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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • Rant: Just got a new (used) motorcycle and took the day off from work yesterday to find myself broken down on Rock Creek. 1 tow truck, $400 and 4 hours later…she should be fixed.

    Revel: At least I wasn’t on the highway BUT it’s Friday Friday Friday gonna have fun fun fun.

  • Rant: Majorly sprained my ankle on Sunday. Can’t bear weight and most likely need surgery after years of injuries have left me with little strength left in my ankle.

    Rave(sort of): Happened on duty at work so my medical costs will be covered.

    Rant: Worried about the medical care I may get by department sanctioned doctors. May end up going through my insurance to make sure I am comfortable with the care I get.

    Rave: The weather.

    Rant: Can’t go out and really enjoy it.

  • me

    Rant: I. Hate. My. Job. Seriously.

    Rave: It pays the bills, and then some.

    Rant: I really want to punch a coworker in the face right now. But I would get arrested. She needs to shut up about her stupid IT issue that she has been complaining about all day, every day, for over a week now to anyone within earshot.

    Rave: My husband is taking me to a B&B for the weekend and I cannot wait for a long-overdue spa trip!

  • Rant: Fear of young punk thugs in DC and their love affair with guns and bullets.

    Revel: 112 to 100 ratios! I’ll pay more for those odds.

    • Rant: You are not alone. I too fear the hoodlums in DC with guns and bullets. We had a homicide in the 4th District last week on Georgia Avenue, NW. These young hoodlums have no regards for life. If they will shoot at a police officer, I can’t imagine what they will do to ordinary citizens.

    • Too bad you are already taken, sweetheart.

  • I saw former Mayor Adrian Fenty this morning. I spoke to him, but he was somewhat cold. In the past, he would shake my hand. He know, I didn’t vote for him in the last election. LOL

    Rave: I am enjoying this weather and saving money on my PEPCO bill by not using the air conditioner.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Thanks to the internetzs, it took me 10 minutes to find the contact information of a friend I have not seen in 30 years!
    Rant: Thanks to the internet there is less and less privacy every day..

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: all the MoFo morning people I work with.
    Rave: Thinking up baby names for cousin’s baby!

  • Rave: My wonderful DR who takes time with all his patients and doesn’t charge a $75 a month membership fee.

    Rant: None. Enjoying the weather today!!!!

  • Rant: acne all over my face, men I am 30!
    Rant: Dc is not working for me. cant wait to move out
    Rave: Can’t wait to move out
    Rave/Rant: Just go a free ticket to go at the black street boy concert 🙂 no sure what to expect there as they are probably too old now, I have so much to do regarding my move but will be spending the time at the concert:(

    • I have the same problem… did it start around when you turned 30?

      • Nope, I have been having that on and off, was almost clear for the last 2-3 years, but since 3-4 months it back and wont move 🙁

        • I was going to suggest getting checked for a hormonal imbalance….. You could have had it for awhile but it really starts to kick in around your 30s…

          I was checked and I had a pretty severe imbalance…. I am still battling with it but when I initially started getting treated it really helped my skin.

          • What kind of treatment did u get, anti baby pills? that’s all what Doc have been suggesting…

          • I went to a naturopath she actually tested to see which hormones were screwed up… I use a cream (not on my face) in the night and in the morning.

            I went to National Integrated Health Associates in Friendship Heights- Dr. Kannenkeril. I got tired of regular dermatologists just wanting to throw antibiotics at me or want me to go on Retin-A. I wanted to look more at the cause of why my skin was having problems vs. just treating it.

          • Thanks for the info and good luck to u!

  • Rave: Loving this weather!
    Rant: ALLERGIES. I have enough Sudafed stocked up to fuel a meth lab for a year, and it’s not enough to stop my sniffles.

  • Rave: I used bike share to travel to work today – all down hill. glorious.

    Rant: I am taking the bus back, will ahve to wait too long for an overcrowded bus with rude people.

    • depending on how far you’re going and which hill you pick, the uphill ride home really isn’t that bad, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t enjoy walking or biking up hills. i’ve found the 11th St. hill to be the easiest, if that takes you where you need to go. and no matter which hill you pick, it beats the bus scenario you’ve outlined.

  • Rant; DC need to call in the National Guard to patrol our neigborhoods because MPD don’t have enough police oficers. Too many police officers are still working in administrative desk positions. I am losing faith in Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier.

    • Look, that’s HS. The problem isn’t with the number of cops or with Lanier, it’s with the city council and all the socioeconomic apologists like Mendolson, Alexander, Gray and all the bleeding heart judges DC has acquired.

      You could clean this place up with 50 cops in a month if the laws and sentences were even slightly strict.

  • Rave: Started my new job this week and so far, I love it! It’s challenging and interesting work.

    Rant: Very busy weekend and no time with family.

  • Did anyone else have home electronics die last Friday evening due perhaps to power fluctuations? Both my next-door-neighbor and I came home to broken TVs and dead cable modems.

    • There’s a lot of noise on the solar list serve about how the voltage in DC dropped 10-20% around when everyone got off of work this week. You need to call your councilman to complain. The public utility commission is worthless.

    • Spoke to one of my customers at work that experienced the same issue. (perhaps one of your neighbors because he said it was 8 neighbors including him. ) He said PEPCO had admitted liability.

