Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Vernon Square

This rental is located at 1318 8th Street NW at N Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Two level house/ no basement.

Renovated 2 years ago. Just half a block from the convention center and Metro, this quaint loft style HOUSE can be used as 2br or 1br + den, the measurements on the second small room being 9’x9′. This house, with open floor plan, huge living space, lots of natural light and backyard that can be used for off-street parking, is central to everything. Dishwasher Washer/ Dryer/ 1 car off street parking and ample street parking/ small private fenced in yard (front and back). House is perfect for an “urbanite” given its proximity to Metro and supermarket (1/2 block), U Street Corridor (clubs, bars, shopping, night life), Verizon Center and Chinatown and many other nearby amenities.

Occupant responsible for water, electricity and gas.”

$2025 sound right for this 2 bed?

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  • it’s so close to the capitol. it must be capitol hill

  • Looks like a good deal to me!

  • Sometimes, when the weather is nice, I get off at the Mt. Vernon metro stop and walk home to Petworth. On the whole walk, along 7th St. and Georgia Ave., this is the only area where I watch my back. This is not a safe area.

    • Let me stand in for our fellow PoPers when somebody talks about crime in a neighborhood:

      Stop sensationalizing the crime in the area. Statistically the area is no more or less safe than any other area east of the park but west of the river. You just need to be street smart and aware of your surroundings. If you get mugged, it’s because you aren’t savvy enough to live in a city. This isn’t Missoula, Montana, so get used to it.

      The above statement no way reflects my financial interest in the area, even though I bought a rowhouse a few months back and am awaiting my hundreds of thousands of dollars of appreciation in equity.

      • If you get mugged, it’s because you aren’t savvy enough to live in a city.

        this line is kinda of bullsh*t.

        • it was sarcasm

        • Good lord, we’ve been through this a million times. All of DC east of Rock Creek Park is not the same crime-wise. Go to the DC Crime Map, type in a bunch of addresses and compare the crime rates.

          • Based on the DC Crime Map, my transitional neighborhood is as crime free as Georgetown. So is most of Petworth — or any other neighborhood in DC where we hear about shootings and stabbings.

            The problem with the crime map data is that it’s not per capita crime data, rendering it meaningless in determining risk of being mugged or assaulted. Is it 10 muggings per 100,000 people who pass by a given intersection, or 10 muggings per 10,000? There’s a profound difference between those two scenarios.

          • Voila! I give you per capita crime rates for census tracts:

  • What supermarket is 1/2 block from there?

    • the giant

      • That Giant is disgusting. Bugs in the broccoli. Walk the 5 extra minutes to Safeway.

        • +1 and the lines are ridiculous.

          • Yikes. I lived at 10th and M for two years and had no idea there was a Giant over there. In retrospect I guess I pretty much avoided the areas immediately north and east of the Convention Center.

          • If you went to Capitol Supermarket, you surely had no need for the Giant.

        • it’s closing soon, and then they’ll be building a new one.

          • Geez, and I thought I was the snob. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Giant other than the service. It’s hardly “disgusting.”

          • You never spent much time in the produce section did you? Only plus there is that if I ever can’t find kale, i can get it here.

          • snob: bugs in broccoli doesn’t disgust you? Low standards. Or high tolerance.

          • If there are bugs in the broccoli every day, then maybe. But I have a hunch there aren’t.

            We moved into DC in December after 20+ years in North Arlington, where we did most of our shopping in Safeways in Arlington and McLean. The Giant on 8th is no different in terms of food quality so far as we can see –although the service sucks — and it’s a helluva lot easier to park there than to have to deal with the Whole Foods on P or the cramped Safeway on 17th.

            From time to time I saw bugs in the produce in the suburbs too.

  • This was on the market when my roommate and I were looking for apartments at this time last month. I emailed the contact listed on the ad and never got a response.

  • Caballero is right. I live at 5th and M and the neighborhood is block-by-block. That is not a good block. Not sure if that would work in negotiations, but it’s worth a shot. The PSA 308 officer tells us that 7th and O and 8th and O are crime hot spots.

  • The high rise across the street has a alot of “activity” going on there. Very close to the metro and all the new galleries and things blowing up there. I would say $1850 is a better deal.

  • I actually went to look at this last month. Its not really a 2 bedroom. Its a one bedroom with an uninsulated sun room off the kitchen that they are pretending someone would sleep in. The exposed brick is certainly exposed…its not sealed at all so there are chunks of brick that have crumbled and stained the carpet orange along the wall. “Huge living space” is quite the exaggeration. Its a really narrow house.

    • I’m with you, Em. I went to see this last week. There are actually zero bedrooms – the room Em mentions is a mudroom, and the other bedroom is just a loft on the top floor with no actual door. Window air conditioning units, incredibly musty smell, and a very small living room. $2025 is too high.

  • Price seems decent for the area, since it’s including parking, but based on Em’s report and that awful kitchen pic, maybe a bit too high. Perhaps they’ve priced it up with the intent to come down in negotiation?

  • yeah, i’ll need to see more pics. i feel like there’s a surprise somewhere and apparently from the comments above, others have seen so firsthand…

  • I wouldn’t rent there until the O Street market is completed.

    too many problems within a 2 block radius of this block. You ever look on the crime maps and 7th & O is epicenter of crime in Shaw

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