Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Glover Park/Cleveland Park(ish)

This rental is located at 3140 WISCONSIN AVE. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“376 square foot studio apartment home is ready for your move- in,
in time to enjoy the private pool and the roof top deck.
Renting for $1325 with all utilties included, cable and internet acessible you’re all ready.
Laundry facilities on site and 24 hour emergency maintenance service.
Walking distance to grocery, drug store, cafes, coffee shops and so more.
On the bus line to Tenleytown/AU metro station or to the heart of Georgetown.”

It’s pretty small but they’ve got a pool so does “$1325 with all utilties included, cable and internet” sound right?

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  • Closet with refrigerator, only $1325.

  • As someone who lived in the neighborhood about three years ago, I’d pass. A large studio for $1325 you could probably get away with. A tiny studio for $1325? Too much.

  • Yeah, I live a few blocks south and pay $1350 for a 600 sq foot one bedroom.


    Also, I think it’s technically “Cathedral Heights” or something like that. Not GP.

    • This is most definitely not Glover Park. It’s kind of at the nexus of Cleveland Park, Woodley Park and Cathedral Heights.

  • I’m in Dupont in a pretty similar unit (though the featured kitchen is better than mine) and I pay $1210, after living here for several years. (Gas & electric (AC- yay!) are included, but I pay for cable & internet, and we have no pool.) I understand new tenants in my building are paying $1350 – 1400 in my building so this may be pretty close to reasonable.


  • Very small, not Glover Park, and old carpet – not best deal. But if you must have a pool then probably not a terrible deal. In this heat I’m tempted – gosh is it hot!
    I’m a few blocks away and have a much larger studio and pay a few hundered less – granted I dont’ have a pool but all other amenities are the same.

  • NO POOL at 3140 Wisc. Ave. I lived here a few years ago and there is definitely not a pool at this building. Rather, the pool is down the street at another property owned by the real estate company and you get access to the pool, which is really small.

  • I live there now. Cable/internet not included. The pool is down the street. Indoor parking spaces are expensive,but then it’s garage parking in DC. Not a bad place to live,just make sure you have one of the rear apts so you don’t have to hear Wisc Ave traffic. Biggest complaint is the current property manager who needs to get her priorities in order.

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