  • Rant: Boy is in the UAE for three weeks for work
    Rave: Sunny days like today! If it would only stay this way through August…

    Also, my birthday was this week! Looking forward to seeing some friends on Saturday night to celebrate.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: office trip to the ice cream shop!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Super Rave: Owner of ice cream shop came in while we were there and gave us free ice cream!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I’m highly caffeinated
    Rave: Can’t wait to play with my band tonight!

  • Bear

    Rave: I think I am pulling off a recession miracle–my organization just announced a reorganization and layoffs, but I found out that not only am I safe, I should be getting a pretty decent promotion/raise out of it. It’s a good feeling to finally be recognized for all the hard work I’ve put in.

    Rave: Bestie’s in town for the weekend!

    Rave: Awesome weather!

    No rants this week.

  • Rant: People in the office next to me not scheduling conference rooms for loud discussions.

    Rant: Everyone telling me I need a wife, and then seeing couples in the park and beginning to believe them.

    Rave: This weather is sooo good after crappy Monday and Tuesday, it makes me want to drop everything and move to Hawaii.

    Rave: Looks like the weather will hold up for Saturday at least.

  • Rave: Wife met me for lunch.
    Rant: We can’t seem to make a baby.

    Rant 2: “You’re posting comments too quickly”

  • Rant: Uhaul sucks! On 5/19 I schedule a hitch placement for 5/28 only to find out that they haven’t had a mechanic since 4/30…so why did they take my reservation?! I was told that my res was changed to Chillum Uhaul. Trudged over there. Yes res is there but hitch is not. Nearest hitch for my car is in Pittsburgh, they will overnight it and have it by Tue of this week. Tue no hitch, Wed no hitch, Thur no hitch, Fri no hitch. Spent over an hour last night calling Chillum, Pittsburgh, National Office, Regional Office…no one in the Uhaul world knows where the hitch is.

    Rave: Found a shop in Waldorf who will place hitch next week Thurs, is cheaper than Uhaul, and they have bike racks in their showroom (my whole purpose for attaching a hitch). Lesson learned: shop “mom & pop local”

    • No, lesson learned is never do business with UHaul. EVER. I have had not one single positive experience with that company and their rogue band of franchisees. After making a reservation for a truck one time, and having confirmed said reservation with the corporate 1-800 number per the instructions, I go to the pick up location and was told, no joke, “Well, an online reservation doesn’t actually mean we’ll have the truck for you today, you should have called us directly to make sure there was one available. You can have it for 8 hours starting tomorrow morning, will that work?” This happens all of the time apparently. Have them actually do mechanical work on my vehicle? Not on your life!

    • Bear

      If you used a credit card to pay, keep an eye on your account. Last year I used a credit card to pay for a truck and storage at the U-Haul on Rhode Island NE, near the Home Depot–it was the only time I had used that card in over a year. A month later someone tried to charge over $1000 of groceries at a Giant in Waldorf with the credit card number (I never lost the card). Luckily the card company caught the suspicious activity, but it was still a huge pain in the ass.

      • This happened to us too. They used the number to purchase a Progressive insurance policy. Our CC waived the charge. Not cool.

        • thanks for the advice folks. I have checked my cc to see if the deposit was billed. Thus far nothing funny on my cc, but i will keep an eye on it.

  • Rave: Driving Miata home down GW Parkway on beautiful afternoon.

    Rant: Radio crapped out this morning so no tunes.

  • Someone who murdered a young mother, and then left an infant to die, likely from heat exhaustion. Words can’t say how heartsick I am at this.

  • Rant: Just broke my teapot as I went to wash it out. Such a klutz!

    Rave: Moving to my own place soon!!

  • Rant: Why did I get so involved in that dating-in-DC thread? Ugh.

    Rant: I desperately want to find a new job, but feel like I can’t leave this one until I get a promotion for resume-purposes, but because I am frustrated with the job it’s hard to motivate myself to work for said promotion. TRAPPED.

    Rave: Weather! Friday! Free lunch today and free drinks at an event this evening!

  • Rant, For Realz: Repubicans attacking Planned Parenthood – knowing full-well that there is crap health care available – and offering nothing in return, no birth control, no contraception, against educating, say women who are raped are lying, or think that poor women have no capacity to make decisions for themselves… yet speeding coverage for Viagra along… oh the misogyny, and I don’t want to even hear them put down the men of the Arab world… we’ve got our own misogynists right here.

    Rave: Beautiful day outside! Going to see friends all weekend. Weddings, parties, movies.

    Rant: Ahhhh the DC dating thread that I just read. Must have a drink and exorcize it all out this evening with the sweet guy I’ve been seeing.

  • Rave – Meridian Park ducklings still thriving and adorable – all 7! They love corn & cut up green beans (defrosted frozen) toss it in the water and they dive for it. They are not a fan of lettuce however. The wild duck website also recommends thawed frozen peas, and of course, duck food.

    Rant – still lots of people leaving white bread out so crows and other birds are congregating and harassing them a bit.

  • Rant: been working all day on this stupid project, and I will be here for hours working still.

    Rant 2: Friends got tix to the show tonight. No one told me they were going. Made me feel sad.

    Rave: my dog was so cute sleeping this morning, it made me smile, even though I had to get up for work.

  • Rant: I am hoping justice will be serve in reference to former North Carolina Senator John Edwards. It was awful and a disgrace, that he cheated on his dead wife Elizabeth during her battling cancer.

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