(Re)Judging Restaurants – Oya

Oya is located at 799 9th St NW. We took a look back in Dec. ’08 but since a lot of time has passed an some new features have become available – I thought it was time to check in again. So in addition to what you think about the restaurant in general – are there any fans of the prix fixe menus and to go options?

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  • I had a birthday dinner there a couple of years ago. I liked the food and thought the prix-fixe menu was a very good value… but unfortunately the place was so noisy that it was really difficult for guests to hear each other.

    With a smaller party it’s not so bad, but even with a party of two, there can still be enough noise that (for instance) it’s occasionally hard to hear your companion across the table.

  • I have been for a lunch a few times and always thougt the food was excellent and waiters were friendly and helpful. Pretty nice place overall. No complaints about the prefix menu option either – its a pretty good deal.

  • the sushi is designer, which is not top on my list… good for drinks and apps with friends… gorgeous rose wall and delightful cocktails

  • They should open a jewish deli and call it “Oya Vey!”

  • I went in to meet some friends and asked a waiter (not a busboy) what type of beers they had. He glared at me and told me to ask the bartender. I responded, “You don’t know what type of beers you carry?” He said no and walked away.

  • Went this winter on a romantic date; I picked the place. It’s very pretty, and full of pretty people there to see and be seen. Food was just okay – you can get a much better meal for the money in LOTS of other DC establishments.

  • It’s noisy as an earlier commenter said but the three-course lunch is an excellent deal.

  • I’ve been there a few times for the lunch prix-fixe menu and I found it to be delicious, filling, and a really great value for everything that you get. Of the prixe-fix options out there, I believe this is one of the better ones. I’ve really been wanting to go and take advantage of their bag lunch option too! I have never had their sushi but ahi tuna sandwich was great and desserts were entirely too tasty, considering how stuffed I already was.

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