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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Baby birds are so ugly, ick.
    Rave: last day of work until next Thursday!

  • Raves: 4th of July weekend, got a huge paycheck today, moving into a new place next month

    Rants: The hell that comes with moving; dealing with my landlord, my new place is hella more expensive, so i’ll have less “me” money, school loan debt.

    which btw, would anyone here rather pay down school debt in 5 years and be broke, or pay it off in 10 and not worry about it?

    • Pay it off in 10, build your credit rating and stay liquid.

    • Pay it down in 5. You’ll be building up your credit rating anyway, and saving interest costs are like taking a guaranteed return on your investment. But, you should put some savings aside for emergencies, layoffs, and well deserved splurging, too.

      But, whatever you do, avoid credit card debt, first.

    • Set it up to pay over ten but when you can, send in a double payment.

      • +1000 – this is the way to do it.

        Make sure you send two separate checks if you do this and write “payment towards principal” on the second check.

    • School loans are some of the cheapest and best credit you can get. Assuming you’ll eventually need to take out a loan for a home, car, business, etc., you’re better off paying student loans off slower rather than going broke.

      • used to be true, but many of us who took out loans in the last few years have comparatively high interest rates. my federal loans have a 6.8 rate, higher than i’d be paying if i took out a mortgage today. so for many of us, the argument that student loans are cheap debt just doesn’t work. that’s why i’m paying mine off as quickly as possible.

        • Yeah, I was going to ask what the interest rate was…. My husband’s rate is something like 2 or 3 percent so I don’t worry too much about pay it off early/fast.

          However, at almost 7% I would try to pay them off quickly.

          Assuming, there is no cc debt.

        • I’m paying less than 2% interest on my student loans, which is lower than my mortgage rate, so I’m in no hurry to pay my student loans off.

          I think the answer depends on your interest rate and the amount of other debt you have (and the interest rate(s) on that debt).

    • Depends on your interest rate….

  • Rant: This has been the longest week.

    Rave: I’m taking tomorrow off. 4 day weekend!

    Rave: DPW ‘untagged’ my house 4 days after I placed my request.

    Semi-Rant: They did kind of a poor job.

    • Why are you wasting tax payer dollars having the city wash your house?

      I mean seriously, who do you think you are? Why not put in a request with DPW to put in some new landscaping for your or wash your windows while you are at it.

      I can understand asking DPW to de-grafitti a public building/structure but your inability and self obsessed behavior in actually believing the rest of us should pay for your laziness is astounding. Your house, your problem

      • Funny you mention landscaping…there are some subsidized private property landscaping programs in this city.

        • I did not know that, but shockingly ridiculous all the same.

          This DPW program was ridiculous when DC was running budget surpluses. It is insane now that DC has been running in the red for 3 years.

          It just illustrates how completely helpless, lazy and entitled people have become.

          • (I also think it is funny how outraged you are)

          • You’re a jerk. You repeatedly prove this. I, for one, value our city’s efforts at removing graffiti. I am more than willing to pay, through my tax dollars, for them to remove graffiti anywhere they see it, whether it is Joker’s house, or stinkbot’s, or mine.

      • That’s EXACTLY what why people pay taxes, so that the city can provide services that benefit its residents, whether on public buildings or related to individual residences. I suppose in your opinion, stinkbot13 could also haul his/her own trash to the dump each week, but is too “lazy” for that too? Following your inappropriately outraged reply’s reasoning, you would argue that it’s “your trash, your problem”? Please THINK before you post.

        • Oats DC, grow up shall you. Trash collection has been a jurisdictional responsibility in cities the world over for centuries. Washing someones private property because they are too lazy is something DC started at the height of the last economic boon, where DC was flating in teh ocean of budget surpluses. Even then, it was a galling thing to do.

          This attitude, entitlement is why the District is in such dire shape.

          No one forced you to buy a house. Certainly no one forced you to buy a house in a neighborhood where it was going to get tagged.

