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For a long time now we’ve had a random reader rant/revel post on Mondays and Fridays. While I was at the beach a couple of weeks ago I posted them for the whole week and I’ve since got some requests to continue a daily RRR/R. I think I’ll post one every morning at 10am and continue the regular schedule of posts after that.

I’ll start with a Rave – Mumford and Sons was great despite the biggest rainfall since Radiohead.

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  • Rant: even PoP is calling them “Raves” now, but still titles the post with “Revel”.

  • em

    Since you have a pic of DC parking enforcement up there…a rant about how DC government cars are often blocking the bike lane on 4th St SW near the Safeway and DC government offices. Almost every time I ride down 4th, DC government cars are double parked and blocking the bike lane.

  • Rant: Probably will be laid off in the next couple of weeks.

    Revel: Hate the job anyway. And more time to drink!

  • Rant: PoP’s picture posted for this entry reminds me of earlier this week when I walked outside to find parking enforcement booting my car for parking tickets I paid over a month ago. Took three hours at the DMV to work it out.

    Rave: The ladyfriend surprised me with tickets to the sold-out Ryan Bingham show at 930 club tonight!

  • Can’t decide Rave/Rant: I had jury duty yesterday and wasn’t selected after 4+ hours in the courtroom during final juror selection. The case was only suppose to take 2 days, and I kind of wanted a mini-vacation from work and to finally be on a jury for the experience.

    Rave: Getting a tattoo this evening at Bethesda Tattoo!

    • Do you live in D.C.? You will probably be selected for a jury sooner or later.

      I served on trials the first two times I was called. I was kind of amazed when I was called for the third time and was released around 2:30 because they had filled their juror pools for the day!

      • Yep, I’ve been an official DC resident, licensed driver, and registered voter for 5 years, and this is the first time I’ve been called. We were released at 4:30 pm and the juror waiting area was a ghost town!

        • Been a DC resident for almost 10 years, drivers license, registered voter but I have never been called for JD. Is this typical? And no, I am not a convicted felon. 🙂

          • Not typical. I was called every 2 years like clockwork for 14 years. Three times in a row I was selected for the jury. One plea bargain before trial, one verdict, and then a hung jury. After the hung jury, it took them 3 years to find me but they still found me. I am shocked you’ve not been called in 10 years.

    • you can volunteer for jury duty.

    • I’ve never served on a jury, either. I get summoned all the time, but have rarely had to appear, and never been selected. When will it be my turn? When???

      Re: tattoo: are you sure? I mean, SURE sure? What if it comes out crooked? What if the colors bleed? Will you be ok with that?
      I saw the saddest thing the other day… Remember back when PoP did a tattoo feature, and showed a gal with an amazing detailed realistic dandelion puff on her neck? That one almost made me want a tattoo. Then, the other day in the metro, I saw another girl with the same tattoo… sort of. It was the same idea, dandelion puff with the seeds blowing across her skin, but it was SO poorly done. So I thought, what if I had said, I want THIS tattoo! and the guy with the needle was like “can do, toots”, and I ended up with a sad, artless version of something beautiful, and I was stuck with it forever.
      Ok, have fun tonight!

      • Ooh, I found it: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2009/01/dear-pop-wheres-the-best-tattoo-parlor-in-dc/
        Just as good as I remembered. Now I’m sad all over again for the girl with the badly-done version.

        • I’m not copying someone else’s tattoo, so no worries there. The artist is known for her floral work and is working on a custom design from some photos I brought in.

          Thanks for your concern–I’m not one of those people who get tattoos because they’re bored and idle. I’ve had this tattoo on my mind for the last.. 6 ish years, so I think I’m ready 🙂

          • See that’s the thing, everyone I know who’s tattooed goes to someone who’s recommended by trusted friends. And even then, you should still request to see a portfolio of their work so you can determine if the artist can do what you’re requesting. And then, you can ask them to do a mock-up so you can see their drawing long before the needle touches your skin.

            If you do some homework and preparation, bad tattoos are easily avoided.

      • Some chicks can really use Turlington’s Lower Back Tattoo Remover. (I would post a link to the SNL sketch, but I’m at work)

      • What do you mean “have rarely had to appear” you have to appear to be slected or not???

        • Nooo, there’s one variety of jury duty where you call an automated phone number every evening for two weeks, to see if they want you to show up the next day. I have gone through two of those, and had two weeks of “you are not required to appear for jury service on Wednesday. December. 11th. Please call again tomorrow…” etc.

  • Double-Rant:
    1) People (tourists? or locals with luggage?) who didn’t follow the ‘stand to the right’ rule on the Metro escalators this morning.

    2) the locals blocked from passing on the left by said morons didn’t even have the cajones to just say “excuse me, would you mind moving over”. They just stood there like sheep while other people piled up behind them, craning their necks to see what the hold up was.

