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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • I hate comcast!!!!!!

    • preach it!!! we finally got dish network and it’s been amazing.

    • +1000 agreed. Every time I see a Comcast commercial about how great they are it makes me sick.

    • Based on my experiences with Comcast, DirecTV, and Verizon FIOS, Comcast has the more reliable cable by far (FIOS was terrible!). As for customer service, I’d say Verizon has the best but Comcast is not bad either. I know it’s popular to hate on Comcast but I’ve found them to be the lesser of the evils.

  • Great weather!

    Looks like something might finally be going into the long ‘for lease’ space at the SE corner of 6th and H. Anyone know what?

  • Rave! The weather! I say cancel all indoor work!

  • Rave: Very happy to have been able to see my friends, back in DC for the summer from Albania.

    Rant: In the office on such a fine fine day. Should be out on the boat!

  • Rant: Segway tours hogging the bike lanes!! Is that allowed? Seems counter-productive

    Rave: great day for a bike ride!

    • Counter-productive to *you*. Super-productive to the segways.
      I don’t know the rules of the road for segways, but it would seem to be the safest place for them (not in the road and not on the sidewalk).
      Just sayin’.

      • I can sympathize with H Street only b/c I was biking home yesterday and encountered a segway tour on 15th down by the White House, completing holding up the north-bound side of the bike lane. Felt really bad for the bikers stuck behind it, b/c the lanes are narrow, and its not easy to pass without veering into car lanes.

        TSM has a point, though I personally hate segway tours, and would be happy to see them banned altogether.

        What annoyed me more was when I turned off of 15th onto Penn, only to be completely blocked from entering the bike lane by two pedi-cab drivers who decided to bike side-by-side, taking up both lane directions. WTF?

  • Rant: So there is this guy Frank that keeps walking out on bar tabs around Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan area.

    Rave: Sticky Fingers PB&J cupcake.

  • Rant: Someone stole a seat cushion off our front porch last night, and left a pizza crust in its place. This is less than a week after I got my first drive-by beverage assault while riding home on my bike last Friday.

    Revel: Thief/thieves left 2 chairs on the porch where we can sit and enjoy this great weather.

    • If you plant that pizza crust, it will grow to be a whole garden of seat cushions!

      Always amazes (and angers) me what paltry things people will steal off the porch.

  • Rant: Still not used to daily rant/revel. It just makes me think that it’s Friday on a mostly daily basis and then I come to the sad realization that the end of the week is still days away.

    Rant: Family member passing away. Funerals. Death, in general.

    Rave/respite: Sitting with a glass of wine and an old movie in an empty house tonight with no plans other than to decompress.

    Can’t it be Friday, already?

  • Rant: People who say “exponential” when they mean “some”.

    “There has been an exponential increase in crime!”

    No, I’m pretty sure that would merit national press. Maybe National Guard, too.

    Then again, the primary dictionary definition of “decimate” no longer has anything to do with one-in-ten, so maybe I should sigh and move along.

    • Sadly, the English language continues to devolve.

      • And people who say peruse when they mean skim. Peruse means to read thoroughly. Skim means to read quickly or in a cursory manner.

        • Yes! Exactly the example I had in mind. Almost shared it, glad you did.

        • and people who focus on words, rather than meaning.

          • Meaning is often murky when the incorrect words are used. Nobody is losing sight of any meaning here. It just takes longer to get the meaning across when you’re sloppy with your words.

          • saf

            Words mean what they mean. People who say, “Oh, you know what I mean,” are generally incorrect.

      • Actually, the English language continues to evolve, but I’m sure people from the 1850s would agree with you.

        • I think we could agree that the language continues to *change*. I consider it devolving when people use words they don’t even know the proper meaning to, or that have the exact opposite meaning. “Peruse” is the perfect example of that.

          When words slowly change meaning due to misuse and ignorance, that’s ‘devolving’.

          • +1 TSM

            and no one has mentioned “irregardless” yet. Shocked!

          • Your use of “devolve” implies a value judgment (“Those people are using the word wrong!”). Linguistics is a science. Don’t confuse the two. English speakers 100 years from now will have the final say on what is “correct”

    • It literally kills me when people do this!

  • Mild rant: Riding my bike on Columbia Rd, someone in a car yelled at me to “ride on the sidewalk.”