          Show some pride of ownership, attend to your own problems…here is an idea. Try acting like an adult.

          Do you expect the city to replace your car window when its broken into?

          Do you expect the city to replace your bike when it was stolen off your porch?

          Anyone who calls DPW, then waits 4 days for them to come out to do what you yourself could have done in an hour (including time to go to the grocery store to buy the cleaner) is nothing more than a horrifically lazy leach on society. Then they have the temerity to whine that the taxpayer didn’t do an awesome job giving their personal property a free scrubbing.

          Congratulations. Your parents must be so thrilled to have such helpless kids.

          • I see what you did there joker but more to the point with less political nonsense:

            What about the neighbor who doesn’t care about the graffiti? Should we all suffer because of their laziness/disinterest? We can’t legally clean or paint there property.

            Google: ‘broken windows theory’.

            And BTW, trash collection is most certainly not a jurisdictional responsibility to many residents of this city.

          • How in the hell do you know what the extent of the damage was, or this person’s physical condition? You make a lot of assumptions here, and you know what they say about that. I would imagine that there’s just a little more to it than standing there aiming a garden hose at it.

            The way I see it, if law enforcement and the judicial system are too inept to properly punish or at least deter tagging, then it absolutely should be the city’s responsibility to clean it up!

          • @photodork,

            What resident of the District doesn’t get their trash collected (who isn’t, like me…paying privately to have it collected because they live in an HOA)?

            And no, you nor the city has the right or ability to remove grafitti from someones home without their permission.

            People move into low rent neighborhoods filled with crime, trash and graffiti, and then are shocked…shocked I tell you that their house gets tagged.

            Solution 1. Take care of it yourself. This person wasn’t the person you illustrated who “didn’t care”. No they cared, but only if the rest of us paid for it. Again, your house, your problem.

            Solution 2. Don’t buy a house in a neighborhood where you have a much better than average chance of getting tagged.

            Odd, both those solutions require the person to actually be an adult, something the OP is clearly incapable of doing.

            There is no defense for having the tax payer pay for improvements to a private property that the owner was clearly able to afford and perform.

            Good to know…I guess none of you will have a problem when I sugget that the city spend the 30K to replace my front porch. I mean geez…you can see it from the street and everything and my rickety porch would refelct badly on the neighborhood, so I guess the rest of you can pay for it.


          • And there is the rub: Joker lives in an HOA.

          • Just because your porch is crappy does not mean it falls into the Broken Windows Theory category…that one’s on you.

            And you hit the nail on the head with the thousands of housing units that do not have city trash…ironic since you were the one who stated that trash collection is a jurisdictional responsiblity.

          • Joker, you live in an HOA in DC? I can think of only one. Its in Burleith and its extremely expensive to live there. Your attitude is stereotypical detached rich person… “well they CHOSE to live in a neighborhood that might have graffiti, so they deserve it”.

            You’re a disgrace.

          • Again,

            Living in an HOA is a “personal choice”. Just like moving into a low rent neighborhood covered in trash and graffiti is a “personal” choice.

            Folks in HOA’s save the rest of you money buy paying for the same services you all get, and then paying more to have that service provided privately.

            Ok, here it is…the final example of how completely lazy the OP is, and how entitled the rest of you seem to be.

            I’ve lived in my current house for 15 years and in all that time seen one house in my neighborhood get tagged…it was 9 years ago. I was driving past in the morning to go to work and the house had gotten tagged overnight.

            Yet, there was the 58 year old owner, a partner in a K Street law firm who was pulling in a ~ million a year, scrubbing it off his house at 7:15am in the morning.

            Now, if a late 50’s millionare, many times over could personally address the problem (without waiting 4 days for the city to do it), then the rest of you can too.

            Folks who call the city to do crap like this embarrass the rest of us with their lazy, whiney entitement complexes.

          • This has been such a fascinating read. Really.

