Pesto Restaurant Space Becomes Lillies Cafe in in Woodley/Cleveland Park

The old Pesto (and Mrs Simpsons) space at 2915 Connecticut Ave, NW has been replaced with the newly opened Lillies. Back in early May it appeared that some sorta coffee house serving Seattle’s Best coffee would be moving into the space (they’ll still offer Seattle’s Best but they are also fine tuning a proper espresso machine). Turns out to be much more extensive. I stopped in to the newly opened spot yesterday to grab some photos. The space is very casual/comfortable inside and as some reader have noted to me in emails – the outdoor patio is fantastic. They are still working on their web site so I’ll post some photos of the menu after the jump. In the next 3-4 weeks they will also offer beer and wine.

Photos of the inside and the menu after the jump.

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  • Nice! Wish I still lived next door (it was Mrs. Simpsons then).

  • friend went and said it was pretty shitty. can’t be worse than cafe international though, right?

  • this is just such a strange place for a restaurant. I don’t know how any business there could survive unless they brought in a world famous chef.

  • They’ll get the families going to and from the zoo. The area right around the zoo is pretty lacking in terms of lunch spots, so I’d be willing to try it out next month when I need a cold beer 🙂

  • It looks great, but only open until 7pm M-F? I was hoping that in addition to being a draw for the zoo crowd, it would be a good option for the residents of the six apartment buildings within one block of it to grab a nice, easy dinner after work. Guess they disagree. Maybe once they start serving beer and wine they’ll expand the hours as well.

  • Can’t wait to try it, will be a good fit for the area, and there are lots and lots of highrise apartment dwellers who will enjoy having something just downstairs, up the block, or across the street — not to mention the neighbors who live in houses. Breakfast and brunch will be good. Should be just a coffee provider before 8 AM on weekdays. They might consider taking a cue from several CP restaurants and closing during the days… we’ll see.

  • Looks nice! Any chance you can post larger menu photos? Thanks.

  • I’ve lived in the neighborhood for a few years, and have always lamented to lack of decent places to dine or just hang out. Since Open City can be such a clusterf*ck on weekends, and the food is so-so at best, it would be great to have another option. I hope to investigate for brunch and report back. I rather liked Pesto though, it’s a shame it closed.

    • I ended up having lunch here today. The food was adequate and the environment pleasant. There’s nothing creative of innovative about Lillies, but I enjoyed my experience there, and the people who work there are warm and friendly. I’ll be back because it’s nice to have a chill local spot to grab a light Sunday lunch and read the paper.

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