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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • I only slightly like my job more than being homeless. The plus side is that it isn’t Monday and I only have to work 4 days next week.

    • jesus. that sucks.

    • Rant seconded. I barely have enough work to fill 40 hours lately. Government contracting sucks, especially when there isn’t enough work to go around.

      • Thirded. I would take a gov’t contract with a lack of work over a nonprofit with a lack of work. At least you get paid.

        • If I can’t bill 40 hours, I don’t get paid! I have to take leave without pay or use vacation time.

        • Seriously. I will switch jobs with Kalorini in 2 seconds flat. I don’t even care what he does.

      • I’m at my government contract job and can’t do much work because the network is down. I can’t even do any cataloging (the work I always save for when there’s nothing else to do) because the cataloging software is on the network.

        • That’s the good thing about being in tech support. Stuff is always breaking. There’s not enough time in the day to fix everything.
          Like my job, hate my boss enough to want to run away. . .

  • Rant: No Good 24hr. Coffee shop in Petworth after all these years.

    Rant: Smelly Safeway hasn’t been demolished yet.

    Rant: DC roads are horrible.

    Rant: People connecting crime to DC carnival and racially insensitive in their remarks.

    Rave: Turning the Internet off.

  • Rant: Neighbors dog barking excessively this morning waking me up 40 mins before my alarm was set to go off. Grrrrr!

    Rave: Leaving work early for a doctors appt.

  • me

    Rant: Found out last week I was pregnant. As of now, I am not. I know it will be a long process, but things like this just really suck.

    Rave: I have an awesome husband that really makes everything okay.

    Rant: Is it the long weekend yet??

    Rave: Bit of a sunburn from this past weekend is turning into a nice bit of tan on my shoulders. Hooray for the pleasant weather we’re having lately!

    • I’m so sorry.

    • Really glad you have that support system, me. Makes it all so much more bearable.

    • I’m so sorry for both you and your husband.

    • I’m so very sorry. Miscarriage is so much more common than people think (because no one talks about it). If you have women in your life who you feel you can talk to about it, I’ll bet you’ll find that many have also been through the same thing. And please don’t blame yourself. Miscarriage most often occurs because something went wrong during the development process, not because of anything the woman did.

    • So, so sorry to hear this. Sadly, I can empathize with you. Happily, I had a baby boy a little over a year later and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that you will have a similar change in your life in just a year’s time. When I went through my miscarriage last year, I was shocked to learn how common they are, because NOBODY talks about it! It is no ways lessens the pain, but it means there are other women out there who can support you and understand what you are going through. Find them!

  • I heard gunshots last night at Quebec and Warder around 8:30 or so…did anyone else hear them?

    • I didn’t hear gunshots, but did hear/ see fireworks being set off in the Park/ Morton complex. Might have been that.

      • Yeah, we’re a little further west but I heard about 8-10 fireworks with a second or two delay between each, sometime between 8:30 and 9pm.

        • Rave: I was so proud of myself that I immediately thought “fireworks” instead of gunshots.

          Potential Rant? It’s my first 4th of July in Petworth. How bad is it?

          • Loud, obnoxious, and startling until about 3 in the morning. I had awesome neighbors though, so we commiserated.

          • Some blocks are worse than others–on ours, we have two houses that compete to see who can put on the biggest show, complete with blocking off a section of the parking lane in front of their houses so they can set off the fireworks further from their own house (but closer to mine). And also several neighbors who think it’s hilarious to shoot bottle rockets at pedestrians and cars. The worst of it seems to go on from about 8pm until midnight, but they will be going all night. If your direct neighbors aren’t setting off fireworks, it’ll be annoying but probably bearable. If they are, you’ll probably be making plans to get out of town next year. 🙂

            @ColHghts below: most of the big ones are illegal. Anything that moves, explodes, or has a fuse is illegal.

        • Rant: I heard that too! Thinking fireworks. That will go on and on for a month 🙁 Wish they were illegal.

          Rave: Unemployment (temporary I hope) during the summer.

  • Rant: metro+claustrophobia=stressful morning. Why is commuting to work getting more and more difficult? Seems like there are no good options. Biking is dangerous and scary (for me because I’m a terrible biker), metro sucks, there are no convenient buses from my neighborhood to work, and construction throughout the city makes driving impossible. Metro, please fix the elevators leading to L Street at Farragut North!!!! Please!
    Rave: Glen Echo kids programs are awesome! The park is looking great!

    • WABA has bike safety classes–try them out, then try your commute on a weekend to see how it goes. I was terrified of bike commuting for years. Been doing it the past year now and I’ve never looked back. Lots of bike lanes, lots of other bikers has boosted my confidence, plus just getting used to being on a bike again. It’s like driving–pay attention, anticipate, be smart. You can do it. It’s a great feeling arriving at work after riding it, and beats how I used to feel after having to transfer at Gallery Place @ 8:45 every morning to get on the Red Line.

      • +1
        You should really try looking into it! The 15th street bike lane is amazing – there’s a row of parked cars separating you from traffic. If you limit your route, you could actually have a very safe and rewarding bike to work.

  • rant: new colleague is REALLY LOUD

    rave: said new colleague adds character to our quiet nonprofit

    rant: have a lot of big tasks ahead this summer. big stuff that involve research, forms, decisions. but all I want to do with my free time is read and chill. sigh.

    rave: all of these big tasks are positive and potentially life-changing (for the better). I’ve been working hard and things are finally moving forward. hooray me.

  • Rant: Lost a job I had for a week. oh well.
    Rave: Something good is on the horizon. I am sure of it.

    • wow, how’d you manage that?