          • @joker:


            You get a refund each year on a portion of your property taxes for not having city trash…

          • Joker, I take solace in the fact that while I think basically all of your opinions are completely off base that you are basically shouting at the top of your lungs in an empty stadium and that no one cares what you say much less agrees with what you say. You really do have a skewed perspective on the world and its too bad. Fortunately, you’re in a very small minority.

          • While I think joker is sometimes a bit over the top, I have to say that I agree with his larger point here.

            Anyone who would call and then wait four days for a city worker come to their house to clean up graffiti rather than do it themselves when they first noticed it is the very picture of helplessness.

            It’s one thing when the resident is physically incapable of doing it, but I’m quite certain that’s not what happened here. I also doubt that any of you disagreeing with him would be incapable of cleaning your own homes in a similar situation. Whether you would choose too seems to be an entirely different matter.

          • I get it, everyone on here who is pointing out that your viewpoint doesn’t make any sense is wrong. No, I know, it’s EVERYONE ELSE who is crazy, entitled, lazy, and whatever other insult you “internet tough guy” threw out there at the original OP.

            We could go back and forth here all day about “trying to act like an adult” and you saying things like “congratulations, your parents must be thrilled to have such a helpless kid”. Do you think you know me? You’re some asshole on a website trying to act like you’re some kind of tough guy. Please. Talk about needing to grow up you pompous prick.

            I simply made an argument that paying taxes gives you the right to call 311 and have graffiti removed (that’s called a “fee for services” relationship – maybe your millionaire lawyer neighbor can explain what that means to you).

            It’s been fun replying back and forth, but arguing with you is like talking to a wall, tagged or not.

          • This must be why Dan doesn’t delete joker’s regular offensive, insulting comments, so they can remain as an example of how not to behave in public.

          • Shouting, Anon?

            No, I am laughing at the complete ineptness of an entire demographic of people in this town, and simultaneously feeling incredibly sad for your parents, and for the city.

            I really wonder what would happen to most of you if there was “god forbid” a real emergency in town. I mean, for those of you who think the above actions are normal, if you couldn’t facebook the news, or fire off haughty self obsessed emails to get someone (the District of Columbia) to spend what…$400-500 bucks to do what you could have done for 5 bucks in an hour, I am not sure you would survive.

            I really wonder how some of you honestly manage as you are truely and irrevocably helpless in every sense of the term.

            God forbid I am in a small minority. If there aren’t others out there who think that others shouldn’t wipe their asses for them, coddle them at enormous expense and inconvenience, and that “being an adult” is “skewed”, then this city and nation as a whole is really in trouble.

          • @Jill…

            Right, calling someone an “asshole” is so much less offensive then calling someone “helpless” 🙂

            Hey, a bird crapped on my house window. Anyone know what DC agency I email to come wash it off? Hey, I pay taxes. It’s called a “fee for services” relationship.

            Is Comcast aware of the free cable I should be getting, funded of course by the District? I have a Direct TV Dish on my roof, but that dish really makes the entire neighborhood look ugly, so obviously its in the Districts best interest that I take it down, so I am glad the city is going to pay to have cable service run to my house.

            Yea for “fee for services”!

            I was out of town for work last week and didn’t get to mow my lawn. It’s looking a little shaggy, should I call DPW, or a different City agency to mow it? Also, don’t forget the mulch for my landscaping…its looking a bit bad and I prefer to justify the city paying for the work by saying it beautifies the neighborhood.

            Since I was out of town, I also didn’t get a chance to go grocery shopping. Since I spend all day blogging and can’t be bothered to go shopping to feed myself, I want to have it delivered but I hate paying those delivery fees. So do I call HHS to buy and deliver my groceries, or is it another agency? I hope they don’t take 4 days to deliver my groceries or I am gonna be really hungry. Maybe I should just fire off another email, and ask the blogosphere who I should contact in my Councilmans office to expedite?

            My car needs some work. Its burning oil. Since clean air and a quiet engine is in every DC residents best interest, I’ll just have the city take care of it. Anyone have the number for the DMV where I call to have them come change my oil and tune up my car?

