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  • Near which Alexandria Metro station? There are five stations in Alexandria…

  • Wow, I woulda thought that would be in D.C. Glad to know we’re not alone. ; )

  • Is that new Metro motto?

  • The king is dead. Long live the king.

    That is neither Huntington, nor King nor Braddock nor Van Dorn. Money’s on Franconia.

  • Braddock, King, and Eisenhower are the only metros in Alexandria. Fairfax County does not count.

  • there are 4 metro stations in the city of Alexandria – Braddock, King St, Eisenhower and Van Dorn. Huntington is in the Alexandria portion of Fairfax County.

  • It’s painful realizing how many people from whomever wrote the language, to the sign maker to the person who hung it perpetuated this crime

  • Huntington Road. South East of Huntington Ave Metro. Parking lot of the 7/11 not far from Old Chicago Pizzeria. I pulled in a few days ago to get a Slurpee and now I am trapped. As Sarah Palin would say, “Flippin’ Slurpees”.

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