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For a long time now we’ve had a random reader rant/revel post on Mondays and Fridays. While I was at the beach a couple of weeks ago I posted them for the whole week and I’ve since got some requests to continue a daily RRR/R. I think I’ll post one every morning at 10am and continue the regular schedule of posts after that.

I also had a request from a reader to post some extra concert tickets for sale and while I don’t do those types of posts myself please feel free to use this morning RRR/R for those types of items or simply as a more general message board.

I’ll start with a Rave – I got a new air conditioner just in the nick of time!

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  • Rave: Chowhound

    Rant: People who call themselves “foodies.” I HATE that term!

    • re: Chowhound. If DC is all you are interested in check out donrockwell.com. Signal-to-noise ratio is leaps and bounds better than chowhound and the rest.

    • jburka

      Rant: people who don’t shut up about how much they hate the word “foodie.” It’s just a less pretentious way of saying “gourmet.” Stop taking everything so seriously and just enjoy your food already.

    • Agree with your rant – Most self-proclaimed “foodies” that I know can’t cook worth a damn.

      • I guess that’s why they call themselves “foodies” and not “cookies”. Doesn’t require an ounce of cooking skill to love eating.

        • See, all the self-proclaimed “foodies” I know don’t sugar coat it. We call our selves “fat kids” and then take another bite 🙂

          • haha I love it, that’s what I do. I love food, I love to go out to eat, I hate to cook. I do NOT call myself a foodie. Am I free from your hate?

  • Rant: I’m working with a bunch of assholes

    Rave: I’ll be done with them by next Thursday

    Rant: Then I get to work with a new set of assholes until August!

  • Having sex with your ex. Do people do that and does it complicate the current relationships both of the ex’s are in? Straight or gay.

    • me

      Um… while yes, people sometimes get together with their ex, doing it while in other relationships = cheating. So it will obviously complicate those other relationships, no matter if you’re straight or gay.

    • Anthony is that you? She isn’t your ex yet!

  • Rave: New work assignment is going great!
    Rant: People on Metrobus who insist on standing in the front instead of moving to the back.
    Rave: Getting to throw and elbow or two as I walk past them.

    • Thats a great way to get stabbed. Or do you just pick on the ones who wont fight back?

      • I just push past a bit more agressively than needed. Stabbed really? The 20 something chick with a clear sense of entitlement stuck me more as the kind to carry an iPhone not a switchblade.

  • Rave- My Jason got a contract to write a wargaming book. His first one.

    Rant- Looks like I am not seeing him again from now to December.

  • Rave: Had a great run this morning, but I can’t believe how hot it was so early this morning

    Rant: Still waiting on my DC tax refund

  • Bear

    Rave: Met the perfect man, and he’s into me.

    Rant: He lives in Atlanta.

    • Rant: I’m also dating the perfect man, and he also lives in Atlanta.
      Rave: I’m almost Silver Medallion on Delta as a result!

      • Bear

        Is it difficult? I am wary of starting anything long-distance…

        • Some good friends of mine got married following a New Orleans-Orlando (bleh!) long distance romance. So, it can definitely work!

          Of course, they were both from NOLA, so it was no big deal for him to move back home to be with her…

        • definitely viable… I just moved to Philly after dating a guy there for 2.5 years while living in DC (we met while he was in Philly and I was in DC). We did the weekend thing. I mean, it definitely takes a toll on you, and you need to keep in mind that either of you need to be open to moving to be near the other person, but since I’m originally from Philly, it made more sense for me to move there.

        • Not doable if he/she lives in ShAtlanta.

          Believe me – you do NOT want to spend more than 17 minutes in that shitehole of a city.

          • This is awesome, Bear! I’m excited for you. Yes, it’s definitely doable. We just had ten weekends in a row, so going two weeks without seeing each other sucks. I completely agree with balls, though – Atlanta is a shitehole. But it’s always fun to explore new places, and have adventures away from the cesspools of both DC and ATL 🙂

          • Bear

            Well, I’m from there, and I happen to like it. So I’ll respectfully disagree with your assessment of my hometown.

  • Depends on the circumstance. If the long-distance has a defined end point, then you it is a lot easier. If it is up in the air or way off in the future, yeah, good luck with that one!

    -Someone who has been in 3 long distanec relationships.

