The 5pm Post – Spelling Bee at The Keegan Theatre

From an email:

Blacktop Theatre Company, along with The Keegan Theatre, transports you back to the standby of 4th grade teachers everywhere: The Spelling Bee. But instead of the usual Merriam-Webster approved list, our words, sentences, and definitions will be shamelessly contemporary, proudly DC-centric, and yes, a little bit spicy.

10 of DC’s finest in the theatre industry will spell off against each other:

Frank Britton, Will Cruttendon, Heather Haney, Jason McCool, Joshua Morgan, Mary Myers, Katie Nigsh-Fairfax, Autumn Seavey, Jason Schlafstein, and Joseph Thornhill.

Judging the evening will be Edward Gero, Heather McDonald and Jenny McConnell Frederick.

The 10 theatre artists won’t be the only contestants, however. Each audience member can enter to win one of five additional slots onstage.

~Pay What You Can~
Tickets available at the door.

WHO: Blacktop Theatre Company with The Keegan Theatre
WHAT: The 1st Annual Blacktop Theatre Company Spelling Bee
WHERE: Church Street Theatre 1742 Church St NW
WHEN: Monday, June 20 at 8 pm

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  • This sounds like a lot of fun! Ill def be attending with my husband! Thanks for the info!

  • Are you seriously asking people to PAY to watch a SPELLING BEE? Even “shamelessly contemporary” (spell ipod?) “proudly DC-centric” (spell fully loaded SUV?) “and yes, a little bit spicy.” (spell food truck?) this is – and really – I always try to be positive – the stupidest thing I’ve heard of! Yes, I’m grouchy – working hard and just clicked away for diversion – but in any world at any time – spelling bees are unequivocally (spell check helped me there!) evil. And boring. Which is even more evil.

    • It’s not even a real spelling bee. They’re actors.

      • Hi Lonnie – Yes, they are actors but it’s not a performance.. it’s not rigged. Real life people spelling off against each other, who just happen to be actors!

  • if it’s “first,” then it’s not “annual”.

  • Victoria – Fortunately, no one is forcing you to attend! Also, it’s pay what you can… if you think it’s only worth $1, then it’s only $1.

    And it appears the title is a play off of The Keegan Theatre’s play – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

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