            I am going to be out of town again over the weekend. I am assuming I call the DC office of Animal Control to come feed and walk my dog while I am gone correct? If its left for days he will start barking nonstop out of hunger and inattention. That would be disturbing to my neighbors, and reflect poorly on the neighborhood so I am so glad the City will attend to him while I am gone!

            Man, I really am glad that someone on the internet told me about this apparent limitless “fee for services” relationship I have with the District. Thanks OatsDc, I apparently never have to do anything for myself or for my own property ever again!


          • Joker, you are delusional and I see hints of megalomania. I think you might need to pursue mental health counseling.

          • Please, keep going tilo 6 o’clock. This is entertaining.

          • If someone tagged my house, I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to remove it. My first thought would be paint, but if it wasn’t a paintable surface, I think I’d call 311 too. Now, I’m neither a homeowner or much of an “adult,” but this seems like a reasonable service for the city to provide.

          • @Erin,

            How do you remove paint from your hands or clothes?

            Warm soap and water…

            DPW doesn’t have exclusive access to some magical paint cleaner only made in Germany. They use soap and a brush and scrub it off.

            There isn’t a spray paint sold that doesn’t come off with a stiff brush / brillo pad and some warm dish soap and water.

          • @Joker

            I assume you’re doing this just to continue to entertain all of us until it’s time to go home, but in case you’re not, I would like to suggest that you’re still not getting it.

            There actually is a service offered by the city that includes the removal of graffiti. So people have the option to call upon that service when needed.

            All this other crap you’re putting out there is just a bunch of made-up crap that doesn’t make any sense and isn’t relevant to the argument. And it continues to prove that you’re an idiot by the way, not just an asshole as Jill points out. And those are actually facts confirmed by your posts, unlike the various assumptions you made about the OP, about whom you know nothing from the original post.

            On a personal note, I really hate myself for having gotten sucked into arguing against your ridiculous logic and immature replies. If that’s your goal, well then you win. I can’t keep up…you’re just a bigger douche.

  • I am eight and a half months pregnant and have been offered a seat on the metro once during this time. Usually, if I’m feeling particularly bad I will just ask someone for a seat but frankly, I hate doing that because it’s so awkward and just feels pathetic. This morning, the metro was really crowded but there was one seat left. A perfectly healthy guy actually looked at my belly, then the seat, and took it for himself. I was having a Braxton-hicks contraction (similar to real contractions but don’t mean you’re in labor—they still hurt though) and I just felt so defeated and frustrated that I thought I was going to cry. I didn’t want to lose it asking someone for a seat so I didn’t. Eventually, a woman got on the metro and was so irritated that no one gave me a seat that she asked someone to get up for me (thank you to her!). Guess who got up? A man sitting next to the a-hole that took the only open seat earlier in the trip. I sat next to him and he was playing a video game on his iPad—I guess that was his urgent reason for a seat. I have nothing to add to that.

    Metro riders PLEASE—if you see someone who needs a seat more than you, offer it. I still do this for people who are elderly even though I’m super pregnant. We all know the metro commute sucks but just think how much more infinitely it sucks to have some kind of disability or condition that’s painful and uncomfortable.

    • WOW, what a loser. Sorry you had that experience!

    • Agreed, if someone needs the seat, give it to them and if you are standing and see that someone needs a seat, find someone and tell them to move.

    • Agreed, if someone needs the seat, give it to them and if you are standing and see that someone needs a seat, find someone and tell them to move…

    • Another Metro complaint: during rush hour move to the center of the train so everyone can get on behind you instead of stopping once you board. I don’t understand how that is a difficult concept.

      • well that is how it should be but when it is unusually crowded it makes it impossible to actually get off without just pushing and shoving and knocking people over. I have knocked little kids, grown men, and middle aged woman down before bc no one north of richmond knows what the phrase “excuse me, may I get by you” means.

