Sweet new bike racks outside National Geographic Society

Thanks to a reader for sending!

A previous email from the Golden Triangle BID stated:

“The bike rack presented was designed by two National Geographic employees who won the design competition, Alan Parente, Art Director, National Geographic & Patrick Truby, Design Specialist, National Geographic. This rack was installed at 17th and M St NW, outside of the National Geographic building.”

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  • They look great, but it appears to be an easy job for a thief who wants to steal the racks themselves, as well as any bikes attached to them. They appear to be screwed or lightly bolted into the ground. Am I wrong on this?

  • I cannot tell what type of hardware they used to secure them to the sidewalk from that photo.

    I would imagine they used heavy/long lag bolts with security heads.

  • so dumb

  • Hahahaha. That is the first thing I thought when I saw them. Nice, but not sure I’d lock my primary form of transportation to those things.

  • The one with the crescent moon (?) doesn’t look like you can actually attach a bike lock to it… This is what bugs me about some “cool bike rack” designs, they aren’t all that user-friendly as actual bike racks.

  • You just lock it to the ring on the left side, not the part with the crescent.

    People love to complain about bad rack design, and I admit some designs are truly unhelpful, but this looks like a perfectly functional and nice looking rack. Each ring can easily accommodate two bikes. If they removed the crescent and all the decorations, you’d still only be able to lock two bikes to each one.

    And it’s possible they’re not secured to the ground, but most of the time racks, streetlights, signs and all manner of things are bolted in securely. No reason to ASSUME these are easy to carry off without any evidence to the contrary. Commenter above must have some sweet photo enhancement software to tell that these are “lightly bolted” to the cement just from this picture.

  • This was a great line of questioning, so I reached out to the BID to check on the rack’s security. Here was the response:

    Each rack has (4) 6” anchor bolts in the concrete and has one tamper-proof bolt. This is a standard installation and we’ve never had a problem.


    Also, I pass the rack on my way to work each morning and it has been filled everyday, even the Crescent Moon one!

  • awesome!

  • I actually think this pretty cool. Looks nicer than a traditional bike rack, and sounds like it has the standard security measures in place.

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