Possible Stolen Bike Found at 13th and H St, NW

“Dear PoP,

I work at 1333 H St. NW and there is a bike in front of the building that looks like it was stolen. I say that because it has been there for about two weeks, was sloppily painted, has two very different tires, and it is locked with a cheap chain and master lock. It’s an older Schwinn with a nice women’s saddle and bar end shifters. It looks like it use to be silver and most of it was spray painted green. The left shifter has a black plastic or rubber cover while the right one is just metal. The rear tire is a hybrid and the front tire is a road tire and flat. I’m assuming someone just locked up the front tire and someone stole the rest of the bike by using the quick release. Anyway, I hope this bike finds it’s way home.”

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  • That’s a lot of assumptions there, champ. Could just as easily been the frame that was locked and the front tire was stolen, somebody did a sloppy spray paint job to cover up some bad 80s graphics, doesn’t have the money for a u-lock, etc.

    • Well if it’s been locked in the same spot downtown for 2 weeks then that’s pretty fishy. That’s not a residential area.

  • I also work in this building and that bike totally looks stolen. It’s not uncommon for thieves to try to do a paint job and they also abandon them sometimes. Wasn’t there a guy not too long ago who found his stolen bike in Logan Circle where it had been locked up for weeks?

  • I’m pretty sure with the high incidence of bike theft in DC that unless you purchased your bike new from a bike shop, that it has been stolen at some point.

  • you could see if it’s been registered with the police, and they could return it to the owner. They etch an id number under the crank shaft (is that what it’s called?)

  • dear op: you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Good looking out dude. I hate bike thieves. My Trek bike was stolen from the front of Rocket Liquors on 9th and Kennedy St. NW (It wasn’t locked though)

    A few weeks later, I spotted the dude popping wheelies on it only a block away from where it was taken. I caught him by surprise, and served him a nice one. Two of his boys saw what went down, and tried to jump me. I was too tough for that. So, after a short brawl, I rode off on my bike with only minor injuries.

  • Awesome story, bro.

    • Thanks. I have seen the cat who stole my bike several times since then. He sees me, then quickly averts his eyes. I think he remembered how quickly and ferociously I responded to his poor lack of judgement. His buddy’s were bruisers but not strong enough to take what was mine that day.

  • If it is stolen and abandoned….why would it be locked up?

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