Three Robberies/Assaults Near Nationals Park After Games This Week

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From the MPD-1D listserv:

This incident occurred after the baseball game on Wednesday night- I have a young man staying at my place until the summer and he was terrorized by a couple of “young thugs” while walking home from the baseball game. Please see below:

“I was assaulted last night walking home from the baseball game. A group of guys tried to rob me. I took a pretty hard hit to the head. The same guys chased me to the apartment complex after I left the police station. I literally closed the gate on them. I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t make it into the complex. I’m fine, have a pretty bad headache and a sore jaw, that’s about it. I didn’t go to work today and am getting checked out at the doctor right now just to be safe. Just wanted to let you know what happened, I’m okay- don’t worry.”

It’s very dangerous to walk home at night in this area. These young boys were hanging out at the park after they had assaulted this young man.

MPD Commander Daniel Hickson responded:

Unfortunately the SW and Nationals Park area experienced three robberies or assaults (with intent to rob) between Monday and Tuesday. The first event was a Robbery which occurred on Monday at about 10 pm in the 1100 block of New Jersey Ave SE, the second offense was the one referenced in the below email which occurred on Tuesday at about 10:25 pm in the Unit block of M St SW and the third was a robbery that occurred on Tuesday at about 11:45 pm in the 1400 block of 4th St SW. In each of these offenses, the assailants were described as a group of juvenile suspects, including 5 or more individuals.

A short time after the last robbery occurred, First District patrol officers assigned to Curfew Patrol observed several juveniles who were in violation of curfew laws. When they stopped these subjects they observed that several of them matched the description of the assailants from the Fourth St incident. The detectives were notified and subsequently two of the individuals were identified as participants in the last robbery and they were arrested.

We are investigating the strong similarities in all three offenses: time, location, method and description of assailants. The First District Detectives are conducting follow-up investigations focused on the two juveniles arrested, as well as others who were in their company. When an update is available, I will advise.

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  • What are the names and addresses of the alleged perpetrators?

    • that’s the best part about being a minor – you can assault people without fear of retribution or harassment, because the police won’t reveal your personal information.

      hooray for youth!

  • andy

    So the guy got assaulted, went to the cops and then was chased by THE SAME GUYS as soon as he left the station?

    That’s real fearlessness on the thugs’ part.

    • yeah, that’s pretty scary. seriously cold blooded – following someone to the police station after assaulting them and then attempting to confront him again?

      i am pretty confident the point that second confrontation would have nothing to do with robbery.

    • Yeah, I was pretty fortunate that I was already moving from SW following my mugging there. Just the thought of passing by the perp on my way to/from the metro or Safeway was scary since he saw me canvassing the area with the police afterwards.

  • This isn’t petty crime, this is war. Will Mayor Gray respond in kind?

  • this is just the beginning of a long summer…

    do I even want to know how this city handles delinquent juveniles?

    • me

      Ah, you be must be fairly new around here. Short answer is that they aren’t dealt with at all. The juvenile “justice” system here is laughable.

  • What do you expect from a sport that encourages and condones stealing?! I kid, I kid. This sucks.

  • I sense more racially tinged crimes these days. More hate than just for money. I do think a real mayor would address it

  • The 1100 New Jersey robbery is troubling, since that’s a heavy traffic area before and after games.

    And the Nats need to stop using the parking lot at Half and M SW. Seriously, just don’t go on the other side of South Cap Street when you attend games – it’s not a safe area at all. I’ve never had a single problem or reason to be over-concerned about the SE neighborhood around the Park though.

    • saf

      I disagree. There are a lot of people out and about in that direction, and it’s just another neighborhood.

      • Just another neighborhood with a giant housing project and a high crime rate? OK. I’m not saying everyone who lives in that small area is a criminal, but I avoid it.

  • They jumped Riggleman the other day and that is why he quit.

  • This town needs a good vigilante.

  • A “group of juvenile suspects, including 5 or more individuals.” Were they white or black kids? I want to know so that I know what groups to look out for when I’m walking around the city. Knowledge is power.

  • This is scary, I walked home to Capitol Hill from a few Nats games last summer. I should have known it was a bad idea. It was better being blissfully unaware of the crime in the district. Well, sort of, knowledge is also good.

    • jim_ed

      I live in the neighborhood, and it’s unbelievably safe by and large. There’s normally 2 or 3 muggings a year in the entire 105 PSA. You should not think twice about walking from Cap Hill to the stadium.

