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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Columbia Heights Metro Station is slowly falling apart due to deferred maintenance. The AC is apparently broken, so instead of fixing it, they’ve brought in a bunch of huge fans and turned the platform into a wind tunnel. The lights along the platform edge no longer flash when a train is pulling into the station, which is better than when they were constantly flashing, I guess. And the down escalator on the east side of 14th Street has been broken for weeks, if not months.

    • it’s only going to get worse. we aint got no money

    • Do most metro stations have AC? I think the giant fans thing is something that happens at most stations every summer. At least they have fans…

      Agreed that the broken lights and escalators is annoying, though.

      • why?? can’t you see the train coming? you need a signal? the glaring lights aren’t enough? dc metro riders are totally spoiled

    • ha, I love how much we all taken metro for granted that no AC is a huge inconvenience. believe me, I know it is ’cause I sweat a lot on my way to work, but in my experience, NY and London subway systems don’t have AC in any of the stations.

  • Rant-ish – got up to go to yoga class only to realize when I arrived that the class I planned to attend was at noon, not 10:00.

    Rave – went home and had leftover Pete’s Apizza for breakfast.

  • Getting woken up at 3am to the city doing utility work. Very loudly. I suppose i should be glad they are fixing something, but um, 3am sawing through concrete, REALLY?!?!

    • If you’re up at 3:00 you can always watch Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. Funniest show on tv, but I doubt anyone here watches it.

      • Ugh. I always wondered who was dumb enough to watch that show. I figured it must have an audience if they kept it on, but really? I saw it once and felt significantly dumber afterwards. And depressed.

    • standard practice in NYC… it’s the only time traffic slows

  • Rant: finding a job & negotiating start dates. wish i had the freedom of starting a job whenever.

    Rave/Rant: just bought my first suit! anyone have recommendations for good tailors for suit alterations around the AdMo/Mt. P/C. Heights area?

  • Rave: Biked over 400 miles this year and summer has just begun. I know that’s not a lot to some of you, but it is for me. I plan to ride at least 1500 this year (got to a little over 1000 last year.)

    Rant: Bike is making a kind of creaking noise when I pedal. Still rides well, but the noise concerns me.

    • Congrats. The creaking can be a myriad of things;your pedal might just need tightening,or your bottom bracket might be about to explode. Pay attention to exactly when/where it makes noise;at a certain point in the pedal stoke,or when cranking hard uphill,or in a certain gear combination. This will help a mechanic to diagnose the prob. If you don’t want to/can’t afford to go to a shop,remember the free bike clinics on saturdays at the local farmer’s markets(search PoP for posting).

    • It’s likely your bottom bracket.

  • Rave: George Saunder’s article on a Tent City in Fresno, CA. I know I’m two years late to the party, but I was reading it last night and his discussion of “The Cratchit Confusion” made me think of some of the vitriol commenters on this site generate when speaking about certain communities in the District (see the thread about the beating on 8th and S, NW).

    Here is the relevant quote from the article:

    “At times, as indicated above, the PR found certain residents of the Study Area irritating, even maddening. At one particularly low point, when very tired, not himself at all, the PR, who in real life prided himself on his kindheartedness, even wrote, in the project notebook: “Exterminate the brutes.” For several days afterward, he felt bad about this while, at the same time, continuing to feel exasperated with the Study Area residents. Then the PR realized the error of his thinking, an error he thereafter thought of as The Cratchit Confusion.

    Bob Cratchit, the hero of Charles Dickens’s novel A Christmas Carol, is poor yet virtuous. He is honest, forthright, hardworking, clean, and articulate. He loves his family and is forgiving of those who oppress him. He is, in other words, easy to sympathize with. In the real world, however, the unfortunate may not be so likable. They may be stupid, dishonest, lazy, or mean. They may obfuscate, they may attack those weaker than themselves, they may claim their poverty is the fault of an unfair world, they may invent lives for themselves in which they are heroic sages, ahead of the curve. These negative qualities, in fact, may be the root cause of their misfortune.”

    The whole article can be read here: http://tentcityusa.tumblr.com/

    I think the reason that some people can become so angry after living in certain parts of the District is that they too experience a “Cratchit Confusion.” If they were not starting from an open-minded, “Liberal” place, they probably would not move to transitional areas. These areas, at the same time, can challenge certain received/perceived “Liberal” notions. The anger may be in part misdirected, at one’s past naivete.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: my health insurance is annoying

    Rave: birthday cake at the office

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rave: I do have affordable health insurance, even if it is annoying.

    • step back from the cake…. an apple a day and you will forget you even have insurance (a blessing)

      • How presumptuous. And, as someone suffering from a chronic illness despite near perfect diet and near daily exercise, I only wish that were true. Sadly, I will never be able to forget I have insurance, as I use it quite often.

        I certainly hope Emmaleigh’s problem isn’t nearly as serious, but neither of us knows. Additionally, an occasional slice of cake isn’t going to cause any health problems for an otherwise active, health-conscious person.

  • Rant: I’ve been really sick for the last 8 months and have had various diagnosis batted around but nothing conclusive and no treatments have made my symptoms go away. Now it looks like my gallbladder has to come out. Not looking forward to surgery but perhaps it will bring me some relief. I really miss eating.

    • That happened to a friend of mine, and she finally got better after 2-3 years of being quite sick with different diagnoses. The gall bladder did in fact help her quite a lot, so I wish the same for you.

      Good luck!

    • good luck, friend. we all hope you feel better. I know how frustrating health things can be, but hang in there and find joy in your daily things.

  • Rave: that photo! What a great shot!

  • Rant: Someone posting a “Treme” spoiler in this thread, with the spoiler visible immediately below the warning (so that there was no way not to see them at the same time).