    • So sorry this happened. My sister is only a little less pregnant than you (she’s about 7 months) and she had to swing along the poles on the metro this weekend cause no one would offer her a seat. Plus, I’ve also heard that women are more like than men to give up their seat to a pregnant woman.

      Seriously people…pregnant woman may be young, but they need that seat more than you do.

    • that’s poor training. his mother didn’t teach him well.

    • no decent man will ever assume or guess you are pregnant. even if you think it looks obvious, we’ve all made that mistake before.

      still, no decent man would have copped the seat like that.

      • I suppose the solution to that would have been to act under the guise of just being generally gentile. Maybe if you said “ladies first” and motioned toward the seat.

        Still 8.5 months is pretty unmistakable. We should always celebrate pregnancy because we are human beings! Vitality! Life! I enjoy seeing pregnant woman, although I don’t want to be the cause of any pregnancies any time soon.

        • i don’t celebrate pregnancy, but i do agree, i would just move as politeness, and i always offer a seat to woman, skinny or not skinny.

          • I tend to not sit at all if it’s getting crowded, to avoid this kind of problem altogether. I know I am able bodied, and I don’t mind standing. Allows me to get off easier, too.

            I’ll sit if its a longer trip, but generally there’s no crowds when I’m metro-ing to Tenleytown or wherever.

    • I always give up my seat to women who look pregnant. If they’re not pregnant it might shame ’em into loosing a few pounds.

    • I feel your pain. That totally sucks. When I was pregnant I stopped taking the metro because I got too nervous and claustrophobic. When you are standing in a crowded train the chances of someone falling into you and knocking your belly or hitting it with your briefcase are too great, expecially the way some trains are driven. So even when you aren’t soooo pregnant that you are about to pop (like it sounds like you are :), pregnant women still need to sit down to be extra safe!
      I too found that women were more willing to give up their seat for me when I was pregnant than men but in general people need to be more courteous.

    • There are far too many jerks in the world. But congratulations and best to you on the upcoming birth!

      I had a fantastic driver on 14th St once–packed bus; very pregnant lady got on; no one moved from hogging the senior/people with disabilities seats; bus driver put the vehicle in park, turned all the way around in his seat and yelled, “Somebody MOVE and let this lady sit down!” You’ve never seen people hustle so fast.

    • That is a really sad commentary on our society. BTW, the guy sitting next to the “A hole” was no better because he should have offered his seat from the jump. That is truly unbelievable, shame on every single able body man and woman that didn’t offer their seat to the pregnant lady. I’m sorry that stuff really pisses me off esp when they are sitting in the “handicapped” seats. Sad!!

      • I don’t know if people in the non-handicapped seats should always be paying attention. Sometimes, you get involved in an email or something, and you’re just not looking around. But I def think it should be a rule that anyone sitting in a handicapped seat should be a responsible stewards of them — always keep an eye out at stops for someone who might actually *need* the seat.

    • If you need to sit then ask, don’t wait around for people to offer it to you and then get yourself all worked up when they don’t. If you do that it is your own fault for standing.

      • Bad manners aren’t the fault of the stander. People, especially gentlemen who’ve got some home trainin’ offer their seats to older adults, people with disabilities, and ladies who are very obviously pregnant and in need of a seat. None of those individuals should have to ask for decency from those already seated.

        • I totally disagree, and find this a tad sexist.

          First: Why is it the responsibility of the seated person to watch to see if the seat is needed by others (if they are not sitting in a reserved seat), rather than the ability of the person who needs a seat to ask for it? Bad manners would come in if the seated-and-able-person was asked and then refused to give up the seat. You never know if a seated person is also disabled in some way.

          Secondly: Why is it only men should give up their seats? Do women lack the ability to stand? Equal = Equal

          • “First: Why is it the responsibility of the seated person to watch to see if the seat is needed by others (if they are not sitting in a reserved seat)”

            I think it’s our responsibility to behave with good intent and manners toward fellow humans, especially when we are crammed together in a shared (and potentially unpleasant) circumstance.