  • How much is parking worth? I want to rent out my basement apartment, when figuring out how much to charge for rent, how much shoud be factored in for off street parking?

    • Depends on the hood. My estimates:

      DuPont/U Street/AdMo – $125-150 if included in rent ($175-225 if independent)

      Hill – $100 if included in rent

      NE – $50-100 if included in rent

      Georgetown – $200 if included in rent

      • I see rates around $200 for U Street

        • Covered or outside parking? Covered, I can see for ~$200, but outdoor shiould be cheaper.

          I have seen it on Craigslist for $175-225 in a building like the 2020 12th Street bldg – probably the best parking in the area safety-wise; plus, it gets you access to the computer room and gym there! I had a friend who did that for a while.

          • Thank you all for your help. The parking is covered, car port with automatic garage door. Parking is in Eckington near New York Avenue Metro.

      • Yup, I charge $200 for my spot near Logan Circle.

        I believe you can charge a premium if the spot is covered or in a protected lot.

    • I rent mine in Columbia Heights – 1 block to metro for $100.00 a month. Last time I posted it – about 4 months ago – I had 3 requests – but 2 were short-term.

  • friends with benefits with an ex. done it? how’d it work out? worth it?

    • I just fell into that for the first time. I know it’ll turn out to be a disaster but c’est la vie.

    • Without a doubt, fucking an ex I’d already dumped was among the dumber mistakes either of us ever made.

      • Just to contrast that, sleeping with some of my exes was among some of the best things I’ve ever done. Sleeping/FwB with others was a mistake. It really depends on the situation, you, and the ex.

  • Rave: Its Wednesday—-Thursday is the new Friday, and Wednesday is the new Thursday! love the summers!

    Rant: Did anyone see the “My Jeans” video on youtube? Brought back horrible memories of Rebecca Black

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: article about DC honey in today’s express

    Rant: they never tell where I can buy DC honey

    Rave: I’ve got some tasty buckwheat honey (from who knows where) and I think I’ll make some granola with it.

    Weird: My sister and I can have such different memories of the same event.

  • Having daily rant and revels makes it less interesting. I look forward to the Mon/Fri post, wouldn’t care for it every day. My two cents…

  • RANT: caught my teenagers skipping school

    RAVE: escorted them to school and did my best to fully and completely humiliate them in the hall in front of guards, teachers, other students. FUN!

    RAVE: Disconnected TV, XBOX as punishment. Peace and quiet tonight.

    • Rock on. I like you.

      Did you see that Tina Fey “mother’s prayer” that was circulating a while ago? More parents of teens need to add this bit to their daily devotions:
      “when she one day turns on me and calls me a Bitch in front of Hollister, Give me the strength, Lord, to yank her directly into a cab in front of her friends, For I will not have that Shit. I will not have it.”

      • Yeah, I kinda did that. Rode behind them, herding them to school, and then rode my bike IN THE FRONT DOOR and told the security guards they were my sons, they are truant, and they need after-school detention. Then proceeded to dress them down in the hall in front of teachers, principal and friends.

  • Jerked around AGAIN and STILL have no air conditioning. And instead of picking up today where they left off last night, we are now on the schedule for NEXT MONDAY.

    THIS IS BULLSHIT. I also hate summer more than everything else I hate combined.

    • The key to not experiencing this is….Have a contract to have a REPUTABLE company service it 2x/yr. Do not wait until it gets warm for summer/ cold for winter to schedule this. If you wait till its 100 degrees and you get home from work to call…you will look at multiple visits and several days wait to get the first one. Good luck!

      • I didn’t wait. They did. We have a brand new HVAC unit (installed in Feb) and we’ve been trying to get it fixed for weeks now. Third attempt last night. We have to go with the warranty company and we keep getting jerked around, having techs no call/no show, waiting a week for an appointment, tech showing up at 8pm and needing approval from warranty company who sends their authorization people home at 5 ON THE DOT so there’s no one around to authorize the guy to do his job.

        Trust me, this is not a mess of my own doing. Whatever you do, people, do NOT get roped in with Old Republic Home Warranty. Scam artists.

        • ahh such a tough situation! I definitely feel for you! I hope things work out soon for you!

