Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

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ou can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rave: Ran in my first triathalon this week
    Rant: Finishing behind several geriatric racers
    Rave: Didn’t drown

  • RANT: State Farm Insurance — going to drop our old van, our motorcycle, and BOTH houses because my partner had an accident and two speeding tickets in 2008 and because we made two small claims on our homeowners in the 1990s. WTF???

    RAVE: great weekend. very productive on house projects.

    • wait – they’re dropping you? For 2008 issues?

      • Yup. They have just called and said they won’t drop our homeowners after all. Still…

        Our agent is trying to intervene but said they don’t have real people at corporate headquarters any more. Even the son of the agent got dropped because he had an accident.

        • Crazy. State Farm gave me a really high quote on my homeowner’s insurance because of a small renter’s insurance claim I made over three years ago. Sometimes I think it’s better not to report these things at all.

  • Rave: Leaving for vacation tomorrow!!!!
    Rave part duex: Moved to H st. area and loving it so far!Rant: Feeling some scratchy throat this morning…really hoping I won’t be sick over vacation. Any suggestions on how to mitigate?

  • Rave: Went out of town this weekend and spent quality time with friends and family
    Rant: Back in the office today and hating every minute of my job

  • Rave: Tubing in Harper’s Ferry this weekend with good friends and good drinks.

    • me

      I’m going to make a rant off of the poster above… struck by lightning while tubing at Harper’s Ferry almost 4 years ago and still having after-effects from it, today being worse than usual. :-/

  • anon. gardener

    Rave: planted the tomatoes this weekend. Gorgeous weather.

    Rant: more hot weather on its way.

    Related Rant: hot weather means more people wear sleeveless or short sleeved shirts. Some of these people have no concept of personal space. And invade mine during my daily bus commute. If you’re sitting next to me, don’t let your bare arm touch my bare arm, continually, from Petworth Metro all the way to K Street – it’s disgusting and creepy. Especially when I am sitting in the inside seat – I have nowhere to go to escape you. I manage to sit on the bus without flailing my arms around and touching all and sundry with my bare flesh. Control yourself!! God I hate people.

    • And I thought _I_ was sensitive about personal space!

      Maybe wear some kind of long-sleeved garment while commuting, so as to prevent this flesh-touching thing from happening?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Same goes for people in short! I don’t want to feel your leg hair on my legs, close your damn legs!

    • eewh! I wonder if he got a boner? Assuming you’re not a guy.

      • anon. gardener

        I’m a woman. the person next to me was a woman. A woman with goosebumpy upper arms – i could feel the hairs on her arms and the little bumps – ugh! it’s disturbing to even think about it. She seemed genuinely unaware of what she was doing.

    • You should really get a car.

  • Rant: hubby in the hospital since Friday. The poor guy has missed all the nice weather.
    Rave: Hospital within walking distance of my favorite lunch spot

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I’m liking life. Can’t think of any rants.

  • Rant: Daycare closed by the city due to a flood. Parents were so mad at the initial response to the leak they couldn’t help themselves and complained to the authorities who decided to shut it down at 6pm Friday.

    Rave: Parents organizing quickly over the weekend to set up nanny shares using now idle daycare teachers seems to be working out, at least for us.

  • Every Monday I come to work and quickly remember why I hate my job.

  • Rave: Fun evening plans ahead most nights this week.

    Rave: My apartment is so clean right now, I can’t wait to go home and be able to relax for once.

    Rant: Is there any general practice doctor in this entire city that is currently accepting new patients/has openings before October?? I am sick of making this endless calls with no success. 🙁

    • I had no problem getting in at Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa’s office as a new patient. I was able to get an appointment in 2 weeks and the doctor was super nice. Be warned though – if you’re going in for just a check up, they set you up with one appointment to draw blood, etc and then a second appointment in a week to actually see the doctor and go over your results. Personally, I liked being able to talk to the doctor after he had seen my test results but some people may not like the 2 appointment set up. Definitely recommend this office though!

      • Emmaleigh504

        In DC apparently you have to have a Dr appointment to go over lab results, they can’t just call you on the phone. I wish I could remember where I read this, but I looked it up after my Dr did the same. I was used to a phone call and was miffed at having to pay for another appointment.

