Seasonal Pantry Opens at 1314 ½ Ninth Street NW

From Seasonal Pantry’s Web site:

Seasonal Pantry’s product line is a tribute to roadside farm stands and old-fashioned markets. It’s a neighborhood store offering all sorts of house-made small-batch products, specialty foods, and local and imported goods. Think of us as a cross between an old-world butcher, an Italian pasta shop, and a family grocery.

I stopped in last weekend and they are off to great start. They’ll be getting lots more options soon. I’m also eager to check out their sister sandwich shop, SUNdeVICH, when it opens in a few weeks as well.

More photos after the jump.

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  • looks awesome.

    still kills me that Vegetate closed 🙁


  • Be nicer than Timor’s and I’ll be there frequently.

    • Nicer meaning friendlier (I could see that) or nicer meaning selection? Timor is a bit of an odd bird, but what it does it does well. I wonder what Seasonal Pantry’s mark up on those “artisinal” bottles of Tabasco will be? I echo the other sentiments: aside from the clearly small batch sauces and such much of what I see in those pictures can be had at Safeway a few blocks away.

  • Looks like some sustainable-locally-green goodness. Hopefully I can afford to shop here in a few years.

  • I was a member of their soup club. They really know what they’re doing…I’m really happy that the shop is finally open. Can’t wait to stop in.

  • You too can pay 50 bucks a month for 4 pints of ice cream!

    Sorry, I mean “hand spun” ice cream.

    or… pay 50 bucks to buy an electric ice cream maker and make your own hand spun ice cream.

    While this place does look nice, I have a sinking feeling that many of those products are the same as the ones I can get at Giant a block away, albeit with a $2 (or more) upcharge.

  • Where will SundeVich be located? Or is it in the same store?

    • SundeVich is in the back of this block on the alley, around the corner just behind the gallery. It looks like it has a secluded patio as well.

  • Finally, something decent in that vicinity. Sundevich seems to be in an odd location though. I hope they have adequate signage.

    Now if some local merchant would like to push Mood Lounge out, I’d be grateful.

  • It’s much like a roadside farm stand, except instead of a roadside it’s in a forcibly-quaint bougie storefront and sells mass-produced products in small quantities at gentrification-level markup. These aren’t local merchants, these are just rich people with money enough to take a share of the housing trend here.

    Why would we replace Mood Lounge with another one of these? It’s just as nice and classy as these places, it’s just… you know, not white.

    • yay! unfounded assumptions of racism!
      great end of a work day. thanks!

    • I’d much rather a snooty white store than a ghetto bar.

      This pantry place may be snoresville, but I’m not afraid of getting shot by a bunch of yuppies toting toddlers in Bjorns. Gentrification may suck for some people, but for a lot of us, watching teens with Tasers and guns being shipped out brings few tears.

    • At least the “white” bougies who will visit Seasonal Pantry live in the neighborhood. (For the record, the young and middle-aged professionals include a variety of non-white ethnic backgrounds and I’m sure many of them can afford Seasonal Pantry).

      as for patrons of Mood, they may be more black per capita, i could care less about that, but they live in Maryland and drive their SUVs and E-classes into the neighborhood, park on the wrong side of the alleys, and smash up my neighbors’ cars when they leave at 3am wasted. I guess that’s kinda like what Seasonal Pantry is all about.

  • While I like the idea of this, they sell Tabasco sauce and Irish oatmeal. I can buy this stuff anywhere.

    Right now, it looks like Cowgirl Creamery without any of the good or interesting stuff.

    If the could start selling the sorts of local things you see at the Farmer’s Markets (but 7 days a week), it might make it. But, I have my doubts. At least it’s convenient for when I fill up on gas across the street!

  • So true! I agree.

    It’s nice to see someone try to build something constructive in the neighborhood that is actually meant for people who live in the neighborhood. Maybe it’s expensive, but I’d rather see people have the option of quality food than “purple drink” and Oreos from the gas station or “deli”.

    There’s nothing racist about wanting to see a neighborhood improve. On top of which, do we even know that the owners are white?? I mean, there are a couple of galleries nearby that have definitely improved that stretch, and they are black-owned. Or what about Azi’s? I know it’s been there a while, but it is a definite plus for that area, and it’s not white-owned.

  • As a hot-sauce fan, I’d like them to carry something other than Tabasco. Something local, like Uncle Bruthas, would be great, but there are plenty of wonderful, little-known hot sauces that deserve shelf space.

    Frankly, there’s no way I would buy my Tabasco at this place, but I might stop in if they carried a brand that I can’t find elsewhere in town.

    • Good point; I’m sure they plan on expanding their brands. Maybe they plan on it eventually, but I bet getting small-batch deliveries can also be an issue.

      Right now, I see this place as << Cowgirl Creamery, yet closer to where I live. But, I also see it as in the same market as Cork, and it looks subpar to that as well. I have a feeling it will improve, though.

  • Wow…lots of negativity and hate in these comments.

    1. Give this establishment a chance. Their shelf items are not what they are about. The fresh food selection is what will make this place great. Their ice cream is incredible and I’d rather buy a pint at a couple dollars more than buy the crap in the grocery stores. But it’s your choice….buy from them once in a while and treat yourself or go to CVS. I’d rather support local business than CVS anyday. If we don’t support them, we’ll just end up with another CVS on every block.

    2. I live near Mood and think some of the comments are exagerated. I’m white and go in from time to time for a martini. Nice place and nice people. Perhaps if the neighbors would treat it as a neighborhood bar and pop in from time to time, things might not seem as bad as they are. Racism is not neighborly.

    • Srsly, pulling the racism card? There are plenty of non-white people I’ve spoken to who really hate what Mood has done to the neighborhood on the weekends.

      And as for a neighborhood bar, I’m not going to “pop” into a bar with a $20 cover, a red carpet, and a class of patron that necessitated a “please don’t urinate in the alley” placard–not to mention the amount of drunk drivers they put on the road every night. It’s a nightclub/lounge, like Bar 7, FUR or Lux. The business model could care less about the neighbors.

  • The Tabasco and tomato paste are just props right?

  • shawmainstreets

    Seasonal Pantry will be participating in Shaw Open House tonight, June 16, 2011, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. So stop by for free samples of their goodies (I’ve only tried the items they make themselves) and enter a drawing for prizes from the dozen businesses along the 1100 to 1500 blocks of 9th Street, NW that are participating. For more details, go to

  • Met the owner last night and he was very nice. In the near future he will be hosting authentic supper clubs, not the Chef Boyardee crap you pay 90 bucks for and eat in someone’s basement apartment. Can’t wait.

  • OMG,there’s a guy with a camera stuck inside that freezer!

  • I’m excited to see this place open and think that it has the potential to be great. Hopefully, they will be able to generate the business needed to keep the shelves stocked with interesting products. It would be great if it took some cues from Vace in Cle Park – that place has some great hard to find Italian imported products and awesome frozen sauce.

  • It is an amazing place. Their homemade foods rival any I have eaten anywhere in DC. We all need to support our neighborhood small business. I will be a regular there. The owner is a former chef at Equinox.

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