Soap Box Derby Races on Capitol Hill Sat.

This was so much fun to stumble upon. And, holy cow, the cars got pretty high tech too, it’s not clear how the drivers can even see with these low riders:

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  • cool! Is this an annual event?

    • Yes it is an annual event. Third Saturday in June, every year. The 2011 race was the 70th Anniversary of the Greater Washington Soap Box Derby.

  • ah

    All you need is that little slit between the roofline and the bottom of the cap. It’s not like peripheral vision is useful.

  • There’s a little slit below the helmet that they can see through.

  • Yes, it’s an annual event..I used to race! Peripheral vision is always useful! There’s a strategy to driving, you have to try to get as close as possible to the cones on the steeper side without hitting them. But the lay down models are in the “Masters” division which are the more advanced drivers and you do still have a decent view of whats in front of/around you.

  • how do we find out about the next one?

  • It does look like white is sticking closer to the cones but it’s hard to see. There is usually a faster side, but each heat has two races and they switch sides and wheels so it’s fair. Google Greater Washington Soap box derby, I’m sure they have a website. The next race in DC will be next summer, but there is a national race in Akron, Ohio that all the winners go to I think in August. That’s the big time! haha

  • In the sport of Soap Box Derby the cars are usually placed in the starting ramps on a angle to allow the cars to take advantage of the crown of the road and the hill. But the DC event with terrorist traps on Constitution Ave add another issue to the fast line.

    Ps Last Saturdays race was the 70th Greater Washington DC Soap Box Derby. The three division winners will compete in July against other US and a few international champs

    2006 and 2007 the DC Masters Division Champs drove to become the world champs at the All American Soap Box Derby

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