The 5pm Post – “If you had just 24 hours to impact your city, what would you do?”

From an email:

How would you make DC better in 24 hours?

On June 5, the 24-Hour City Project will pose that question to three D.C.-based teams of architects, artists, and technologists at the National Building Museum. Teams will compete to build temporary physical and digital exhibitions that explore the intersection of data, arts, and technology within the built environment.

Projects will range from building the first floor of a house to experimenting with holograms to building a 15 foot parabolic structure whose blueprints are derived from DC education data. Through these experiments, teams are encouraged to make the built environment more engaging, relevant to our lives, and accessible to all.

All projects will be built on-site at the National Building Museum (401 F St NW) beginning Sunday, June 5. The event is free and open to the public on Sunday, June 5th from 11 am – 430 pm. The event will also feature DJs, a photobooth, and food trucks.

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  • At first glance of the question, is “Fire Jim Graham and his Section 8 / multi tentant housing cronies” a valid answer?

  • andy

    Check what Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy are doing these days.

  • Maybe not spend 24 hours listening to a DJ while experimenting with holograms inside a museum, and instead get out and pick up some trash or plant a tree?

  • Recall Vincent what’s his face… Or hair… Or agenda… Or lack of one.

    And then lure Williams or fenty back.

    Oh, and if that takes too long, send the MD Sunday church double parkers to a week of drivers Ed.

    Amongst many other things…

  • I would legalize weed and prostitution.

  • Recall Vincent what’s his face… Or hair… Or agenda… Or lack of one.

    And then lure Williams or fenty back.

    Oh, and if that takes too long, send the MD Sunday church double parkers to a week of drivers Ed.

    Amongst many other things…..

  • Remove all references to race, ethnicity and especially color in the 2020 census. Elect a poet as the next mayor. Revive adult & vocational education so DC’s un-rich, un-degreed third can be restored to dignity. Re-file the Adams v Clinton (Bush) suit so DC residents can be granted full/equal US citizenship rights by the Courts instead of the Congress.

  • How about erect a shade structure at the Petworth playground, or the new playground in Bloomingdale? Or water some trees. Instead of some useless hologram or parabola.

    • Right on, there’s a design idea. Solar-power-generating-shade-structure that can reclaim wastewater and storm water runoff and turn it into drinking water, take photos of thugs in the act, house high efficiency sidewalk- and street-lighting, provide energy storage from a network of solar PV, all with a 911 alert button, all atop water permeable and CO2-consuming concrete. The question is how to add a permaculture component (fish and plants) or a grease dropoff biofuel maker. Patent pending.

  • pennyworth

    completely reform the welfare system

  • Reverse gentrification, and restore Chocolate City of the 50’s and 60’s.

    • it was the 70’s.

    • Does that mean you want to get rid of all the blacks?

      • I neglected to mention the 70’s. I would like to see the powerful struggle for family unity and black pride return. Very prominent during those years. Thank you for the correction.

        • i’m sorry you feel the good days are behind you. the future can be promising too.

        • What is happening today with the loss of family and pride has little to do with gentrification. There was a total social breakdown long before gentrifiers got here. The gentrifiers are in shock over what is happening and forcing a change that many don’t like because it’s not the old way.

  • What a cool idea. Nice to see people trying to make a difference in this city. And, it sounds like a fun event to boot!

  • Two chicks at the same time! Oh wait, that’s what I’d do if I had a million dollars.

  • Tear down the SouthWest Freeway (and the Whitehurst while you’re at it).

  • Clean up all the gross trash everywhere and install recycling containers next to trash cans… why don’t these exist already??

  • Put Vincent Gray and Phil Mendelson in back of my car and drive as far as I can in the remaining hours, then leave them on the side of the road

    • Start a congestion tax of $10/car for anyone who drives into the city during the hours of 7am-10am. Use the money to install and enforce bus rapid transit lanes, bike lanes, and improve subway service. I know all of these entities are not connected, but it’s a dream.

      Also, replace Gray and Kwame with (most likely) more effective monkeys from the National Zoo.

  • First – Recall Gray.

    Next clean out DCRA and rebuild it with people who really want to see this city thrive!

    Both will have FAR reaching long-term results and could be done in one day (as long as we had enough notice to line the right people up for the newly opened positions!)

  • anon. gardener

    Close the downtown core – around the Mall and federal bldgs – to car traffic. Buses and taxis only. And institute that congestion tax that anon 8:56 proposed. 10 bucks to cross a bridge into DC! how sweet would that be.

    • RPPs improved things greatly, keeping people from driving from far out, parking near a metro (such as U street) and then riding the rest of the way, avoiding parking fees and expensive metro. Neighborhood traffic around metro stops has improved greatly since the RPP.

      Still, a congestion tax would be a win-win. People who really need to drive would be willing (or their employers would be) to pay the fee. Those who do not need to drive in at that time would wait, and others would opt for public transport. The result would be less congestion for those who do drive, less smog on those hot days, etc.

      One major issue would be making sure there is enough of an increase in public transport capacity as well as figuring out how to keep people from sneaking around the checkpoints. Given that this wil never happen, though, there’s little point in thinking about all of the issues that would pop up….

  • Make the following felonious offenses punishable by relocation to Alaska.

    1. Littering.

    2. Cursing in public within 50 yards of anyone under 18 years old.

    3. Parking your car in a fashion that can be considered “douchey” by an independent panel of experts.

    4. Having your less than 5 year old out and about with you after 10 pm.

    5. Having 2 more people in a home than the number of bedrooms in a home (waivers liberally granted for families).

    6. Putting any trash out that does not fully fit within a covered trash can.

    7. Parking a commercial vehicle on the street as if it was a personal car – includes work trucks of any kind.

    8. Leashes on children (yes it is still a leash if it has a stuffed animal on it).

    • I remember you!

      When I was in grade school, you lived in that house where the grass was always brown because it was mowed too short and the drapes were pulled tight against sunlight, and each one of the neighborhood moms warned all of us kids, “Just be sure not to step in that yard or even walk on the little wall around the yard,” and we would ask, “Why?” and the moms would say, “Because we said so, that’s why.”

    • is this guy for real?

  • Close down the DC school system and give 95% payment vouchers to every child to go to any public or private school anywhere in the country including the first 2 years of college.

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