    PoP, any possibility you can edit the post so that those who haven’t yet read it won’t see the spoiler?

  • Rave: Just saw something outside my office that would make a great photo for a caption contest – a porta potty on a flatbed trailer.

    Rant: Even if I had a decent camera (my camera phone sucks!) I wouln’t be able to email it to PoP because of restrictions here. Oh well.

  • rave: just 2.5 pounds away from goal weight (thanks to all the running).
    rant: still about 9 pounds away from being kate-middleton-skinny.

    • rant: people who waste a lot of their time and energy trying to be underweight like (rather plain and unhealthy) celebrities.

      this is coming from somebody whose bmi is technically (and naturally) just in the underweight range. I used to spend a lot of my energy trying to be “perfect” and then I realized that spending that time and mental space on intellectual endeavors was infinitely more rewarding and more related to my happiness… plus, nobody else really notices.

      • rave: seeing beautiful, even slender women with cellulite and realizing they are still beautiful and slender and I am too. 🙂 perfection is a bore.

        • I love the skinny/cellulite combination. Women aren’t supposed to have a lot of muscle!

          • Rant: People who tell me what I’m “supposed” to have or not have.

          • Not people– biology!

          • i love my muscles and accept my cellulite! i’m just trying to get back to my pre-injury weight/size. it’s been a long haul and i’m HAPPY. yay, me!

          • Uh… Anonymous @12:17… if you want to argue biology, you’ll have to take it up with my biceps, which show up all on their very lonesome thanks to my gymnast father. If I do pushups, I look like a linebacker.

            Here’s an idea: how about we appreciate that men and women all come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and stop judging each other.

          • Most women can’t put on muscle easily like men do. I certainly can’t!

    • Rant: people who have a “goal weight”, and monitor it down to the fraction. If you must talk about your weight, you must round to the nearest 10 pounds. We use fractions of pounds to talk about newborns, for crying out loud.

      • I’m not into monitoring body weight but that seems awfully arbitrary… 5 pounds is nearly an extra 5% of weight I’d be carrying around, probably the difference between a size 2 and a size 4, so I think it would be necessary to keep track of it.

      • don’t judge her. and don’t judge because she wants to be where she wants to be. she’s not a newborn. she’s a woman who set a goal for herself and is almost there.

        rant: people like you

    • Kate Moss…”nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

      keep it up!

    • YAY!!! Good for you!

  • Rave: two weeks until vacation!

    Rant: NO IDEA what I’m going to do with the Maine Coon kitteh while we’re gone…. anyone know of good boarding places or pet/house sitters?

    • I own a pet sitting business and would be delighted to hang out with your Maine Coon! I’ll email PoP and if you’re interested, he can forward my info to you?

    • Think about offering your place on Air Bed & Breakfast. http://www.airbandb.com. Plenty of people would want to visit DC – stay and care for your house & cat. Also talk to anyone you know in the group house world. Lots of people love to escape and enjoy their own place. Post to friends on facebook. I have 3 offers so far to dog-sit over 4th of July.

  • Rave – wonderful, meticulous, hard-working (10 hour days)contractor guy laying new tile in my entry & bathroom.

    Rant – F**ked up immigration system makes it nearly impossible for him to get green card & move family here from Honduras. (He has a work permit and some kind of protected status.)

    This is the kind of person we need more of!

    And please – can we not devolve into the usual “lazy ghetto people won’t work etc. etc.” I’m sure there are lots of lazy Hondurans too. My point is that immigration policy should make it easier for good hardworking individuals to join & contribute to our country.

    • the WHOLE COUNTRY is made up of immigrants…. we’re ALL from somewhere else, except for the Navajo, the Choctaw, the Cherokee…. just saying… you set yourself up for that one..

  • Rant: micromanagement. Boss actually screamed at me and wrote a warning for asking an admin a technical question. Can’t really help at the Help Desk if I don’t know what the he’ll I’m asking for.

    Rave: this day, like all others before it, must come to an end.

  • claire

    Rave: Had a great four day weekend in Philly and at the beach!
    Rant: Getting adjusted to being back at work.

  • Rant – PoP keeps putting that tasty looking Meridien Pint ad in the middle of my screen and I can’t go get a beer yet. Not Fair!

  • Rant-street sweeper driving so fast no rubbish is picked up but you better have moved your car or risk getting ticketed.

  • Rant: worked all weekend on a “explin this tech project in plain english for our board to undetstand” report, as requested by my VP. On monday, was told the decision was made Saturday, without reviewing any of the data sets, and my report is no longer needed.

    Rant: decision made is impossible based on technical/budget limitations. I have been told to “find a way”.

    Rave: it was still a damn fine report, and my immediate boss loved it.

    Rave: spent all weekend with my dog curled up beside me. I really could work from home.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Cannot afford to go to Hawaii to celebrate 5 year anniversary.

    Rave: Not sitting on a plane for 14 hours.

    Request: Going to try to make it to the Caribbean (Mr. Squid’s never been and I went to Grand Cayman in late teens) but a little overwhelmed with options. Any suggestions? Happy with some hiking, sitting on a beach, tasty food, falling asleep to the sound of surf. Can’t afford fancy-pants resort but can stay in something nicer than a tent.

  • RANTS: Back, legs, feet tired. Head, neck, arms, wrists tired too. Will be saying goodbye to someone special in a few days.

    RAVES: Longest day of the year, HOME from WORK, having a glass of wine, going outside to mingle with friends, long-awaited trip to beach only days away. Will be flying, not driving as the cost of gas evens it all out. Glad not to be married some days and know some awesome men.

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