Vandal Throws Bricks Through Windows at Room 11 and Meridian Pint in Columbia Heights

Around 2:30am last night/this morning bricks were thrown through the windows at Room 11 (3234 11th St, NW) and Meridian Pint (3400 11th St, NW) in Columbia Heights.

A white man wearing black jeans, black sweatshirt, and black ski mask threw 2 bricks at Meridian Pint breaking one small window then headed south on 11th and broke one large window (see photo above) at Room 11. While employees were in both establishments at the time, fortunately nobody was hurt.

The police responded quickly.

I’ll update when the vandal is arrested.

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  • Everyone learned a lesson from the DC9 incident: Don’t chase!

  • I think it’s the vandals who haven’t learned their lesson. I hope he get’s his ass kicked.

  • i really doubt an arrest will be made, unless he was a disgruntled employee or boyfriend.

    if it’s a true random anarchist, i think he’ll get away with it.

    • what does throwing a brick in the window of a bar have to do with anarchism?

      • Anarchists are assholes. So are people who throw bricks through windows.

        • you don’t know any anarchists, do you? they happen to be the friendlist, most community-oriented people I know in this city. why don’t we just gang up on the republicans who are the real problem?

          • Every anarchists I’ve ever met was a spoiled rich kid playing at poverty until they grew up, got a job and moved back to the suburbs. And YES, I have met a lot of anarchists. How is it community orientated to destroy a neighbor’s property?

          • that’s my point. there is no evidence to suggest that this was done by an anarchist yet somehow you’re taking that for granted b/c you think anarchists are assholes? the ones I know are the people who organize clothing swaps and play in bands and put on summer camps for kids and who teach and who work for liberal nonprofits. the people you’re describing aren’t anarchists.

          • I thought anarchists believe in anarchy. And let me tell you, having grown up in a country that bordered on anarchy, there are serious downsides to it.

          • i thought all libertarians were anarchists.

            i’m so confused with labels. i’ll just stick with “criminal” when talking about a person that committed a crime.

          • People who “organize clothing swaps and play in bands and put on summer camps for kids and who teach and who work for liberal nonprofits” sound like great people to me. But if they think that doing those things makes them anarchists, then they really have no idea what anarchy or anarchism is.

          • “Every anarchists I’ve ever met was a spoiled rich kid playing at poverty until they grew up, got a job and moved back to the suburbs.”

            So you mean like a huge chunk of the people who are reading this blog?

            Like woah, big shock, there are kids out there who grew up middle class, moved into the city, couldn’t find a job, and are broke–like a shitload of people since hey, it’s a recession, genius.

        • Brilliant generic blanket statement. I bet you think all black people are racist too.

          • sorry if you’re so tightly wound that you can’t tell a joke when you see one.

          • and wait, aren’t repubs the ones who think blacks are racists and dems are supposed to be bleeding heart progressives who, to the great ire of the gop, want to give kids hugs instead of locking them up? have you just been dying to call somebody racist all week and you’re getting desperate b/c it’s getting on friday?

          • Jen: he was likely replying to the commenter who called all anarchists a-holes.

            You’ve displayed an almost comical level of defensiveness in your responses this morning. Also, for someone who objects to the wholesale labeling of anarchists, you surely are practicing plenty of it in your dislike of conservatives.

          • Jen: See Clarissa’s statement and the position of my reply in juxtaposition with yours.

      • Anarchists are bomb- not brick-throwers.

  • Clearly, he was expressing his displeasure at Meridian’s foamy pour-it-yourself taps. Room 11 just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Down with fine dining and craft beer.

    We demand more processed foods and shitty lagers for all white men!

    These are our demands. We will be heard. We will have cardiovascular disease and we will be proud of it as our forebearers were.


  • Hmmmmm……any broken windows at future Margots Chair?

  • Look, the neighborhood IS turning into Adams Morgan!!!

  • Resolved: I will try to get to both places this week, and show my support by buying stuff from them.

  • I know the service is super slow at Meridian Pint, but I think this guy is over reacting.

    Also, why pick on Room 11? The portions are too small, but the food is really good. Don’t hate, man!

  • As my folks would have said:
    “This is why we can never have anything nice.”

  • Looks like someone was cut off before they could order that last Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA!

  • Glad nobody got hurt!

  • How was his race identified?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      There is video

      • Oh, I haven’t seen the video. I was curious because it sounds like the person was covered from head to toe in clothing. I was beginning to grow suspicious that perhaps there was a typo and it was a White man, not a white man. I could understand why Ron White might have ill will towards such fancy establishments.

    • its always the white man

  • On the plus side, free brick?

  • andy

    When they catch the dude, I want to know his motivations.

  • It must have been William Jordan (ha ha, just kidding)!

  • Cherkis strikes again!

  • Modern day anarchists throw bricks. And wear black ski masks.

    • Actually, modern day Anarchist pretenders throw bricks and wear black ski masks… and in most cases are either cops, or (my guess in this case) disgruntled workers or loser stalker boyfriends who want to stir up trouble.

    • Actually modern day anarchists work for the feds, hack Senate web pages, play in bands, walk dogs…

      We are everywhere.

      • You clearly don’t understand the meaning of anarchist.

        And this is why the pretender label seems to fit so nicely.

  • black jeans are sooooo last season.

    disgruntled hipster commits crime, fashion faux pas

  • Those brick’s aren’t going to throw themselves.


  • William Jordan?

  • wow, when i said that anarchist thing i had no idea there were so many “anarchists” and friends of “anarchists” on this blog…

    i was more just referencing the vancouver/random acts of violence “anarchists”. no offense to the nice, caring “anarchists” of the clothing swap variety.

  • I sit on several of the Anarchists of America committees and I can tell you we were given a clear directive from our President and Board not to engage in any acts of vandalism. If you like I can produce the minutes of our subcommittee meeting on “Organizing an Anarchists Actions: The way forward”

  • Anarchistis are organiz…. oh wait, you are kidding. funny

  • Both of these bars should raffle off the bricks to raise money to replace the windows.

  • My grandfather worked in a brick factory, and that is clearly a cobblestone. Clearly this is the work of Belgian separatists.

  • uh you guys, somebody read ANYTHING written on anarchy/by anarchists before you make judgements based on the only experience you’ve had with the term, which is tv newscasters blaming vandalism like this on “anarchists”. the anarchist errico malatesta said “anarchism is organization”. anarchy means without rulers, not without rules or responsibility or whatever punk garbage it’s associated with.

  • andy

    V is for bricks through your window.

  • What a jackass…Here’s hoping that karma gets him back. The person who did this is probably local and has some mental health issues… I hope he gets caught though. these businesses are good to us.

  • Anyone think there might be a weird connection with the Diner rabble rabble at the top of the “hip strip” (roll-eyes). Didn’t the fliers that went up specifically name these two establishments?

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