      • Did something nice for them on my day off and got !@#$ed for it. Though it is my mistake. I will never stick my neck out or do anything more than what is asked of me at a job again. And if you have a hidden disability,like me KEEP IT HIDDEN. We live in a society where even the disabled are ableist.

        • I am totally empathetic. Stuck my neck out for my employer (and the result of that will benefit them in the end), but I over stepped. Personally, I think what’s really going on is they can’t afford me anymore and used my action as a pretext. It sucks, but, as you said, something better is on the horizon.

          • This shit encourages people to strive for mediocrity and not stretch and be brilliant.

          • how do you get fired for “being brilliant”? I’m dying to know the specifics of these cases…

          • This reminds me of my painfully obnoxious, self-inserting former coworker who was convinced that she was fired from her first professional job because her boss was jealous of her.

  • rave: nice bikeride to work this morning
    rant: can’t afford to live in dc on a fellowship stipend

    • where do you live?

      • right now in Arlington, shared apartment that may be as expensive as something in the district. i’ve been here since last september and I’m planning a move when lease is up. browsing craigslist to get a feel of what prices are. would love to live by myself, but starting to think that might not be possible..

  • rave- the rogue banana palms that someone planted at the Park Pleasant apartments are doing very well.

    rant- not today, thanks!

  • MAJOR RAVE – applying for jobs NOT in dc! i am hoping to be out of this city soon. sorry folks, it’s not for me.

    major rant – the whole decision to move/not move has caused a lot of tension with my partner. he says he’s ok with moving but doesn’t back it up with any action (e.g. applying for jobs). frustrating. not sure what exactly he plans on doing if i get an offer?

    • If I were in his position, I wouldn’t apply for jobs until you had one. I mean, what happens if he gets a job and you don’t? If you don’t get one elsewhere, at least he has his current job. That probably gives him a sense of security, when you’re essentially asking him to upend his life.

    • Good for you! I know it’s a major decision/change, and I hope your partner can get on board soon. I am a HUGE advocate for people being where they need to be – how else can you be happy? I spent several miserable years in Seattle (which everyone but me thinks is so great) until I finally admitted that DC in THE place for me. This may not be perfect here but it’s where I fit best, and I hope it works out for you where ever you end up.

  • Rant: My cat is possessed by the devil. But only from 5-6am every day.

    Rant: when the Metro train stops at the platform, you’re standing in front of the door, and the doors just don’t open. For a strangely long period of time. I imagine the operator hunting around his console, index finger poised, going “where is that damn door-open button??”

  • Rant: We were planning to go to my mom’s for the weekend to avoid the toll of the neighborhood fireworks on my dog, my child, and our collective ability to sleep but I was just informed that her landlords won’t allow the dog to visit. Boarding is $60 a night. Since we were already planning to spend Monday night in a hotel in another part of DC to avoid said neighborhood fireworks, that’s a crapload of money for one weekend.

    Rave: DC seems to have only just allowed the sale of fireworks and is really pushing the fact that some are illegal and dangerous in such dense housing. Hopefully those will, in fact, be confiscated.

    • I don’t know what dog boarding place you use…but there are waaaaaaay cheaper places than 60 dollars a night that are really nice! I normally pay 28 – 30 dollars a day…its a bit of a drive…but it is also the only place that takes my social retard of a dog.

      • Where is it and do you have any idea if they might have openings for the weekend? We use Planet Pet (formerly Dogs by Day) because our dog is familiar with it and the staff, and it’s convenient. But she’s also a bit socially inept and terrified of the world, especially during thunder/fireworks season, so we haven’t really looked into other options.

        • Dogwood Acres in Davidsonville, MD. Its on 50 on the way to Annapolis. I have a rescue dog that is dog aggressive and terrified of strangers and this is the only place that would take him. They have a special area for the “less than social” dogs. They have inside/outside dog runs and a ton of extra activities to chose from if you feel like. Its kind of a haul…but completely worth it for me.

          I doubt they would have space this close to July 4th…but you can certainly check…and if nothing else, a place to consider for the future because 60 bucks a day is crazy talk!

          • Thanks! I wonder if our dogs are related–mine also is a rescue with some aggression/fear issues. 🙂 And that would be on our way up to my mom’s so it could work well. Really appreciate the info.

  • Rant: Drowning in work at my job…with no relief coming any time soon!

    Rant x2: Been feeling sick for going on 2 plus weeks now…hoping to feel better soon.

    Rave: Hopeful for a nice long weekend with friends and the new dude.

  • Rant: Verizon is making my work a living hell. Getting them to do anything involves a two day email chain including 10 people.

    Rave: Nashville on Saturday for an awesome 4 day weekend!

  • RAVE: sleeping in my own bed after a long weekend packing up my Dad’s apartment.

    RAVE: my cats really missed me and snuggled all night long.

    • me

      Cat cuddles are severely underrated. I know some people aren’t cat people, but when my kitties are in a cuddly modd (which is surprisingly often), I don’t think there’s anything that’s much better. 🙂

  • Rave: Buying a house in DC instead of continuing the cycle of apartment rentals.

    Rant: I can’t deal with Columbia Heights anymore. I love it, I love my neighborhood and I want to get the chance to put my roots down here but the shooting on Saturday at the parade kinda killed it for me. It’s just too much.

    Rant: Now I don’t know where we’re going to go, since I’ve never considered living anywhere else.

    Rave: My boss just told me to take Friday off! Huzzah four day weekend! (though when you have a Blackberry and overseas staff you never really have a weekend)

    • come up the hill a bit to 16th St. Heights. Much quieter and an easy trek to CH if you need a fix.

      • andy

        Much more chill. First thing I noticed when I moved up here was a strange sound. It was the wind in the trees. I hadn’t heard it for long enough to be suprised by it.

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