start expanding outward. Or at least increase the capacity of stations they know to be heavily used. Still, they clearly have a lot of demand on GA ave, and I am glad to see another station so near my home.

  • So, if a station is empty for longer than 3 hours, then the bike company faces a penalty, right?

    Is there a similar penalty if a station stays full for longer than 3 hours?

  • I wonder if DDOT makes these recommendations based on how well various bloggers mobilized their neighbors. I saw a call for support here as well as on the bloomingdale blog. I imagine other blogs did the same.

    Not sure a popularity contest should be any more than a minimal contribution to determining the future sites…

    • Since the idea of bikeshare relies on people using the service around town, what other criteria should be used other than a popularity contest? Especially among blog readers, since there is a high corellation between bike users and blog readers.

      • Is there a high correlation? I dont know if I believe that. Sounds more like a hunch you have.

        I think popularity should play a role. But to imply that the survey was scientifically significant is bogus. As such, it should have virtually no impact on the decision.

        Heck, I even think that there should be a role played by which blogger can turn out the most votes, as that means more people will be emotionally attached to the station IF it is built… like a “we got this done” mentality.

        I just hope that DDOT only considers this survey in passing. That is all.

      • Actually, DDOT considers other factors when evaluating the system for expansion. The four criteria they say they consider in no particular order:

        1) Station Performance

        2) User and public feedback (including, but probably not limited to, popularity among bloggers)

        3) Sighting requirements

        4) Heat Map (census data, commercial/ residential density and bike-ability)

  • What about 10th & U St? That station is a total disaster!!!

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