      • I don’t know if she’s still accepting but I got in not long ago with Theresa Stone at 19th and L. She’s great. Don’t tell them you want a checkup though–that will take months. Come up with something, anything as a “reason” you need to see the doctor.

    • Drs McMackin and Zimnoch are taking new patients.


      • They’re one of the ones who are starting the membership fee-based thing that people on here were complaining about last week. My husband just got a letter from them about it. And as of about 6 weeks ago, they actually weren’t taking new patients; he had to bargain to get in.

    • anon. gardener

      When I lived in NYC, my strategy was to pick the most ethnic looking name from my preferred provider list. I was always able to get an appt within days. I found some amazing doctors this way. People are idiots,(people in NY anyway) and you can use that fact to your advantage.

    • Erin Bagshaw, NP. Across from the Zoo Entrance on Conn Ave.

    • I have the same problem with not being able to find a doctor! After 5 years of making rounds of calls I finally found one who was taking new patients– but he’s out in Alexandria and not very good. 🙁

    • Thanks for the tips! I’ve actually already left messages with several of the doctors mentioned, so hopefully I will eventually get through to a real human being at some point…

    • me

      This practice is meh, but they will accept new patients basically the same day. Washington Medical Group off of Dupont. They only take checks or cash, and their front desk staff is lacking in manners, but if you just need to get in quickly because of sickness or you threw your back out (they have a chiropractor there too), they’re ok.

  • Rant: All the car break-ins around 13th and T Friday night.

    Rant: Mine was included.

    Rave: Karma is a bitch. Sometimes a slow bitch but nonetheless it will catch up to you.

  • Rave: Got married this weekend!

    Rave #2: Ceremony was at the Jefferson Memorial, in the midst of the dance protest. Park Police were kind and accommodating (even stopping so we could get photos with their horses), despite the fact that they were having a pretty busy day.

  • Rant: third plumber is coming over tomorrow. The other two sucked and didn’t solve our water leak! Are there any good plumbers in this city?

    Rave: My sister visited for the weekend 🙂

    • austindc

      We just switched from one big-name plumber to Fry Plumbing after 5 visits from the first company yielded no results. They are doing the work today, but so far I have been wicked impressed by their attention to detail, professionalism, and friendliness. They also were about $1300 less than what the big-name company was quoting. We’ll see how the work turns out, but so far, I am swoony.

  • Rant: stomach bugs. This is the third or fourth this year. I don’t know whether the poor kid picked it up at daycare, or if it’s from drinking the water in the Petworth spray park yesterday, but he is so sad it’s breaking my heart. Even though he did puke on my face in the middle of the night.

    Rave: I’m not working, sitting around all day, and snuggling my baby. That doesn’t happen very often; usually he’s way too busy to snuggle for long.

    • Rant: Our little man also has a stomach bug. He is too small for the spray park (just turned 6 months on Saturday) but our pediatrician said a lot of stuff is going around. Sorry to hear about your little guy hope he gets better soon.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Was sick for the past week and became ill enough that I took myself to Urgent Care.

    Rave: Prescribed drugs make me feel a ton better!

    Rant: Was a gorgeous weekend and I didn’t get to enjoy it much.

    Rave: Mr. Squid bought a new bike. Kudos to Chris and Capital Hill Bikes for the help and ordering sizes that would fit him. Hopefully I’ll feel better enough soon so we can ride.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Went to Hagerstown to see Ryan Zimmerman and Bryce Harper play minor league ball and the weather was perfect.
    Also, Delicious and bizarre minor league ballpark food, and good deals on a couple of craft beers

    Rant: Bryce Harper got drilled in the leg with the first pitch he saw in the first inning and left the game.

  • Rave – cook out with smart friends.

    Rant – smart friends tossing pages of the New Yorker on top of the charcoal to try and get it going.

  • Rant – A local running store didn’t have my size in stock but offered to order the right shoes for me. I figured sure, I could just order it myself on the internet but I’ll support the local running store instead. 3 weeks (and a couple screw-ups) later I still don’t have my new running shoes. Boo.

    Revel – Old shoes are holding up surprisingly well in the meantime. Great running weather lately.

  • Rave: I’m 39 weeks pregnant. Yay!

    Rant: My mother wants to visit this weekend. Booo…

  • Rave: DC AG going after corrupt elected officials.

    Rant: The corrupt cronies and their buddies that run DC.

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