Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant

This rental is located at 3300 Brown St. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“House w/2 BR’s in Mt. Pleasant – close to Metro
Comer of Brown and Monroe streets

Your own house – an end unit with lots of light! Lovely living room and dining room with gleaming hardwood floors.
Upstairs two bedrooms and one bath.

Downstairs there is a recreation room for lounging and the laundry.
There’s a front porch for sitting on, a wonderful comer store just a block away and then – Metro and all the new excitement of Columbia Heights only four blocks away!”

$2,250/mo. plus utilities sound right?

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  • Sounds too good to be true! Bet it will be snatched up quickly.

  • There must be a catch.

  • won’t last through the night

  • An end unit for that price anywhere in the city is a steal. Must be a catch.

  • wondering what ‘utilities’ means. i am sure water is included in that. last time i got a ‘steal’ like this i was paying almost $2,000 a month because of the utilities and i had a roommate

  • First time I’ve seen a Mt. Pleasant property use the “new excitement of Columbia Heights” as one of its selling points. Sweet place regardless.

  • i really like the funky looking boiler

  • I too am wondering what the catch is. Perhaps no air conditioning?

    • Brown Street is still a little bit sketchy, maybe that’s it.

      • There are MUCH sketchier parts of DC than Brown Street where the rent for such a house would still be higher than this.

        Gotta be a catch. Oil heat? Recent murder? No AC (I see neither forced-air vents nor window units in those photos)?

      • nah, this corner isn’t really sketchy. it’s 1/2 block off mt pleasant street. as long as you’re not aimlessly wandering around there late at night it’s pretty safe… same as anywhere in dc.

  • Brown at Monroe is not sketchy. Go up Brown a couple blocks, past the new condo development that looks like huge townhouses, and yeah it gets a little sketch.

    It’s a good deal because it looks worn out. Well, the kitchen looks tired. It would rent for a thou more per month with new appliances, cabinets and countertops. Bathroom is probably also aging.

    The rest of the house is cute as hell. I love the arch in the living room. And I do quite like the location.

    Washington Land Company has a good reputation, so it’s def. not a scam. I agree. Gone by the end of the day. Great deal.

  • ledroittiger

    20 minute walk to metro. I guess that’s “close” for Mt. P.

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