Shooting at 14th and Oak St, NW Early Friday Morning

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From MPD:

“At approximately 4:00 a AM an adult male was shot in the area of 14th and Oak Street NW and was transported to an area hospital in stable condition.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Metropolitan Police Department on 2027279099 or 888919CRIME
or text at 50411.”

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  • Cathy Lanier… this is a highly populated area… time for another one of your All Hands On Deck weekends, although I doubt the new mayor would support it.

    • They just had an AHOD like two weeks ago.

      • They should, like, have another one.

        • I’d agree except my cop neighbor barely gets to see his kid anymore. Police are people too and I don’t think my office could get away with enforced overtime. Enuf with the all hands on deck, how about hire enough hands to have good coverage INCLUDING weekends.

  • Was this in front of that obvious drug house on 14th across Meridian from the old Social? I don’t understand how that place has operated so brazenly for so long.

    • I don’t think so. Initial MPD alert said 3500 block of Holmead, then the follow up email said 1400 block of Oak. This makes me think it was on Oak itself.

      • I live at the corner of Parkwood Place and Holmead and there were several police cars and detective cars at that intersection a few minutes after we heard the gunshots (4 am-ish). They were searching the area, looking under all of the cars and in lawns, then put up police tape, blocking off Holmead between Parkwood and Perry Place. I was thinking that maybe the guy who was shot ended up on Holmead?? Or some other evidence turned up there.

      • I live on this section of Holmead (between Perry and Parkwood) and the shots woke me and my wife up out of a dead sleep. They sure sounded like 3500 block of Holmead. I don’t think they would have been so loud and woken us up if they were 3 blocks away on Oak. Maybe that is where the victim ended up. It was same time as the alert – about 4 am.

    • Motherfuckers! I imagine it’s connected. The drug dealer guys have been moving around Oak more than normal in the past few months. I was hoping that the opening of the
      Getaway would make the drug dealers move away from this area. What amazes me is that there is an ANC member living a few houses away and the police are very aware of what is happening here, but the corner guys are still slinging.

      • An old G I met with ties to the old Oak St gang would say two things of interest for that block. One was they had guys on the inside (crooked cops watching their back). And my favorite “we don’t spray paint, we just spray bullets.”

  • bfinpetworth

    Hey PoP – Any word on something happening around what sounded like Sherman Circle last night? We were sitting on our front porch at about 11 pm and heard several loud pops from that vicinity and then saw and heard several police vehicles rushing to that area. Not sure of the exact location, but perhaps Chittenden or Decatur near Sherman Circle.

    • Was there also a shooting at 17th and Euclid?

    • I live on Crittenden and heard that too. It sounded like 8th and Decatur. There’s a family there that starts celebrating the 4th as soon as the fireworks stands open. I’m pretty sure that’s what we heard. Although, they used to call that part of Decatur “9 Mil Alley.”

      • Yup, it was fireworks. Right as I looked at my wife thinking it was gunshots, the next-door children yelled ‘fireworks!’ and ran down the street. I’m assuming it was because they could see ’em.

  • I live on the 1400 block of Meridian PL and also am wondering why the rifraff/drug dealers at the end of my street are still there with a)the ANC Commissioner woman living across the street, b)the restaurant right there now open and c)everyone including the policy knowing they are there. How do you go about getting rid of them? Who do you call when the police/ANC doesn’t care?

    • It’s because a lot of the actual dealing happens on Meridian or down in the Trinity church parking lot. It wouldn’t surprise me if the house is just a hang-out and the actual “merchandise” is kept off premises nearby.

      • Yeah, I overheard a drug deal go down yesterday and the dealer was saying “No, no, you have to go ALL the way down the alley”

    • I live on the same block BK and I feel exactly the same way. I think the corner kids are out more in force now that the weather is nicer – it seemed like a quiet winter for us. When that park was closed for renovation, those kids hung out other places.

    • BK- start calling the cops! We’ve been calling the cops for noise complaints (i.e. late night street parties) and public pot smoking in front of our house (which drifts through the windows while I’m working from home). The cops don’t show up most of the time, but the more people on our block who call the police on these guys, the better…..

  • I lived a few blocks from this place. There’s definitely been a lot more people hanging out and they’re a lot bolder than they were before. Stay safe, neighbors!

  • Thanks for your responses, guys. I think its time to take action to the next level. Do any of you have a good view of them from your house? If one of us can take a picture/recording as evidence of their drug dealing/using, and somehow submit it to the police anonymously (so we don’t make enemies with them), they will then be more forced to take action because of the evidence…

    • Very difficult proposition. Taking photos of a drug deal hand-off isn’t sufficient evidence for an arrest. I think The Dunes or Getaway might put some cameras up, which would help drive the guys away from those areas. The cops know exactly what is going on here, and there have been a few arrests, but police ultimately respond to public pressure. If we repeatedly call the cops for noise issues, public drug use, loud fights, and littering they will respond a certain % of times. Every time they respond, the pressure for the drug dealers to leave our street will increase. Maybe we should coordinate the phone calls, so instead of people calling piecemeal, 3-5 houses call at roughly the same time?

    • photographing drug dealers from your window sounds like an awesome way to get your house burned down.

      • Then they would get caught. That is the sad part of this city. Once you cross the line and shoot someone on the straight and narrow (let a lone a white person)they investigate the hell out of it and catch someone.

    • Anonymous photos won’t do anything. Unless you’re willing to testify in open court that you took the pictures at that spot, it’s unusable evidence. You might get a search warrant, but not a prosecution, unless you are willing to authenticate the evidence.

  • Right on BK. The network of PoPville crime photographers is on it. Document it well and bring em down. Time for a secret dossier compilation on the DYRS repeat offenders that may be involved too.

  • Where can I find the exact location? This is getting VERY close to home…

    • I’m with you WDC. I have to take notice when the bullets start flying – too much potential for innocent carnage. I told my wife to get on the floor last night because I am convinced it was outside my window.

  • The homies in the area still aren’t used to all the gentries freaking out and calling the cops for every little deal that goes down. Step up the heat, you’ve got to make up for 40 years of an entrenched drug based economy in that neighborhood.

  • POP – can you share or identify the best number to reach someone in vice or otherwise for this District so we can do more than call 911. It seems the residents are in a position to clearly identify some of the main offenders.

    • You can call the cops all you want. Nothing changes until the law does. We should be harassing council members on top of calling the cops. Dealers will just go a block over in any direction, then those residents have to deal with it. We need them off of the street entirely.

  • The shooting was definitely on Holmead. Just confirmed that strays hit a neighbors car parked on the corner of perry and Holmead.

  • Cameras are being installed on Tuesday-Wednesday of next week. We will have tape going back 30 days and will make it available without hesitation.

    • Where? And will they put cameras in the allys near by as this is where everything will go down once the cameras are up? Im not a fan or cameras as I don’t think they help.

      • The cameras are going in front of our venue. Businesses can’t put cameras off their premises lawfully. If we push activity to the alleys with cameras, much like the police cameras pushed dealing onto Median, the police then need to patrol those alleys aggressively. There is only so far these guys can go before they’re off their turf.

  • Thanks TheDunes, I appreciate you being neighborly 🙂

    btw, welcome!

  • ive also seen those drug dealers walking down holmead to make their deals further down the street, or in the parking lots of those apartments that don’t want people walking on the grass.

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