  • Rave: My friends had their baby, he’s healthy and huge, and new momma and poppa are doing fine.

    Rave: my quest today is not be rant free

  • Rant: AC that runs nonstop at the office. C’mon building guy- we don’t need to be in a walk-in freezer all summer.

    • I’ve always wondered why many buildings are meat locker cold in the summer and oven hot in the winter. It wastes energy and doesn’t make people any more comfortable – it just makes them need to bring heavy coats to work in the summer and strip down in the winter.

    • that’s why they invented sweater sets

  • Rant: Its damn near impossible to report a taxi in this city! I have to write a letter and provide so much information that i usually just say forget it. Cant we just call some short number like #311 and press 6 to report a cabbie? Just give their number and explain the incident and BAM! done.

  • Rant: People who wait for the metro turnstile gate to close before using their smart trip card to go through. It slows down the line and your card will still work if you use it immediately after the person in front of you!!!

    • Have you ever been bitten by the gate, thinking that your card had registered when it actually hadn’t? It’s unpleasant. Once is enough to make you cautious.

      That said, I also get annoyed by the people who wait, when the display is working. I know my card has registered when the green light comes on, or when the card balance comes up on the screen. If the light and the display are both out of order, I’m waiting.

    • yeah, not always. breathe. chill out a bit.

    • My rant is people who wait until they are at the gate, standing directly in front of it blocking passage before they bother reaching for their card…especially at rush hour.

      I mean really…there are 50 people behind you and you hold up the entire line because you couldn’t bother to get ready to go through the gate.

  • I agree with this a million times over.

  • Rant: The person who broke into my car last night had the wisdom to pull very very hard on the LOCKED glove box handle only to rip the handle off, leaving me with a locked glove box that now cannot be opened.

    Rave: Its Friday, and I get to eat a catered lunch.

    • I never realized how much that could suck.

      A crackhead once went through my car (I had amazingly left it unlocked, so no broken window!) and went through every side compartment in the car but did not check the glove compartment, and I had left a spare key in there! Unbelievable luck.

      At the same time, somebody once broke my apt. window, door, trashed a heater/wall to which my $200 bike was latched, doing basically $2500 worth of damage for a beater. I guess all things even out as my car is probably only worth 2-4K

  • Rave: There is a chef demo happening today at Petworth Community Market. Stop by around 5PM to catch our very own Mark Haskell in action.


    What do you think the secret ingredient will be today?

  • Rave: Home improvement projects are slowly getting completed.

    Rant: Stripping and sanding 100 years of paint and stain from doors. Thinking about leaving all the door trim work painted white and restaining the doors a dark color. Would this look weird? Our entrance doors to the house are like this, but I know that is more common. I’m just not sure it would carry throughout the house well.

    • I don’t think it would look weird and is fairly common. The house I grew up in had white trim but the doors to the rooms were unpainted, dark wood.

  • Double-Rant: All the cars, vans, trucks who double-park on New Hampshire Ave. in front of Sweet Mango (between Georgia and Quincy). There are always at least 3 or 4 unattended cars double-parked there while their drivers are inside getting food. At the risk of generalizing, most of these cars have Maryland plates. I understand that 1) Sweet Mango has great chicken and 2) parking sucks around that intersection. However, this is a huge pain in the ass for anyone trying to travel north on NH Ave., and, causes a fairly significant safety issue. You have people switching lanes as they travel through the intersection, pedestrians darting out from in between the double-parked cars, etc. I don’t understand why MPD allows this continue. It’s been a problem for as long as I’ve lived in Petworth. Seems to me an officer with a ticket book could make some fast money for the city standing on the corner from about 5 -7 every night. Maybe we could have afforded that SUV for Kwame after all…

    • I so agree with you, whay don’t they just double park on Rock Creek Church Road, it is much less traveled and would pose less danger to the traffic mess (because pedestrians are always crossing the street against the light). But, then again, all those MD cars double park our streets to attend church Sundays, and many other evenings of the week.

  • We braved the storm at the concert last night. Well worth it might I add.

    • we braved the rain as well. It was touch and go right there at the end with the hail and we were debating moving. But we decided to just move closer to the front!

      Thank god I always keep a spare set of clothes in the car! I drove home dry!

    • austindc

      Revel: We got lucky! The traffic was so bad on the way in, that we didn’t even get to park until after the rain had stopped. We got on to the lawn minutes before they started playing. Phew!

  • Rave: Seeing the Royal Danish Ballet tonight! Scored cheap tickets on Goldstar.

  • Raves: 2 hour lunch at Guapos with my parents, enjoying a boss sanctioned “Raging *itch” at work (in honor of our HR rep), got a dog under me feet and my project is moving forward.

    –I think that’s as good as it gets for a Friday at work.

  • rave: its the weekend!
    rant: PoP is turning into craigslist with a daily rant section.

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