Shooting Homicide in the 300 blk of Delafield Pl. NW

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“Dear PoP,

I was wondering if you had any information on the shooting near Delafield Ok last night around 1am? I heard the shots from my apartment on Decatur St NW. My window was open and faces the alley toward Delafield and I heard 7 shots fired around 1am. The police were on scene in less than 2 min and burning rubber trying to find the guy. Then my roommate and I hit the floor when we heard something that sounded like tank artillery. The majority of the cops left by 1:40 but they are still patrolling.”

From MPD:

Around 1:30am, units received a call for a shooting in the 300 blk of Delafield Pl. NW. Upon arrival, an adult male was located suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. The male was transported to an area hospital and later pronounced dead. This case is being investigated by members of the Homicide Branch. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIM(E).

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  • L-O-V-E my neighborhood. Hope this shit is an aberration. I feel sorry for everyone involved.

  • Yet another reason I call that block ‘Shithole Alley’. I live one block over and refuse to walk down that block evn though its a more direct route to the bus sop on NH Ave.

  • The phantom serial killer strikes again. What is it with guns in this city!

  • I wish that block would just disappear.

    Still love the neighborhood though.

    • The block? Try the whole street! I live on the other side of the circle and it’s just as much as a problem.

  • I live one block over on Emerson. This area needs help. I applaud whoever called the police. Bravo. It isn’t hard to see where the problems come from we need to clean up the problem houses and get rid of “fair liquids”

  • I agree with Sherlock, that block is the problem. I live on the 400 block and love it.

  • Meh. It all seems kind of hopeless. The gun toting idiots have no regard for anything. They have nothing to loose, society has nothing to take. Our government supports them and binds the police department from stopping them. Our citizens keep voting ineffectual criminals into office to keep it all the same. Things are corrupt on the most basic levels.

    • i’ll just copy this post and repost it every time there is a crime. seems to exemplify most of the posts on crime related issues.

      i might post it 3 times per crime related post.

  • Lots of neighbors on this blog. We should do a clam bake.

    • Right in Sherman Circle. . .The First Annual Pop Clam Bake/ Weenie Roast.
      The Petworth Irregulars, Eh Homes?

  • Were to begin with this block….I’m glad I no longer live there! The stories I could tell.

  • For all the nonsense on the d streets. The area is pretty good. That whole low budget shopping area and the human detritus that frequents it needs to disappear. If i could have my way, dealers and repeat Antares would be shot with no trial.

  • tterrag

    I’m on Emerson and 3rd and was awake at the time with my window open. I just called the Metropolitan Police Department to let them know that I heard the shots. The officer on the other end let me know that it was a semi-automatic and the police’s quick response was due to a gunshot detection system in place. I have to say they were quick to get on the scene.

    I also heard later the blast like “tank artillery,” but have no clue what that was.

  • lived on the 400 block of delafield………everybody knows everybody up thee somebody knows

  • i lived on the 400 block of delafield…. over 40 years…. somebody in the hood knows what happened and who did it,,,,,,it was senseless

  • my husband and i moved in 4 nights ago, from north carolina. we’re about 5 blocks from the shooting, but tell me: this isn’t the norm, right?

    • I wouldn’t say it’s the norm anymore. The neighborhood has changed a lot even in the short time I’ve been here, about three years.
      It seems that most of the crimes are not random. That means they are not after you, but some kid walking down your street. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to disassociate yourself from it all, but as long as you’re not involved in beefing, all will be fine.
      I live on the other side of the circle and love my neighborhood. The neighbors for the most part are great people. The bad folks are going away and new people move in.

  • At Anonymous:

    My wife and I moved from the suburbs in October, currently just north of Sherman Circle, and this definitely isn’t the “norm.” There have been a few shootings in the past 8 months, but nothing too crazy. Normally, as PT said it is not random crime, it is drug dealers killing drug dealers etc. I love my neighbors, think they are all great people, and love my block. I agree certain blocks are definitely worse, but overall, I think Petworth is a terrific area that is slowly getting better.

  • I usually avoid the D streets. It seems that when something happens, whoever gets shot is heading to or from there.
    I was talking to a retired cop that used to work around here and he was amazed by how much it has changed. People are taking care of their houses, keeping the street clean, etc. It was good to hear .

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