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  • “Reduced security deposit” makes me think there’s an income restriction on the unit.

    • agree – there must be an income restriction.

      utilities, parking and that location for 1095, there has got to be limitations on it. Even a closet in that area would rent for 13-1400 nowadays.

  • That’s disgusting. Thanks for posting and warning folks.

  • I lived in that building back in 1994 and it was rent controlled. I had a one bedroom on the top floor and it was CHEAP. Lots of senior citizens and families on public assistance … it was kind of a crazy place to live, but the location was/is great and I enjoyed my time there.

  • Wow, that is an amazing website though. Definitely bookmarking.

  • nostalgia! my sister lived in that building back in ’99. i love the giant venice (i think) painting in the front lobby. it was a good mix of folks, like mpt said. the barac co. seems like a solid place for decent rentals.

  • Actually, I would say the price seems right for a rent-controlled in the neighborhood. I live around the corner and pay a little less for a (large)studio.

    • And you’ve been living there since ____?

      • I don’t think I live in the same place as the first person,I live in a place on the other side of the circle, have a large studio for $1050 (utilities included) and have been living there since last year. And it is much nicer than this building. Best deal in dupont.

  • My parents lived in that building 20 years ago and paid $300 for a 2 bedroom. Anyways, we went back recently to look at it and it is gross. There are creepy people lurking around and the stairwell is a place you would only want to pee.

  • I live a couple blocks north of there on 17th and have always wondered about this building. I had heard of a bug problem but that was from somone who moved out several years ago. In my building studios are renting to new tenants in the mid 1300s (which includes utilities which includes central AC) so unless this place is tiny, it sounds like a pretty decent deal for 17th. Also it’s high up so that would help limit the noise.

    As for the ‘reduced security deposit’ that could just be a perk the ad is highlighting; the large management companies like Barac tend to have smaller deposits than individuals or small outfits, which could be an incentive to rent there.

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