Sabores Closed in Cleveland Park, The Reserve Closed Downtown

Sabores was located at 3435B Connecticut Ave. NW. Thanks to a reader for sending word last week after seeing that all the furniture had been removed. While they normally close for the summer – this one seems permanent as their phone had been disconnected and this is what a peek inside looks like:

In other eviction news – the Post reported last week:

“The Reserve was evicted from its building at 1426 L St. NW.”

The Reserve was located next to Post Pub

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  • That building which housed Sabores is one of those cursed locations. That might make for a better flower shop than restaurant/bar.

  • Funny you should mention a flower shop in that spot. After the demise of the late, great Park Bench Pub in the mid-2000s, a flower shop was originally planned for that site (the above-ground portion, where Sabores was). Don’t know what happened, but it fell through and Sabores eventually moved in.

    The downstairs portion of the former Park Bench Pub (most recently called Club Soda, but previously known as Uptown Tavern) also has closed, I noticed on Saturday. The two spots are connected by a stairwell, and I believe shared the kitchen on the lower level.

    Man, the Park Bench was a great spot back in the day, before an irresponsible owner ran it into the ground with his financial shenanigans.

  • FYI- Anyone who bought the Travelzoo deal for The Reserve can get a full refund if you call them.

  • Time for a resurrection of the old Park Bench Pub!

  • oh no! Sabores wasn’t the best, but their tapas, sangria, open-air seating, and Uptown across the street made for a good date night.

  • andy


    • +1 for Ollie’s. Made a good one-two with the Post Pub. The Reserve was OK but their emphasis on wine, at the expense of carrying a decent beer list, was a turnoff for the varied after-work crowds that found themselves there.

  • The problem facing the Sabores site is that, as mentioned above, it’s tethered at the hip with the below-ground portion, where the kitchen is. So anyone who wants to open any sort of restaurant there pretty much has to either make it one operation with two distinct styles (a la the Park Bench, which was rowdier downstairs but more chill upstairs) or try to put out two styles of cuisine with one kitchen (a la Sabores/Club Soda/Uptown Tavern), which can’t be ideal.

  • The basement was club Soda way before it was the Park Bench Pub (thus the vintage sign out front) and the outdoor upstairs area was the Crazy Crab. I believe it got shut down in the late 90’s because they were dealing drugs out of it.

    • That’s my recollection on Club Soda, as well: it was closed for drug-dealing, countless underage stings and pretty much anything-goes after-hours stuff (which the Park Bench also was pretty good at, as well; that downstairs area is a great place to not be seen after-hours).

  • Farewell sh!tty bar!

    You will be remembered fondly be the neighborhood douchebags.

  • The Reserve was doomed from the outset. Who woulsd want to be seen entering a place with a faux stone exterior?

  • DC Reynolds picked up some back bar equipment and bar stools from Sabores back in February when they closed. Hope something good fills the location.

  • The Sabores spot would be a great coffee/dessert shop. Dean from Dino, you listening? 🙂 There is really nowhere in that strip to go after a movie for a coffee and a sweet treat and to talk with friends. It would be a good spot for something like that, especially given the outside seating. And I know there is a Firehook but it closes early.

    • It would be great to have that spot as part of Dino, but I get the impression that they have as much space as they need, if not more. Every time I go there, even on weekends, there seem to be plenty of empty tables. Which is puzzling, since their food is so good.

    • “…to go after a movie for a coffee and a sweet treat…”

      Always an excuse to go to Palena, sit in the cafe area, and enjoy a great coffee and one of their awesome desserts.

  • all the Reserve d-bags just moved up the street to Barcode.

  • The Reserve was horrible anyways. Once asked for sugar for the tea and they brought out an entire bowl of granulated sugar. Can you say waste?

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