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  • I will not be missing Starfish – I had the worst hamburger of my life there.

  • Damn. I think the premium margaritas were huge, strong and only $8.

  • Thank god – I got such horrible food poisoning from there a few years ago I still shudder when I walk by it!

  • Terrible restaurant. Evidence to me that Barracks Row has a healthy level of restaurants at this point — once the bad ones start to close, seems like demand is close to being met.

    • the owner of Starfish also owns SEVERAL restaurants on Barracks Row including the one that started it all, Banana Cafe

  • So sorry to see starfish go (insert frowny emoticon). Loved that place. Eff the haters. Always friendly service. Nice gumbo. Nice new orleans flavor. Cheap drinks. First went there in the first digout from snowpacalypse and had an awesome bowl of soup and a bunch of beers. Sad to see starfish go (also sad to see commonwealth and aroma gone).

  • Meh… we tried starfish a few times over the years and never were amped to go back.

    Good italian will be a welcome change. Trattoria Alberto is very lack luster, even though they are accomodating.

    Look at how well Acqua Al is doing.. good food.

    • I agree with all of the above. Trattoria Alberto is very charming– I love the interior of that space and the owners couldn’t be nicer– but I think their menu needs an overhaul if they want to stay in business on Barracks Row.

      It’s exciting to see that the southern end of Barracks Row is gaining some solid dining options. I think something a little cheaper and less fancy than Acqua al 2 would do really well here, assuming the food is good. A quick Google search tells me there’s a Lavagna in the East Village with excellent reviews. Anyone know if this is the same Lavagna?

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