Taxi Jumps Curb by Sweetgreen in Dupont Thurs. Evening

Twitter user @seanymac15 sends word and the photo from around 8:15pm Thurs. evening. Sweetgreen’s Dupont store is located at 1512 Connecticut Ave, NW.

Hopefully no one was hurt.

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  • Ugh, I friggin HATE CAB DRIVERS!!!

    • +1

      i understand its a business and they are at work while driving but no need to cut off 3 lanes of traffic during rush hour to pick up a fare or driving dangerously slow.

  • How does that even happen??? I hope there weren’t any pedestrians standing there.

  • How does this happen? I mean physically. You can only go straight on that one-way part of the street and there’s not much room for improvisation.

  • The frogurt is also cursed. But it comes with a free topping!

  • my guess is he veered off the road to avoid rear-ending someone…. but it really could just be unadulterated terrible driving

  • maybe the woman he was sexually assaulting fought back?

  • I walked by this accident yesterday and the curb he jumped there is probably 5-6 inches tall with a sharp corner, I couldn’t figure out how he got enough force to get over it. The one thing I’ve found with DC cab drivers is that they almost all hail from countries with lax or barely existing traffic laws, I think that’s why they drive like idiots.

    That said props to the rare drivers that actually know where addresses are, drive aggressively but not dangerously and act like professionals.

  • The evil forces of “cabbie” must be stopped at all costs before they destroy everything. They will use the powers of “kantdryve” to kill everyone and everything we hold dear unless they are defeated. We need to send them back to the driving school planet known as “Cabbylon”.

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