            “rather than the ability of the person who needs a seat to ask for it?”

            That ability is presumed, not guaranteed. Especially among older ladies–my grandmother would never ever ask someone to move for her (thus “drawing attention” to herself). That would be considered rude in her world.

            “You never know if a seated person is also disabled in some way.”

            Precisely. That could be a very uncomfortable situation for both parties. There are most likely enough able-bodied people on a bus/train that no one should have to be put upon by being asked to give up a seat. And no one should have to ask. It’s common decency, or it should be.

            “Why is it only men should give up their seats? Do women lack the ability to stand? Equal = Equal”

            I didn’t say only men should. I don’t think it’s sexist to expect and even enjoy when men behave as gentlemen (and women as ladies) in public situations.

            But I was raised in the South. What do I know.

          • “I think it’s our responsibility to behave with good intent and manners toward fellow humans, especially when we are crammed together in a shared (and potentially unpleasant) circumstance.”

            I do too. Which is why not asking for what you need is, to me, bad manners toward fellow human beings. Sorry for your grandma, but adults are not babies, we have voices for a reason. And as adults communication is key to a healthy community.

            “I don’t think it’s sexist to expect and even enjoy when men behave as gentlemen (and women as ladies) in public situations.”

            I think it is sexist to EXPECT it, if that means required action. To enjoy it, I have no opinion on. The terms “Ladies and Gentlemen” always makes me a bit uneasy about required gender-related actions.

            Then again, I’m from the Midwest, so what do I know.

          • What timeliness.

            Just got back from picking up my lunch from Corner Bakery. They have a couch where you can sit to wait for to go orders. 3 people are on the bench, 2 early early 20’s people (1 man, 1 woman) and an older man- I would guess in his late 60’s.
            A woman (mid-40’s, my guess) with a cane comes over after ordering. The older man looks at the two younger people, and coughs. The two younger people look at the older man, look at the woman with the cane, and go back to talking. The older man stands, so the woman can sit.

            The looks that passed between the older man/woman were killer. The younger two were oblivious. Ahh manners.

          • haha! I was going to say we can pleasantly and politely agree to disagree, but now I see we just agree again!

    • Interesting. I cant defend this guy’s behavior, but I will say, I ALWAYS give my seat up to anyone older than me. I’m 28 so thats basically everyone. I will normally just stand on somewhat full trains. I gave my seat up to the wrong woman once and I was told I was a sexist for thinking she was unable to stand on a train but that i could handle it.

      I still stand up for women and men alike who are older than me, but pregnant women should always receive a seat.

      However, if this guy has been yelled at, maybe he just doesnt understand the differences? I can tell you, being yelled at on a train about being a sexist does still cause some hesitation on my part.

      I still think this guy was a jerk, but there’s always the possibility for another side to the story.

      • Please don’t let the appallingly bad behavior (yelling at a stranger in public transit) of one person deter you from being a gentleman. For every foolish woman who’d yell at you, there are 25 who would appreciate the courtesy.

        Ladies, let’s focus on real anti-feminist devils like lack of equal pay, lack of equal opportunity, and growing attempts to limit the right to choose abortion. Some dude giving you his seat is not going to keep us down.

    • I am continually amazed at the me-me-me attitude of people on the metro. It really makes me wonder about their upbringing – were they never taught to think of anyone besides themselves? I have a 9 month old and when I was pregnant and riding the metro, I was rarely offered a seat and when I was, it was always a woman who offered me a seat. I am so very sorry that you had to deal with this.

  • me

    Rave: Leaving work early for an interview at a better company. Wish me luck.

    Rant: Husband is so sick today- he was throwing up so hard that he got a nosebleed. I hope I don’t get it.

  • Rave: My team won trivia last night!

    Double Rave: I met Ernie the Flying Dog on my walk home from the bar!

    Rant: No pets allowed in my apartment building.

    Rave: Moving to a pet friendly building in September!