          In regards to Old Republic Home Warranty….AS I am in the home services/construction industry, most everyone agrees that ALL home warranty companies are a scam. It’s a shame a lot of financing/ mortgage companies require these. They are trully worthless…the companies contract with the cheapest and least trained companies in the areas they operate. I have so many stories about trying to help my customers but having my hands tied due to home warranty companies who have my customers on the hook. It sucks to know their issues will not be resolved through whomever the warranty company sends out and there is nothing i can do about it.

          • You sound responsible, professional, and competent. Wanna come fix my a/c? :p I think last night’s tech felt much as you describe, as in, he felt badly that he couldn’t help us (and I was nearly in tears) but he literally wasn’t allowed.

            Old Republic (and I guess others) is known for stalling and hardballing customers until they get so frustrated they just go ahead and get someone reputable to do the work. That’s exactly where we were last night–so desperate we asked how much would it be if we just paid for it. Turned out to be an unknown amount but starting around $250, so that was that.

    • Do you rent or own? If you rent, you can probably make a case that no air conditioning in this heat makes your apartment unlivable (especially given the heat warnings). Tell your landlord that you won’t be paying rent for the days that there’s no AC – I bet it’ll get fixed much more quickly!

      If you own… well… sucks to be you. Good luck!

      • I wish we still rented. Buying a house was the worst decision we ever made. If we could sell it today, we would.

      • He’ll tell you to buy a window unit. Landlords arent required to furnish A/C, only if there is CAC it is required to work.

        Believe it or not, people lived in these very same houses for decades, with less insulation and no air conditioning. It got hot back then too.

        • They’re required if it’s in your lease.

          And I’m betting your smarmy comment can be made because you’ll go home today to an air conditioned home.

    • I feel for you– our AC unit died during this time last summer. The worst part wasn’t the heat, but that the roaches next door suddenly found our hot, humid house more appealing than the neighbors’. It took the rest of the summer to get rid of them.

      • Oh GREAT. Something else to worry about while I’m lying in a puddle of sweat in the middle of the night, not sleeping.

        Sorry you went through that! Can’t believe it took so long to get rid of them. Ugh!

        • Sorry. If it makes you feel better, we were aware of the problem next door before it happened. But we went from seeing 1 roach every 2-3 months to seeing 20 a day, all in a span of a few days that we were without AC.

          • Okay, now I’m jumping on my chair and squealing “ewwwww!”

            Well not really, but you get the idea. 20 a day?? That’s awful. Did you have to have your place treated? I hope those neighbors are gone now.

          • Yeah, we had to get it treated every two weeks through September. It’s hard to get rid of them when there’s a steady supply coming from the adjacent untreated house.

            We eventually bought a place in DC and moved out (this happened in Fairfax County), so they’re no longer our neighbors. 🙂

          • Ohhhhh. It was VIRGINIA. That explains it. I’m glad we don’t have roaches in DC. :p

          • Haha, yes, I’m guessing that a household full of day laborers is less likely than your average DC resident to invest in pest control.

    • austindc

      RANT: I feel for you! The idiots who sold us our house installed a new AC, but it never worked. And the idiot who bought the house (that’s me) didn’t catch it.

      RAVE: I called Fry Plumbing to come check it out, and they said the first idiots left out a part and wired it wrong. I was able to get the part and fix it myself (I had it overnighted from Michigan). And Fry didn’t charge me anything for that. And now I love Fry Plumbing in a special, deep down way.

      I hope you get some AC soon! I know how hard it is to stay sane when it’s too hot to even sleep. Take lots of cold showers!

      • We both know lots of idiots!! 🙂

        This is good to know about Fry. Thanks for the tip, which we will undoubtedly have to put to use in the future.

  • Did anyone try the Getaway yet?!

    Rave – Phish concert on Saturday
    Rant – Phish on Sunday and will have to deal with a drunk husband on a school night. Ugh.

    PS – If you are reading this perhaps you should not over do it!
    PPS – I’m sorry I’m yelling at you on a blog before it even happened I just know you well enough to be 99.9% sure that this will be the case.)

  • Rave: Last night I had an amazing time at the kickoff celebration for the Afro-Brasilian Fest – which was organized by a Shaw/LeDroit park based capoeria group. I am looking forward to the rum tasting tonight and samba party on Friday!


    • claire

      Thanks for the link – looks pretty cool and I think I’ll probably end up heading to the free event Friday night!

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