Travis Peterson Memorial – Dupont Circle Neighborhood Fixture

“Dear PoP,

I thought I’d drop you all a line and a couple photos regarding the tragic passing of a Dupont Circle neighborhood fixture – Travis Peterson. For as long as I’ve worked in Dupont Circle, Travis has sat on his crate in front of the former Johnny Rockets, wearing a Santa hat and pleasantly conversing with passersby on their commute as he panhandled.

It’s still unclear what caused his death, but notes at the sidewalk memorial state that he passed away suddenly this past Sunday. In the early evening, he was reportedly having trouble breathing and someone called 911 to request an ambulance for assistance. It is assumed that he passed away later at the hospital.

The sidewalk memorial is a touching tribute to his life – it’s evident just how much he will be missed and the many people that stopped to speak with him each day. The funeral services will be held Tuesday, June 28 at 11:00 AM. There will be a wake an hour beforehand. If anyone is interested in attending, it’s located at the Capital Mortuary at 1425 Maryland Ave NE near the intersections of H Street, Maryland Ave and Benning Road NE.”

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  • RIP Travis

  • PoP you might want to correct the address of the Mortuary to “NE”. ;*)

  • Sad. He was a nice guy. I always wondered what it was exactly that was keeping him on the street, because he was sharp and friendly.

  • when i would dog sit for a friend who lived up the street, i would pass him by on the way to work or walking the dog. he was always really nice and friendly. thanks for this info even though it is sad. RIP travis

  • I knew him since 2006 when I interned at a place across the street. Sometimes I’d buy him a sandwich or give him a few bucks and I’d see someone else doing the same. Sometimes we’d just chat briefly. He was a nice person. Incredibly cheerful. Full of life. He would put a smile on your face with his santa clause hat. He had a small limp when he walked.

    He told me once that he sometimes lived with his sister but I didn’t really ask why he was out in the streets…I guess I didn’t want to be disrespectful. Now I regret not asking him. Why did he have to pass at such a young age?

    It makes me sad. It shouldn’t have happened.

    Thank you for letting us know about Travis.

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