Shootings Homicide in Manor Park Early Sat. Morning, Shooting in Brightwood Park

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From MPD:

Just before 1am, a unit was flagged down for a shooting victim in the 5600 blk of North Capitol St. NW. An adult male victim was located suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The male was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced. Currently, the 5600 blk of North Capitol Street is temporarily closed while Homicide Division investigates. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIME.

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From MPD:

Just before 6:53 a.m., units were dispatched to 8th and Jefferson Streets N.W., for a shooting victim. An adult male victim was located suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. The male was transported to the hospital where he is in stable condition with what appears to be non life threatening injuries. There is currently no usable lookout at this time. All streets within a one block radius of 8th and Jefferson Streets, N.W. are temporarily closed while investigations continue. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIME.

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  • Wonder if it was the mysterious dude walking the alleys last night with a big smiley face spray painted on the back of his jacket. 7am, wow, what a way to start the day.

  • The shots on Jefferson and 8th woke me up this morning. I guess anger management ‎classes are out of the question.‎

  • Idiots.

  • Definitely not cool waking up to a crime scene. I hope it wasn’t anyone I know.

    • Did you find out who it was at 8th and Jeff? That’s our corner, but I haven’t heard, so I don’t think it’s anyone I know.

      Re boundaries, a few weeks ago when I questioned whether we live in Brightwood Park or Petworth, a few someones here told me the dividing line is Kennedy, and that if we live south of that we’re technically in Petworth. I dunno.

      Regardless, this is sad and senseless.

      • Kennedy is the dividing street between petworth and brightwood park and missouri is the dividing line between brightwood park and manor park. So the first shooting happened in manor park and the second shooting was in petworth. That said, the Manor Park shooting was very rare. We normally just deal with car break ins and the occasional mugging. Shootings don’t happen very often.

  • What is going on in Petworth?? Three shootings in a couple of weeks, and two in one day. Some sort of gang war or something?

  • D, you’re kidding right?

    • kingofbongo, did you read the post? “Shooting in Manor Park” and “Shooting in Brightwood Park” do not equal “Two shootings in Petworth.” That seems like what D was getting at.

      Now that that’s said, what’s your problem with what he/she said?

  • Oh sorry I was just thinking one guy is dead and another is in the hospital. I wasn’t ‎paying attention to the location details as much as the events. The shootings were only a ‎few blocks away from each other and a few hours apart.

    • The location obviously matters a lot because it gets a lot harder to continue the “__insert gentrifying neighborhood name__ really is safe” mantra when killings are happening there.

  • I say “It’s a great neighborhood, like a quiet greener version of Col umbia heights, we can get sushi delivered now, but it’s still a bit shooty.”

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