      The SW side of S. Capitol though? not so much

    • i can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic. that’s like saying, “there was a horrible accident on the beltway yesterday. i can’t believe i drove on there last summer.”

      of course it’s scary that people are getting robbed, but seriosuly, get a grip.

      • No, it’s like saying an Air Uzbekistan plane crashed and I’m nervous about flying on one.

        Quantas and AU don’t have the same record.

        but seriously, get a clue.

      • Wow, what crawled up your butt? I don’t think the two are analagous at all…sometimes you need to use the beltway or drive or whatever. There’s never a need to walk back to cap hill from a nationals game. It’s just that when the weather isn’t unbearable it can be pleasant to go for a walk and avoid cab fare, as there aren’t too many great ways to get from the stadium to the hill once the circulator stops running. I guess its not super scary, its just that hearing this information will possibly adjust my risk/reward calculus in such a way to counsel against walking, or at least walking down M for a as long as practical. Don’t worry, I have a grip, thanks for looking out though.

  • school’s out!

  • Rather than report on the how much condos and homes eventually sold for, why not have followups on what sentences such douchebags get?

    • Do you even need to ask? There is no actual punishment in this city for juveniles who commit crimes. I got robbed at gunpoint by two kids and nothing happened to them.

    • Perhaps if you volunteer to compile such stats, PoP will post them like he does the real estate sales compiled by others…

      • Where does one get the information to compile them?

        • Good question. The U.S. Attorney’s office? A blog with this info (follow-ups to crimes that rile the blog scene) would probably get great traffic as well as hold the police and prosecutors accountable.

  • “Curfew Patrol”, thats ridiculous. Just put ’em jail already.

  • Shoot first.

  • The 2 that happened in SW (not Navy Yard) are next to some pretty rough projects, that kid should have never been walking over there in the first place (probably drunk).

    The other one is next to construction site (no lampposts).

    Come on people, when wandering around slightly tips after the game, perhaps don’t steer towards dark streets or projects

    • And ladies, don’t wear short skirts if you don’t want to be raped!

      • Exactly. This is DC not Kabul – I refuse to accept that this is okay/normal.

        Mayor Gray – stand-up and take this on. Lanier can’t do it on her own – she needs a mayor (and prosecutor) on her side.

      • not the same thing at all.
        theres idealism and theres pragmatism. both need to be understood and practiced.

  • I actually happened to be on the phone with a friend as she saw the third robbery happen. She abruptly hung up and called police. She was on her balcony at Riverside and had previously seen about 7 boys and three girls hanging out on the sidewalk steps, then she saw them walk around some bushes and two of them put bandannas over there faces. Then the group walked towards the waterfront area. About 10 minutes later she saw a guy sitting on the bench near the waterfront by himself talking on the phone and the group of teens initially walked past him, but then doubled back and surrounded him. He took off running and nearly got away but they caught up to him about a half a block away. They beat him down and stole his stuff, luckily he wasn’t severely injured. Police arrived a few minutes later.

  • Lame response…. not saying the area caused the crime; not the neighborhood’s fault… saying that be aware of your surroundings and in known high crime areas of the city… it might be a good idea to go another way, especially if you are wasted after a game. That includes stumbling around adams morgan and other areas of the city. Be a grown up.

  • You are right ,” me ”
    They already called you a racist in so many words.But none will admit the obvious,which is,roving bands of black youth robbing and inflicting pain on innocent people( of all races and collors) minding their own business.
    Aparently on this blog,you can call anyone a racist and get away with it,but call someone a liberal and your comment will never get published.
    Just pointing out the obvious

  • This is a new twist in DC crime for me. Get mugged, file a police report, then get chased by the same dbags!? Jeesh. Hope the OP is Ok.

    I’d suggest for everyone to ask the cops to drive you home after you have an incident that requires filing a report, ID’ing suspects etc. Especially if you have to go right through the same area. It’s not unreasonable and I bet most officers will be accomodating. You’ll prob have to wait around a bit until someone’s free or heading out on patrol but it’s a hell of a lot safer. (Just to be clear, I am in no way giving the OP grief, just suggesting this be added to ‘standard practices when victimized’ list).

  • I think you people out there should be a little more tolerant and celebrate diversity and inclusion.

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