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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

I’m hearing very sad news that there was a terrible accident this morning at 14th and Constitution Ave, NW involving a Bike and an SUV with a very serious injury possibly a fatality. Update from @dcfireems:

“Update – 14th St – EMS evaluated & transporting adult female Priority 2(serious,non-life threat)-cyclist struck,trapped under car”

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  • Rave: I have 4 Words with Friends games currently going, a nice distraction at work.

    Rant: News of the bike/SUV accident. Everyone please be careful out there!

  • dcist is reporting that the cyclist was “transported to a local hospital with serious, but non-life threatening, injuries.”

  • That’s awful. Hope she’s okay.

    Rave, for all those following along at home, WE HAVE AIR CONDITIONING. First sweat-free night in WEEKS.

    • It’s been so nice out yesterday and today I turned my AC off last night and opened some windows. 🙂

    • That is some legendary timing. Just as the heatwave breaks.

      I slept with windows open last night, and woke up *freezing* around 4am.

    • It’s nice OUTside, but our house is still a hotbox from when it was 105 degrees. We needed the cooldown time, it was unbearable. It was divine to sleep in a cool room and then not immediately start sweating again after the morning shower.

  • Rave: Super pumped for Rebel Race this weekend!

    Rant: Seem to have messed up my knee dancing at Pride over the weekend. Hoping it heals itself by Sunday.

  • Rave: Boys!
    Rant: Boys!

  • Rave: the beautiful gardening/landscaping done along Vermont Ave where that photo was taken.

  • Rant: Now, more than 30% of vehicle related fatalities in our region involve bike/ped. The absolute bike/ped numbers are about constant year to year (85-100), but auto/auto fatalities have been dropping. Be safe out there people!

  • Rave: Tattoo inked on Friday is healing up nicely. I’m looking forward to not wearing sports bras soon!

    Rant: The office is too quiet. Feels like a Friday here. Concentration dwindling….

    • Are the tattoo and sports bra related? Where is the tattoo? Pictures please?

      • Yes – the tattoo is on my upper ribcage. Once its healed, photos are a possibility – I still need a touch up/adding more in July. It was too painful for one sitting!

  • Rant: Think I’m getting the fade out from a guy I like that I was hoping to get nasty with soon.

    Rave: Got a some interest from a new dude.

    Rant: I hate dating

    • Just let him know that the nasty is a possiblity. He’ll fade back in . . .at least for awhile 🙂

  • Rant: People who stroll at a leisurely pace down the middle of the narrow walk areas during rush hour at the busy stations. And I’m not talking about tourists here.

  • Bear

    Rave: Great Decemberists & Sara Watkins show last night, complete with a backstage visit with Sara. She’s pretty awesome.

    Rant: I dressed for summer and was freezing by the end of the night.

  • Rave: It’s sailing season and my best man and his father are coming on Friday to sail with my old man and I. I hope the weather holds up because this is perfect.

    Rant: Wife is in Peru.

  • RANT: Just got into an argument with my neighbor. They have been promising me since last October that the Pit Bull that jumped over the fence we have in common and attacked my dog (7 stiches) would be removed promptly. The dog is still there and so are the other 3 Pit Bulls they own. He is mad at me because I informed the homeowner that they attack dog is often left out for hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He said I was lying and that the dogs have only once been out for more than 15 minutes and always are supervised. I know the dogs are out for hours because on Tuesdays I take out the trash for Wednesday pick-up and have to check every fifteen minutes to see if it is safe to go into my backyard. I often can’t take out the trash until late afternoon/evening because the dogs are out – unsupervised.

    Should I go around and ask my neighbors if they have seen the Pit Bulls on the corner of New Hampshire and 4th St (right by Buchannan) if they have seen the dogs out for more than 15 minutes?

    • You should get a bigger fence.

      • Their gate door doesn’t close properly, so they have been able to push it open and chase after people/animals in the alley. They have a couple of green lawn chairs to help prevent them from jumping over the fence into the alley, but there are still parts of the fence that are unprotected.

      • Or steak + rat poison.

        • You are advocting poisoning the neighbor, right? You are not advocating killing an animal becauase of the inept actions of a human being, are you?

          To Zandunga:
          Call animal control everyday. Video the animals in the backyard and the gate. If you ever see the dogs outside their area: video. Animal control.

          Did you bring the owner up on charges when his dog attacked yours? Bodily injury means the dog has 1 strike, if you had this documented.
          And yeah, if possible, buy a bigger fence.

    • If you know for a fact the dog is out why would you ask your neighbors? Report the dog that attacked yours to the proper authorities. Take video or photos if you need to prove your point.

      4 pitbulls in a city setting with low fences and no supervision is a tragedy waiting to happen!

  • RANT: so I decided I would take the fam, including my two teenagers, to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center. Tickets are f….ing $250. EACH! Do people actually pay that to go see stuff? Well, I guess we won’t go see Wicked. Damn.
    RAVE: Great profile of Holly Twyford, the actor, in the Post today.

  • Rant: Sitting in the DHS office on Taylor street from 7am to 1230pm surrounded by crying babies, baby mamas, and career junkies; only to be denied benefits because I earn a mere $200 more than the household gross income limit. I’m a struggling, working college student, and only needed a little help with food. I don’t want to LIVE off of the system, just needed a little help. Buck the system!

    Rave: Cycling to work everyday.

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