The Yards/Capitol Riverfront Scuttlebutt: Molly Malone’s to open 2nd Location?

Yesterday we spoke about the huge score announced for the Capitol Riverfront area including a new Harris Teeter and seven restaurants.

Well, it looks like it’s only gonna get better. A very good source tells me that a Molly Malone’s (currently located at 713 8th St, SE on Barracks Row) and a Churchkey (currently located at 1337 14th St, NW in Logan Circle) will be announcing that they’ll be opening 2nd locations in the Boilmaker shops. I give this scuttlebutt a 72% accuracy rating. I’ll be sure to update when/if there is confirmation.

Is Capitol Riverfront going to become the next H Street, NE? I kid, I kid. But seriously are they?

UPDATE: The good people of Churchkey write:

“We will not, nor do we plan to replicate what to us is a very special and unique singular concept. What was released by The Yards developers on Monday is accurate. Neighborhood Restaurant Group will be opening a Buzz Bakery as well as a new, craft brewery in that space.”

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  • Waterfront is going to be a wonderful neighborhood with a very different feel than any other DC neighborhood because of it’s water front location. I hope it gets some distintive restaurants not just restaurants that are part of the boutique chains that have popped up in DC.

  • Or the new Adams Morgan?

  • i thought i read the people behind churchkey were opening a brewery there? certainly they wouldn’t do both? or maybe there is some confusion there?

  • waterfront is a different neighborhood. we’re sensitive down here.

  • Molly malones opening there would be the equivalent of churchkey opening a second location on u ST. It’s like a 10-15 minute walk from the current Molly malones lovation.

    • More like 20-25 minute walk if you’re a bloated contractor who eats at the Navy Yard Five Guys regularly.

      Both of these places will have a license to print money. The Yard lunch crowd is pretty substantial (many hit 8th Street) and the current condos in the neighborhood are at capacity and dying for decent walkable dinner options. Add the ballgame crowd and the city’s unquenchable thirst for triple-hopped IPAs and they’re onto a winner here.

  • Well I’m glad it won’t be McCormick and Shmicks or Rosa Mexicano. The waterfront has the potential to be a uniique DC neighborhood or it could end up being a tourist trap of crap like the National Harbor. DC doesn’t make good use of it’s water frontage so I’m hoping they get it right and it looks like they are!

  • I know that Xavier Cervera (owner of Molly Malones) has been looking into the ballpark neighborhood for a few years – also heard a rumor that he was ready to start a bar/restaurant there but developers/building managers wanted way too much in rent. So he just kept building more places on Barracks Row.

    Neighborhood Restaurant Group will put some sort of brewery in the Boilermaker Shop – I wonder if they will use the Churchkey branding? The potential there is amazing, if they can develop and then brew special beers there for that particular bar and the rest of their places (Rustico, Birch & Barley, Columbia Firehouse, etc). They’ve already collaborated with breweries and bars on some nice beers – would be cool to do that in house.

    • I disagree. I’m reading that as a separate brewery owned by the same people as Churchkey (which PoP reported on yesterday), not as a second Churchkey location.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Thanks Kim. You are correct. Unfortunately my scuttlebutt on that front was wrong (I’ve updated the post.) Still awesome to hear about all the new and potentially new places popping up here.

  • +1 Yeah thats exactly what I was thinking.

  • In it’s evitable that the Capitol Riverfront would end up with atleast one Irish Bar. I was just hoping it would be in the cookie cutter new construction rather than one of the repurposed old buildings (Boilermaker,Lumbershed). Was hoping the distinctive buildings would be saved for primarily distinctive tenants. But the area is so retail/nightlife starved that even Molly Malones can only be considered a big positive.

  • This news actually depresses me. When is development going to happen on Georgia ave?!?

  • I’m not sure what’s going on w/ Georgia Avenue, but I disagree regarding Shaw vs H street. Shaw has seen — and is seeing — a massive amount of development, including the building of Progression Place, the Shaw Tavern and reno of the Howard Theater, to name very few. Keep in mind, U street is Shaw.

    The major difference between H and Shaw is scale. H Street is basically one street, whereas Shaw is a much bigger area. Both places are doing well development-wise, although home prices around H street are a hell of a lot cheaper than Shaw, which says something. The problem with H street is that it’s an island, which will limit its appeal.

    In sum, Shaw is already a big thing. H may be a next one.

    I agree that demographics aren’t shifting as quickly on Georgia.

    • From the Petworth perspective, I must say that I’ve been impressed with how quickly things have come along. When I bought my house, I didn’t expect things to move this fast. Development isn’t happening at the speed of H St., but with the new condos/apartments immediately north of the metro nearly finished, and plans for the Safeway (and housing above it), as well as increasing bar/restaurant, and retail options in the area, I’m satisfied. My expectations have been exceeded, but then, maybe I’m more realistic than some folks.

      • Agreed. I’m fairly new to the area but things seem to be moving at a decent clip; lots of projects in the works. I enjoy living there and watching things unfold.

  • Couldn’t disagree more about Shaw. Shaw Tavern looks great. That whole block the howard theater is on is going to look great. Down on first street Boundary Stone is about to open. Lots of stuff going on.

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