  • Rantish: While packed like a sardine on the green line this morning, there was no way to avoid seeing a fellow commuter reviewing her sexts (which included pictures)! As soon as I realized what I saw I physically shifted my body to no longer have the phone in my line of sight.

    Completely none of business, but it is interesting to me the total privacy a person can imagine they have or pretend to have while being surrounded by strangers.

  • Rave: My little sister moved to DC last weekend and is getting settled in to her “diamond in the rough” apartment.

    Rave: I adopted a cat on Sunday from Homeward Trails and she’s adorable (photos coming soon, when I can get her to sit still). (Hand-in-hand rant: I still miss my old cat I had to put down for medical reasons earlier this month)

    Rant: Paying money to order checks.

    Rant/Thought?: Yale Scott is apparently trying to compete with Kevin Wood for DC’s creepiest realtor photo.

    • me

      Homeward Trails is awesome- I got 2 little sisters from them almost 3 years ago. My condolences on your previous cat, but good luck with your new bundle!

    • Ha- I stared at his picture for at least 2 days and had this weird feeling that I knew him. Finally, I went to his website and figured out we went to the same school.

    • Aww..Yale’s photo isn’t bad. I’ve meet him a few times– he’s a great guy. And goodlooking (which i guess is subjective).

      • Yale is my neighbor and super nice!! He also does not look creepy in person…not that the photo looks creepy to me. Also you may recognize him from HGTVs renovation reality tv show.

    • Care to post a picture of yourself? I hope everyone else would be more polite than you allow yourself to be.

      I think you’re a bit of a weirdo for thinking either of those pictures is creepy. Both are very normal photos.

  • to our fried who had her gallbladder removed yesterday: hope you’re recovering comfortably and that PoP finds something good to entertain you with today!

    • perhaps also to our *friend

    • I am recovering well! Haven’t needed to take any pain meds other than Tylenol and mostly just feel like I’ve done 100k crunches when ever I move. Modern Medicine is amazing stuff. 4 tiny incisions (3 about the size of a pencil eraser and one slightly large one) and I was home 3 hours later to remove an organ.

      Moving slowly on the food front but so far so good.

      Thank you so much for your thoughts! They are so appreciated!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Scary, just happened around 11am:

    shooting – 200 blk Michigan Av NE – EMS evaluating & transporting – Priority 1, w/ life-threatening injuries

    • me

      I am so sick of this happening.

      • Sick enough to stop voting for Democrats?

        • ah… gotta love partisanship.

        • You’re an idiot. Its easy to blame democrats because republicans are unelectable in cities, but there’s absolutely no data points to support the assertion that Republican policies would result anything any different.

          Telling me that rural Alabama doesnt have the same problems isnt persuasive. Using Gulliani is equally unpersuasive because his policies would be rejected by the Republican party, so he was basically a RINO.

          • It’s easy to blame Democrats because we have gutless criminal laws in DC and democrats have run DC for 40 odd years. DC’s violence is not going to change until you change the leadership. Urban violence is not endemic to the human condition.

            And I’m actually pretty smart, but I’ll bet you’re ugly.

          • And you continually prove you are an idiot. If A is true and there is B and A is not working, B must be better.

            Rock solid logical reasoning.

        • me

          @[email protected]:02- I said I was sick of this happening, you asked if I was sick enough to stop voting Democrat. Well, I’m a Republican, so that blows your theory to hell. It’s not partisan at all- I just hate the damn violence in this city. Quit making assumptions. If you ARE a Republican, you’re probably one of the ones that give us rational ones a bad name (which, yes, I agree that most of them do).

  • Rant: Overcrowded metro buses on 16th street–at least 4 full buses passed by 16th and U this morning before i was able to cram myself on! So frustrating but we all gotta get to work!

    Rave: Dinner with manfriend and meeting his parents for the first time tonight. Nervous but also excited. i hope they like me!

    • I second your 16th street bus rant. I’ve started leaving for work earlier to avoid all that crap. If I leave before 7 am, it isn’t all that bad, but 8 am? Forget about it.