    Big rave: Beautiful weather, sleeping with the window open under a down comforter

    Neither rant nor rave: I’d prefer having R&Rs on Friday and Monday, not every day.

    • I tell people they should be in the street when the mow me over on the sidewalk with their bikes. As a pedestrian: thanks for riding in the street 🙂

      I echo your RR&R sentiment: what about 3 days a week? MWF? Daily is a bit too often.

      • Reminds me of the bumper sticker that says “if you don’t like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk!”

        Always makes me laugh.

  • RANT: The police killed that man in Mt. P yesterday because he lunged at them with a screwdriver. I just think with half the police force surrounding his building, it wasn’t necessary to use deadly force.

    REVEL: Great bike ride to work in Crystal City today.

    • Agreed RANT: It takes half of the police force to take down a man who should of received quality mental health help he deserved long before he got to the state of filed down screw drivers. Maybe invest more tax dollars into mental healthcare for those who need it instead of sending snipers and trigger happy cops by the boat load.Plus, did they really have to shoot him? What about a tazer? Tragic, really. .

  • It’s a beautiful day! AND MY LAST DAY WITH STUDENTS!!!!!!!!!

  • RANT w/Sequence of Events
    1) Took 8:30AM con call from home.
    2) Brewed myself a nice pot of super strong coffee. Mmmhmm. That’s the way I like it! Drank my first cup on the con call.
    3) Call plugging along, poured myself another cup and added milk.
    4) Noticed a large, dark oblong object floating in my coffee immediately after I added the milk.
    5) Rooooaaaaacccccchhhhh! There was a ROACH in my coffee pot and I didn’t notice since I’ve got one of those swanky auto-timed pots.
    6) Still nauseous over the fact that my first cup of coffee had essence of DC roach in it….

    RAVE: Mute buttons. Managed to discretely express my utter horror and hacking without disrupting my colleagues.

  • Rant: Just learned the hard way about the vicious bump in DC traffic fines. $125 for exceeding the speed limit by 11mph is, to me, quite excessive and clearly a money grab, not a safety issue. (Even AAA agrees.)

    And I was in a rental car at the time, which I was driving because some yo-yo had side-swiped my car. So, while my car with a piddly little 4-cylinder engine was in the shop, I got a little lead-footed with a car not my own that had a whole heck of a lot more get-up-and-go.

    Add to that that the car rental company is also charging a $15 service charge for all their hard work sending me the notice by mail, and I’m out $140 for 11 flippin’ miles per hour. Or really, just 1 mph, since at +10mph, I wouldn’t have set off the camera. Ugh. I just made myself feel worse.

    • I guess you should slow down.

      • Brilliant! And perfectly snarky. Just what I would expect from my neighbors here at PoP.

        • Crying about speeding tickets is like crying about herpes after going to a hooker.

          • No it’s not. Look around. It’s clear a majority of drivers probably go 11 mph over the limit at least once every time they commute. Take NY Ave or 395, where most of these cameras are — the right lane is going at or above the limit. Everyone else is speeding.

            Seriously, I slow down to the speed limit while (and only while) passing by the cameras on NY Ave. Everyone passes me. Old people honk. Cars in the slow lane signal left and drive past me. No one goes 46 on NY Ave above Benning. It’s dangerous if you do! I’d love to stop doing that.

            One of the more aggressive taxes on commuters I’ve seen. I guess I’m in favor of it in that respect.

          • It’s a RANT, Anon dipsh*t, not a evidence-backed case presented to a judge. Cut people some slack. Though I guess in your world, the writer’s $140 payment isn’t enough blood for you. Gotta get yours.

          • Parking tickets in DC are pretty aggressive and expensive too

            Rant: I forgot to move my car during street cleaning again. Another $130 down the drain.

          • Oh, so now you’re the judge of what qualifies as a “rant.” Rule on, oh great King Anon. Perhaps the world will one day bend to your wishes, but until then, people will get speeding tickets and complain about them however they wish, whether they can afford them or not, whether they live a “pimping lifestyle” (WTF?) or not, and whether their description of what happens strikes you as whining or not. Life’s tough all around, ain’t it?

    • whatever you do, do NOT go over 80 in Virginia. You’ll learn the definition of excessive fines.

  • Rant: Day 7 without wife; I’m tired of having the house to myself.

    Rave: All the messes are my messes.

  • I am sofa king
    we todd did

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