    • Agree with this rant. 16th and Crescent, we get passed at least twice a week because the bus will fill up at Euclid.

      Amazingly, today the bus filled at Crescent, so we were one of the ones that blazed by you. Sorry.

      Enjoy dinner.

  • Rant: adopting a dog around here is hard, yo*. I tried Homeward Trails, as mentioned above, who never called me back and Dogs Deserve Better, who won’t adopt me a dog because a) my current dog’s vet info spans a couple different vets, as we have moved, and b) while I have happily answered any questions they’ve asked me, my answers are not verbose enough. (no kidding, this is what they told me.)

    Rave: I happen to be going back to my hometown in Ohio this weekend, and I already have a dog picked out from a shelter up there 🙂 Final test remains of getting along with current dog.

    *Unless you don’t mind a pitbull or rotty mix. There are plenty of those in shelters around here.

    • Washington Humane Society! I volunteer with them and they definitely do everything they can to get the dogs (and cats) matched with the right home and adopted. Unfortunately, there are always plenty and more coming in all the time.

      But yay on a new Ohio dog! 🙂

      • WARL is great too! Very friendly and helpful.

        • Overall I agree, because I want all homeless animals to find their forever homes.

          Our experience with them seven years ago was not positive, though things could have certainly changed in that amount of time. They also discriminate and self select which animals to take in to get their adoption rates up. WHS OTOH is mandated to take in anyone.

          But the right friend can come from anywhere, and that’s what’s most important. One of our dogs came from a parking lot in Tennessee. 🙂

      • claire

        I’m considering volunteering with the Washington Humane Society – which shelter are you at/do you enjoy it/what kind of things do you actually end up doing (I’d be applying to work with cats specifically)? Maybe PoP can give you my email so we can discuss.

        • That’s awesome, you should definitely do it! Volunteers are always needed and appreciated.

          I no longer volunteer at the shelter, I do adoption events (though it’s been a while eek!). But there are all sorts of things to do–at the shelter, adoption events, major events like fundraisers and such. It’s fun! And you’d get to hang out with kitties!

    • GiantSquid

      We adopted a dog from City Dogs Rescue. Very reasonable!


    • Our baby came from K-9 Lifesavers, they were easy to deal with, although since she was a small puppy her adoption fee was outrageous…but worth it!

  • Rant: So dreading the weekend and all its noise and fireworks and garbage and drug dealing and peeing by my house. I wish there was some escape.

    Rave: We apparently found a wonderful contractor who has shown up on time, is actually doing the work, and making great progress!

    • I have found this helps (a bit) during this weekend every year: Light your house and surrounding alley/areas up as bright as you can…

      We go for a particularly institutional look this week every year:

      – All the outdoor timer lights stay on all night,
      – higher wattage CFLs in the front porch lights,
      – a floodlight in the alley and
      – rear porch lights on from dusk until dawn

      • That first bullet should have been ‘motion sensor lights’

      • Yeah, good stuff. We’d like to do a motion sensor floodlight for the alley, eventually. No time at this point though. Guess I’ll have to sit on the porch with my Saturator AK47 and get anybody who comes near. :p

        I’m not so much worried about the alley pee-ers or anyone messing with the house, our neighbors are cool and we know everyone. It’s mostly the incessant yelling and the stupid fireworks. I just want it to be over.

        But overall my plan is of the “can’t beat em, join em” variety. I’ll just start drinking at noon on Sunday and be in my neighbor’s yard yelling and dancing all night. Good times. 🙂

      • Thanks for these ideas!

  • Rave: Pusha T & CyHi The Prince for FREE @ Lux tonight w/ free Heineken. That’s so awesome to me.

    Rave: No rants!

  • Rant: Now I’m depressed about my student loans

    Rave: I’m going on vacation soon.

  • did neener finally move?

  • Rant: no Ernie the Flying Dog in ages. WTH?

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